How Satish, an aspiring doctor, succeeded in achieving his dream of becoming a doctor.

The quest for achievement can make a person go long lengths. Of course, if it takes fewer efforts, then maybe you are not on the right desired track. Winning is winning but how to know you are on the right of hustling. This is how wanting to study MBBS but unable to find the right university in India, Satish decided to study MBBS abroad instead of studying MBBS in India.

All this because he could not find a university for studying MBBS in India. It is no secret that the cost of MBBS in India expensive and also there is a donation problem in private colleges.

He electrified his dream and crossed the border and flew away to the Philippines. Not only he just flew away to the Philippines but he also enrolled in one of the best MBBS universities in the Philippines. He enrolled and got admission to fly away and study MBBS at Southwestern University, PHINMA.

Today, he is a House Surgeon in Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. His full name is Satish Kumar, Satish Kumar of Rajahmundry, who decided to become a doctor at a very early age. To be precise, when he was in seventh grade, he dreamed of becoming a doctor.

He was not being able to get an MBBS seat in any university in India due to the low number of medicine seats. Satish, who learned about Southwestern University from Wisdom Overseas is thankful today for contacting us and getting the mentorship in the right direction for completing his childhood dream.

Satish studied MBBS at Southwestern University for 5 years that includes an internship. He even succeeded in clearing FMGE in his first attempt. FMGE is a screening test run by the Medical Council of India (MCI). Clearing this exam gives you the license to practice medicine in India after studying MBBS abroad.

He thanks Wisdom Overseas for supporting him throughout his college days for mentoring towards university and licensure exams. He believes and states that without Wisdom Overseas’ support, he would not have been able to achieve his dream with such a tremendous success.

However, with the recent release of NEET results this academic year, aspiring medical students who are not able to get a medical seat in India will be able to study MBBS abroad. Satish inspires other medical students that the Philippines is the right country and guidance from Wisdom Overseas avoids duplicate consultancy.

By duplicate consultancy, he is talking about the consultancies that only get you admission to study MBBS abroad. These are the consultancies that will fill their pockets with money by getting you admission to the universities abroad and leaving you alone for the next part of your journey, unlike Wisdom Overseas who stay with till you graduate and decide your next step to proceed with career-wise.

There are many countries that welcome those who want to study MBBS Abroad like Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Germany, and China. There are many courses in medicine. There are hundreds of agents working to get you a seat. They try to convince you by saying that a low fee course can be completed by studying the MBBS course. But that is not the actual education of medicine because if there is a possibility of such MBBS abroad, there are language barriers, accommodation problems, no proper food, extreme weather conditions, unrecognized universities and so on.

There are hundreds of consultants in the market who themselves do not believe in the magic they try to butter you with. You should make your own choice, and ask for the opinions of the students and consultancies that are actually true. The final decision must be made by you considering whether to pass the MCI screening test or not.

This is what Satish offers advice to aspiring MBBS students.

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