How to prepare for NEET 2020 – Complete Guide

How to prepare for NEET 2020 – Complete Guide

- January 27, 2020

Prospective MBBS Doctors must have a particular way to prepare for NEET before appearing for the exam. NTA (The National Eligibility Entrance Test conducted) is the leading entrance test written by around 16 Lakh students per year.  As the level of competition is inflated in NEET, everyone needs to be well-versed to get a seat in any top-ranked medical Universities in the country. 

So, every aspirant should make the engine begin from a specific level to prepare for NEET 2020 if you desire to attempt NEET. The following preparation plan can help you taper down the scope of the study by using your focus on the chapters that are essential to NEET.

1) Be Aware Of The Exam Schedule:

It is necessary to implement enhanced plan schedules, and timetables using your knowledge, understanding the sequence of facts and dates before and after the examination is a must-include element in the preparation of every NEET applicant.

NTA has announced NEET 2020 calendar on August 21. Applicants can refer to NEET essential dates 2020 from the table below.

NEET Important Dates:

2) Be knowledgeable with the syllabus:

If you wish to crack the NEET, you must know the syllabus. The syllabus is wide-ranging, which includes concepts and topics from chemistry, biology, and physics. Fifty percent of questions are from biology, and the remaining fifty percent of questions would arise from chemistry and physics.

3) Be clued-up about the exam pattern:

Aspirants must have to aware of some essential key points of the NEET 2020 exam pattern. If you would be a well-known person about the exam pattern, then your preparation plan for NEET 2020 will be successful.

Refer to the below table for exam pattern:

NEET Exam Pattern:

Neet exam pattern


4) The Timetable for NEET:

NEET 2020 Study Plan for 3 Months:

NEET is a rigid examination if you only have three months to work out this situation, and you require a little more sweat. Understand the fierceness of your examination, the complexity of the issues.  Stay acquainted with the most recent syllabus before making any move.

Group the topics:

Upon learning the textbooks, you can operate with an effective study plan without difficulty. Split the topics as simple, moderate, and difficult before allotting time for each subject. Such tips are necessary to break the NEET to shape an effective plan.

Prepare NEET study time-table:

Most students fail due to a lack of strategic planning to achieve their best. How can NEET 2020 be cracked? If the students did not keep to the schedule, the way of cracking NEET becomes bumpy. Less time is necessary for easier chapters. Sketch the research schedule as follows. Follow the NEET Study Plan for three months of diligently.

1st Month – NEET 2020 Study Plan:

study plan for neet

2nd Month – NEET 2020 Study Plan:

neet study plan

3rd Month – NEET 2020 Study Plan:

neet study plan

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