How to choose best college to study MBBS abroad for Indian Students?
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How to choose the best college to study MBBS abroad for Indian Students

Selecting the best college to study MBBS abroad is the main thing for Indian students who wish to migrate to other countries for studies. So, here are the best factors students better know before opting for an abroad college. Research on the following factors before opting for a foreign medical university.

Factors to Check Before Selecting a University to Study MBBS Abroad

Factors to Check Before Selecting a University to Study MBBS Abroad

Make Sure the Admitting College is NMC-approved!

The college/university must be certified by the National Medical Commission (NMC). It is most important to opt for a certified college for MBBS Abroad admissions. Then only the certification will be valid globally. Beware of fake universities. Properly enquire about the NMC approval before choosing the university. 

Students who have completed their MBBS in foreign countries and wish to practice medicine in India must qualify for the Foreign Medical Qualification (FMGE) exam conducted by the NMC/MCI. To appear in this examination only NMC-approved MBBS College students are eligible.

Check Total Expenses for MBBS Study

It is always important to estimate the budget before starting up. Check the MBBS Course tuition fee, accommodation fee, traveling charges, and other miscellaneous charges. Check these charges of various countries and conclude. 

Usually countries like the Philippines, Georgia, and Kyrgyzstan charge between INR 20-23 Lakhs. Some other countries like the UK, USA, and others may charge more for the MBBS course. Compare the prices of various colleges and decide the best and budget-friendly option.

Course Duration

The MBBS course duration may vary from country to country. China, Russia, and Ukraine offer MBBS courses for 6 years and Georgia universities offer 5-year or 6-year courses. While coming to Kyrgyzstan the course duration is 5 years and in the Philippines, the MBBS course is offered in a 5-year and 5.5-year span. So, check this before opting for a country and university for MBBS.

Location of the University

While choosing an abroad university for MBBS Indian students can also check the location of the university. In recent times, the Philippines, Georgia, and Kyrgyzstan have been gaining interest from Indian students to pursue their MBBS. Because these places and easy to travel to, they offer the best course curriculum and are budget-friendly.

Travelling should be Easy

Check the availability of flights, and travel duration before opting for MBBS abroad university. Parents must properly inquire before opting for a medical university in a foreign location. Check the direct flight information and flight fares as well. From India, Kyrgyzstan takes just 3 hours to reach. From Delhi, there is a direct flight to Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek.

Health and Homely Food

Indian students migrating to foreign nations for MBBS education must mainly check whether Indian food is available or not. Most of the Indians are habituated to home food. So, check the availability of Indian cuisine in the place where you stay.

Check the Country’s Rules and Regulations

Every country will have a different set of rules for MBBS courses. In China, the duration of the course is 6-years. The country allows Indian students to complete their internship in India in 6th year of the academic. In Bangladesh, students having an educational gap of more than 2 years after Intermediate will not be allowed to pursue MBBS Courses. 

While in the Philippines, initially, the Bachelor of Science (BS) course will be completed in 1 to 1.5 years and after that, the NMAT (National Medical Aptitude Test Philippines) will be conducted. 

Students who qualify for the NMAT Philippines will only be eligible to continue the Bachelor of Surgery. So, check the rules and regulations clearly before opting for a country to study.

Medium of Course

Make sure with the university/college about the medium of course. The medium of course must be ‘English’. Otherwise, Indian students may face some language-related problems.

Check whether the university is offering practical knowledge during the course

Some of the foreign universities offer practical knowledge for the students. The live and clinical experience and practical knowledge to understand real problems is the best way of learning. This is going to help the students when they start their practice.

Safety and Security

Always it is important to check the safety and security while moving to a foreign nation for studies. Make sure that complete safety will be there for the students and that they move forward with the admission.

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