Disadvantages of studying MBBS in abroad
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Disadvantages of studying MBBS in abroad

Though foreign MBBS study is advantageous in some aspects like easy admission, affordable cost, No donation/capitation fee, modern technology, world-class education, best infrastructure facilities, analysis of case studies, higher return of investment, abroad scholarships, etc, it has its own disadvantages too. Nowadays studying MBBS abroad has become the most common phenomenon for Indian students due to lack seats, reservation, hard to qualify NEET exam, higher competition to get admission, and other factors. Many of the Indian students are migrating to abroad for MBBS studies. While in this process let us deeply drive into practical problems which are going to be faced by students who opt to study abroad. 

Language Barrier

Language Barrier

Students opt to pursue MBBS abroad may face the challenge of language barrier. In various famous MBBS abroad universities of Russia, Ukraine, China, Poland, and other countries Indian students may face this challenge. Students may not be able to speak or understand local languages. The foreign universities offer various English programmes, while students of their local languages will be advantageous for some language specific lectures and other things.

Beware of Fake Universities

Beware of Fake Universities

Students may expose to the fraudulent universities and institutions during the process of seeking admissions. These colleges may claim that they offer MBBS admissions without any entrance exam. Make sure whether the college is affiliated to NMC/MCI before taking admission. This way students can be protected from the fraudulent universities.

Academic Standards May Differ

MBBS Curriculum may differ from country to country. So, students will have to understand the education curriculum of the university before applying to any abroad universities. Check the academic standards, course curriculum, medical procedures, and other aspects of the university. Completely knowing the academic standards of the university will let the students to study thoroughly. So, check the academic standards of the admitting university before opting for admission.

NMC Screening Test

Students who pursued MBBS abroad have clear the MCI/NMC-approved Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) to practice medicine. Some of the Indian students may feel it difficult to clear the FMGE examination. From the collective information gathered from medical students, clearing the FMGE exam is not much difficult with some needed preparation.

Extreme climatic conditions

It may be challenging task to Indian students to adapt extreme climatic conditions. Some of the countries may have very cool/hot weather conditions. Indian students may not feel compatible in such climatic conditions. So, students admitting in foreign universities for MBBS studies might be aware of the climatic conditions and opt the country whether it suits you.

Internship training period

In some countries students may not be provided with necessary practical knowledge during the internship. Only students are allowed to watch the cases and they will not be allowed to treat or handle real cases. So, they may not get certain practical knowledge.


Students opting to study MBBS abroad will have to keep in mind about these drawbacks and move forward to find a good university. Students have to select NMC/MCI approved university, check whether the university offering quality educational standards or not, ensure the climatic conditions of the university location suits you, check the food habits and culture of that particular location, inquire about the internship for medical students, and various other related aspects before choosing to study abroad.

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