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mbbs abroad consultancy in hyderabad


MBBS is the career dream for most of the Science students since their childhood by getting inspired from their Peers, Teachers or Parents. Dreaming to become a Doctor is easy; to achieve the same in reality requires lot of hard work and immense efforts with a little bit of reserved luck. Many times all the


NEET Exam Tips

Checklist To Be Followed Before Your NEET Exam

NTA—National Testing Agency conducts the NEET examination all over India for allotment of medical seats in India. All the undergraduate medical entrance examinations other than NEET have been merged in it, and are the most sort-out examination in India. Before the exam one needs to clearly prepare for the examination and here are a few


MBBS in Philippines

Impact Of COVID-19 Lock Down On Study Abroad Plans

The corona virus has created devastating effects and shaken the mankind to its core. With all the restrictions, lockdowns and closures of schools and Universities, postponement of examinations has made education uncertain in all levels and thrown into a devastating state. And Medical Education is no exception especially the Impact of Covid-19 on study abroad


Study MBBS in Abroad

Is NEET Required to Study MBBS in Abroad

Is NEET required to study MBBS in Abroad is the question that is most asked by the students and their parents in recent years especially after 2018. To answer the current question whether NEET required to study MBBS in abroad and can any one study MBBS abroad without NEET qualification is as easy to answer.

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COVID -19 Effect on Medical Professionals

COVID 19 Effect On Medical Professionals

China’s Covid 19 Effect pandemic created a worldwide crisis changing the lives of crores of population and the economy. Its huge negative impact on human life is an undeniable fact viewing the increasing death rate of panic than a pandemic. Currently every individual layman to medical or rich to poor or normal to powerful are


Southwestern University philippines

Choose Southwestern University In Philippines

Southwestern University in Philippines a school renowned for game changers, with a serious and driven learning attitude. Southwestern University Philippines serves as the dream destination for most Indian medical aspirants to study MBBS in Philippines. Every year hundreds of foreign students are admitting into the MBBS program of this world-class university, to equip themselves with


financially to study abroad


Studying abroad is a lifetime experience for the students, but the same can become a nightmare without proper planning and preparation financially in advance. Studying abroad is possible to anyone with good grades and qualifying all the required entrance examinations, and got admission in any reputed educational institution though financially not sound. Here are few


eligibility criteria to study MBBS in philippines

Eligibility Criteria To Study MBBS In Philippines

Why Study MBBS in Philippines Studying medicine, a dream of many Indian students and most of them fail to get a seat in Indian medical colleges. Nearly 10,000 Indian medical aspirants rush to study MBBS in various countries. Among them Philippines emerged as the best nation providing excellent medical education, with affordable fees in safe


wisdom overseas

Why Wisdom Overseas For MBBS In Philippines

Doctors are the pillars of the healthcare system of every country and becoming a doctor is a long way to achieve with years of intensive education, training and continuous up gradation to the latest scientific developments plays a crucial role in the life of a physician. How College/Institution plays its role in life of a


MBBS Admission in Philippines

How To Get MBBS Admission In PHILIPPINES

How To Get MBBS Admission In PHILIPPINES Philippines have become the most sought out destination now for plenty of students that are dreaming for medical education. The fascination is increasing every year with all the optimistic responses of the existing students. Philippines emerged as the dream destination among the countless competitive countries by providing quality