1. What is the Philippine reputation for medical education?

The Philippines are known as one of the best medical education on the planet. Consistently a huge number of understudy graduates doing MD (Doctor of Medicine, proportional to MBBS) from the Philippines, this is found by the way each of the US experts from the Philippines has moved on out of ten


2. What is the Philippines ‘ medical course name?

The Bachelor of Medicine program is called MD, which is equivalent to MBBS in India.


3. What is the validity of the degree obtained in the Philippines?

The degree is recognized as equivalent to MBBS by the Medical Council of India (MCI). For confirmation, one can check the Website of the Indian Embassy from the Philippines.


4. What is BS-MD?

  • →   In the Philippines (according to US Pattern), MD is done after BS (Bachelor of Science).

  • →   Nations which are having a 10+2 pattern, their understudies can take Admission in the BS-MD course. Generally, BS is of One Year, where MD is of Four Years Course.

  • →   Like in “Southwestern University” understudies selected for BS-MD course, BS-Biology in One Year, Where MD is of four Years. Subsequently, BS-MD takes 5 Years in SWU, which is equal to MBBS in India.


5. So BS-MD is the double course?

Indeed, BS-MD is a two-tier course, wherein, two degrees you have to learn, which are BS and MD: Doctor of Medicine.


6. Students from India who are science graduates are eligible for MD?

Indeed, BS is not necessary for graduate students. So you have 4 years of MD course to complete.


7. What is the BS-MD Course eligibility?

For undergrad program (BS-MD) 50% marks required in class twelve (10+2) with Physics, Biology, and Chemistry and also being qualified in NEET.


8. Is there an entrance examination before Admission in MD Course?

Yes, there is NMAT exam after completion of BS, at Our Southwestern University, It’s not mandatory to Qualify in NMAT, but need to attempt.


9. How long is the BS-MD course at Our “Southwestern University” in the Philippines?

Only 5 Years.


10. Would I have a language problem in the Philippines? What is the language used in medical colleges?

95% of the Philippines communicate in English so that you won’t have a language issue. For all Philippines medical colleges and universities, the mechanism of education is English only, so understudies don’t confront correspondence issues on campus or outside it in everyday matters.


11. What is the approach used across universities for teaching?

In all universities of the Philippines, there is a US teaching pattern and strategy. Clinical capacities and talks with project-based learning are improved — a new approach for instructing guarantees that understudies are presented to research projects to build up their abilities.


12. What type of fee structure is available in Philippine’s medical colleges?

College fees fluctuate from University to University. Philippines ‘ medical colleges are the best deal; the best is that no donation is available.


13. Do Indian banks grant loans to Indian students in the Philippines?



14. What are the necessary documents for acceptance?

Copies of class 12 mark sheets, dates of birth certificate and passport are the essential documents required for Admission.


15. How does a medical education degree in the Philippines recognize them?

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI) will recognize the MD courses in the Philippines. They appear in the ECFMG and IMED. It would better always to follow the Indian Embassy in the Philippines’ website.


16. What is the Philippines weather?

The hot weather is usually in the Philippines. The average temperature around the year is from 28 degrees to 32 degrees Celsius. In many ways, it’s quite like Indian weather.


17. Will Philippine universities offer hostels?

Universities allow students to stay outside of campus unless they have the opportunity to stay on campus. Every University ensures that international students are accommodated on or off the campus. Separate hostels are available for girls and Boys.


18. In a mess, what kind of food is there?

All types, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian of North and South Indian Food, are available there.


19. Is the Philippines safe for girls to study medicine?

 The medical education for girls, the Philippines is the best spot. There is a dominant female culture where women work in all workplaces; there is more than 60 percent of women. So the Philippines is girls ‘ safest bet.


20. Are there uniforms for medical students in the Philippines?

All Medical colleges have uniforms. Every University has a different dress code that takes into account the appearance of a Doctor.


21. Is there a break for medical students during summer and winter?

The students have holidays; every University has a separate time table. They can visit their homes or any other place at that time.


22. How is the nation Philippines remain in affordability according to Indian standards? Is the usual cost for basic items there excessively high?

According to Indian Standards, the Philippines is an affordable place. There are not high living expenses for graduates. The overall MD cost is much cheaper than that for India.


23. In the Philippines, is the fee structure higher than in India?

Medicine is much easier to pursue in the Philippines than in India. The main factor is that the study of medicine does not require a donation.


24. Is there any option to earn while pursuing medicine in the Philippines?

For medical students, there is no such procedure. Medical students can only focus entirely on their research.


25. Does the University refund payments if the student can not continue further studies?

Once the student admitted, there is no refund policy.


26. What is the Philippines’ currency? In the Philippines, how can I keep or exchange money?

Philippine currency is branded as “Peso.”

The cash will originally be deposited in cask or traveler checks. Later on, students will open a bank account with all kinds of banking transactions. The big hotels, restaurants, and shops accept debit and credit cards. Nearly everywhere you can find ATM.


27. In the Philippines, what type of people are there?

The Philippines people are very welcoming and vibrant members of a multicultural society. Philippines ‘ hospitality is well-known. It has a mix of cultures and religions from both the west and the surrounding east countries, just as Spain and America controlled the Philippines. It makes international students very
happy and confident.


28. What are the great Philippine people led by faith?

A dominated Christian religion is seen in the Philippines. Christians are more than 90%.


29. What sort of place are the Philippines?

It is an excellent nation with world-class seashores and tropical atmosphere. Its capital city is Manila. The nation has an amazing stunner of nature and has a blend of various societies and networks: Filipinos’ adoration, inexpensive food, film, and music. Cheap food outlets are found on numerous traffic intersections. American worldwide cheap food chain stalwarts have entered the market.


30. What about my academic marks of less than 50% in science?

Students below 50% of science are not eligible to enter in the medical program.


31. Am I eligible to practice in my country, India, when I get my medical degree?

Upon graduation, an exam by the Medical Council of India (MCI) must be undertaken by the students in India, who have studied abroad. For this Exam, Our Southwestern University is providing the training during 5 years course.


32. Are there any local counselors Who can help me with the overall information?

Yes, in most cities in India, we have representatives, please send us your request to info@wisdomoverseas.com, and also you can call us at 9615886666.



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  • →   We have tremendous involvement in managing students, and the obligation of trust is our success.

  • →   We give an inside and outside arrangement in abroad training, visa, and vocation counseling administrations.

  • →   The understudies are given adequate excellent hostel facilities.

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34. When was the University Established?

Southwestern University PHINMA is a private college in Cebu City, the Philippines, established in 1946 by two pharmacists. It began as Southwestern Colleges in the summer of 1946 and turned into a university on December 11, 1959.


35. When will be the Regular intakes?

For our Southwestern University, Philippines, there are 3 Intakes, which are April, August, November.


36. Will stipend be provided there during the internship period?

No, it will not be provided


37. Is there any desk for International Students for any concerns?

Yes, Our Wisdom Overseas team has been established a desk with the University for Indian Students.



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