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How to Select the Best Consultancy To Study MBBS Abroad?

Most Indian students have decided to migrate to foreign countries to study for MBBS degrees. To opt for the best country and best university to study MBBS abroad, the consultancy plays a major role. 

The consultancy should make you understand the complete process of admission, the consultancy plays a key role in showing the opportunities, showing the accommodation, opting for a college/university, making the travel arrangements, and arranging all the required documents. 

So, students who are planning to study MBBS abroad can choose the consultancy wisely. Here are some best tips for choosing the Best Consultancy To Study MBBS Abroad.

Check the Success History of the Consultancy

If you visit a consultancy for abroad MBBS study, check their track record. Check the success stories and failure stories to have an assessment. If the success rate is higher, you can trust the consultancy for further processing. 

Understanding the consultancy first will let you move forward to the next step, the MBBS abroad admission inquiry process.

Check the List of MBBS Abroad Countries

Clearly have an idea about the best countries to study MBBS. When you visit a consultancy, check the list of countries the consultancy is processing for MBBS abroad admissions. 

Check the blog posts of the concerned countries to have complete clarity about the colleges, courses, fee structure, accommodation, and related information. 

Wisdom Overseas Consultants process MBBS Abroad Admission process for Georgia, Philippines, and Kyrgyzstan. Students can select any of the countries of their choice and inquire about the medical universities to have better knowledge.

Check the Info about Top Courses/Colleges

While opting to study MBBS Abroad, students must be clearly aware of the college and course and then decide to pursue it. Have a clear idea about MBBS Colleges in abroad and check the curriculum offered by the colleges. Also, check the educational standards in that particular college.


An MBBS overseas consultancy must be aware of all the facilities provided by the colleges, accommodation facilities, infrastructure, teaching standards of the university, and other important details. 

The consultancy must be 100 percent favorable in terms of providing services like explaining the fee structure, processing VISA, Travel tickets, documentation, and other related aspects. The consultancy should guide you completely for the MBBS abroad admission process.

Visa Formalities  

Check whether the consultancy can handle all the VISA formalities for the admitting country. Check the consultancy’s VISA acceptance rate as well.

Wisdom Overseas has had a more than 95% success rate in processing student visas for MBBS abroad courses. Pre-departure and post-landing facilities needed documents, and other details will be closely monitored by our consultants.

Check Scholarships and Funding Criteria

The best consultancy can help students by giving them the best options for financial funding and assisting them in managing abroad expenses. The consultancy must also provide the scholarship information as well. 

Go through the consultancy blog posts to check whether the consultancy is offering the needful services for the MBBS abroad study.

Exams Help

Students are required to clear certain entrance examinations like GMAT, IELTS, GRE, etc. To study abroad. The consultancy must be capable of sharing the knowledge of the entrance examinations to clear to study in abroad. 

The consultancy must be able to provide the needed material, conduct the mock tests, and assignments for students, and encourage the students to get high scores on the test.

Check the Reviews about Consultancy

While choosing a consultancy for MBBS abroad education, check the reviews and feedback given by its clients on Google. 

Check Quora discussions and Facebook reviews to check the rating of the consultancy. Check whether the reviews are positive or not. Study MBBS Abroad After Intermediate.

Monitor the Cost Charged by the Consultancy

To study abroad, checking the consultancy expenses and abroad expenses is the most important aspect. Check the consultancy fee for processing and the facilities, and features provided by that consultancy. 

Compare the prices with the other consultancies which are on your list. List out the best consultancies that deal with counseling, VISA arrangements, document preparation, exam help, and other allied aspects within a reasonable price tag.

Keep the above points in mind while selecting a consultancy for MBBS abroad processing. Inquire about the consultancy and then select it after research. Wisdom Overseas is the best consultancy for MBBS abroad for Indian students with a 100 percent success rate.

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