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The NMCNational Medical Commission of India has been established under the gazette notification issued on 24.09.2020. By the Parliament enactment effective from 25.09.2020 known as National Medical Commission Act, 2019 constituting all Rules and Regulations relating to all considerations of Medical profession in India. The same came into effect after dissolving MCI established under section 3A of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956.

NMC new guidelines for MBBS admissions

 NMC was established with the purpose and mission to:

  • To expand access to eminence and reasonable medical education
  • Guaranteeing extraordinary excellence medical professionals ample accessibility across India
  • Promoting just and equitable healthcare equal to all citizens of India through easy access to expert medical professionals and encouraging universal healthcare through community health perspective.
  • Motivating medical professionals contributing highly to medical research over adopting the latest medical techniques and research in their work
  • Assessment of Medical Institutions intermittently with acute transparency
  • Upholding Medical Register for India
  • Administering great moral principles in all features of medical services
  • Maintaining an efficient and effective grievance redress mechanism

As the predominant body taking care of entire Medical profession-related aspects including framing policies, coordinating actions of autonomous boards like UG & PG Boards of Medical Education, Board of Medical Assessment and Rating, and the Board for Ethics and Medical Registration.

NMC New Guidelines for MBBS / PG admissions

NMC with the under the conferred powers by clause (FC) of section 33 of IMC Act 1956 takes the new regulations addressed here regarding the identification of students and their admissions to the approved medical colleges explicitly:

  • The new regulations apply to all the medical colleges/Institutions/universities that are conducting Post Graduate and Undergraduate medical courses, that are established or to be newly established
  • The sanctioned intake will be announced before the admissions every year
  • Every undergraduate or PG course offering medical colleges shall submit the enlisted candidate’s admission details within three months of publication of the official gazette
  • The competent authority of NMC shall furnish all the MBBS / PG admitted students list as per the college and university-affiliated within one month of the closure of the admission or before 31st October of the year, or whichever is earlier.
  • The list of the students should be supported with an affidavit by the Dean/Principal of the medical college or university the students have admitted and the information relating to the number of seats allotted to them and the categorical admissions to it and the declaration that there are no additional admissions made by them.
  • Any excess admissions to any colleges/universities to be sanctioned by the council itself
  • Any case of excess admissions found by the council the same will be notified to the central government and the college will be prosecuted as per the rules and regulations.

NMC guidelines for PG Medical education program

NMC provided specific guidelines on postgraduate medical education reforms intending prime goal as to produce more competent specialists and medical professors. Here is the gist of the new guidelines for PG medical admissions:

  • Shall distinguish and prioritize the health needs of the community, keeping ethical obligation to work for the national health care policy
  • Shall produce the eminent specialists that are morally and ethically responsible to their profession
  • Having an obligation to improve the health care system at secondary and tertiary levels of the healthcare delivery system
  • Shall procure the scientific principles of research methodology and the spirit of serving the society
  • Shall obtain the immense skills of the teaching of the medical and paramedical professionals
  • Selection should purely be based on academic merits
  • Determining the academic merits of the candidates should strictly be based on an entrance examination conducted by the competitive authority statewide or national wide
  • Combination of merit and reservation quota will assign the admission procedure
  • The total number of students admitted into the PG courses should be as per the ratio provided by the council and the number of professors as well the number of beds available in the teaching hospitals.

NMC guidelines for NEET examination

  • NMC provided guidelines for the admissions of MBBS and PG courses there shall be a uniform National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination for all the medical institutions of India governed under the provisions of the act
  • The commission should specify all the rules and regulations relating to the conduction of the NEET examination and the follow-up procedures
  • The commission should clearly specify the enrolment procedures before the examination as well the number of seat availability college and category wise their allotment procedure
  • The commission will also take care of the counseling process and all the required regulations governing the admission of the UG and PG students to the colleges governed under.
  • NEET examination will be conducted in English as well in other local languages specified and the same can be verified through the official website of NTA—National Testing Agency

NMC guidelines for NEXT examination

NMC provided guidelines along with NEET for a common final year undergraduate medical examination, known as NEXT—National Exit Examination for granting of medical license to practice medicine in India will effective from the year 2023. Previously the license examination was conducted only for the foreign medical graduates known as FMGE—Foreign Medical Graduate Examination to get a valid license to practice medicine in India. Nonetheless, the NEXT examination made it common for all local and abroad studied medical students to get a valid license to practice medicine in India after 2023. The specific guidelines of the conduction of the examination, pattern, syllabus, time, and other regulations are to be issued soon by NMC. Here let’s check the guidelines already issued:

  • Commission made mandatory for qualifying the NEXT exam to get registered under any state or national register of NMC of India, without practicing medicine tend to be illegal.
  • The commission will specify the designated authority and all other regulations for the conduct of the NEXT examination
  • NEXT shall also be the basis for admission to the PG broad-specialty medical education in all medical institutions under the provisions of this act or any other prevailing laws governing under.
  • The commission shall issue all the rules and regulations for the conduction and counseling process of the NEXT examination referred under sub-section (5) of the act.


NMC guidelines for recognition of Medical Degrees

Section 35 (1 to 8) of the Act specified the rules and regulations for the recognition of the Medical Degrees in India and the guidelines for the institutions to follow as mandatory for the same. NMC guidelines for recognition of Medical qualifications are:

  • Any medical qualification that is granted by any University or Medical institution of India shall be listed and maintained by the UGMEB or PGMEB under the Act
  • Any such medical qualification of UG/PG/super specialty issued by any institution that is not included in the list maintained by both UGMEB or PGMEB is not considered valid and the same has to be applied for granting recognition to such qualification.
  • The recognition for medical qualification should be examined and take the necessary action within six months of the application or as per the specific regulations by UGMEB / PGMEB.
  • As per the grant of recognition by any of the said boards should mandatorily specify the date of effect of such recognition and enlist the same
  • In case of non-issuance of permission for the medical qualification the college/university/institution concerned may prefer an appeal to the Commission before sixty days of communication of the disapproval decision or in any manner specified by the regulations
  • The commission should verify and grant according to the regulations within two months of the appeal or as per the regulations specified
  • In case of the rejection of the appeal or not made any decision in a specified time period the institution/college/university can go for a second appeal to the Central Government within thirty days of the communication or lapse of the specified period.
  • A medical qualification under sub-section (i) of the act that is recognized by the commission which is listed and maintained by the commission shall be considered as valid.

NMC bill latest News

The latest NMC bills are issued specifying the rules and regulations because of the COVID proceedings for the medical students. Students studying in India and Abroad are to join or to continue their courses through online/offline modes. All the regulations were made after careful consideration of the specific conditions of the local and other countries’ covid policies. NMC issued regulations specifying for all the interns that have missed their year due to corona to continue their curriculum.

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