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7 Dont’s When You Decide To Do Your MBBS Abroad

Studying MBBS abroad is mostly a choice made out of a strong will to study medicine and unable to achieve government seats. This scenario is apt for 80% of the foreign medical graduates despite few migrants likely due to other reasons. Reasons might not impact the course nonetheless few particulars need to be considered in deciding the right destination for the study. Here are the things students should do before studying abroad.

Study abroad Checklist

Don’t decide to study MBBS abroad as it is the latest trend

Studying MBBS abroad can’t be decided on a whim that everyone is going there or it is the latest trend. Preparing to study medicine comes with your complete destiny and the same should be decided with a thorough understanding of the course, future opportunities, job availabilities, and the way of living of a Doctor. Simply choosing to go abroad to study MBBS because you didn’t get a seat in Indian medical colleges is not a fundamental explanation. Your choice writes all your future and the preference right now should include your ability, future lifestyle, perseverance, dedication to your profession as practicing medicine is not a profession. It is a very noble career involving the lives of the individuals, one wrong of a medical practitioner costs the whole life of an individual as well as damage to their family.

Becoming a Doctor should not be decided on the latest trends it should be on your lifelong passion and dedication towards the career.

Don’t pick a nation on popularity

Once the decision to study MBBS abroad is made on thorough consideration next is to decide on the choice of the nation. Picking a university to study MBBS also includes checking the right country to study as it involves the entire duration of stay. Studying MBBS takes 5 to 6 years and picking the country for the entire study can’t on fact that you desire to travel to the country, or the country is a major tourist destination.

The choice to pick a nation to study MBBS must be on the countries safety, MCI recognition for the degree, cost of living, travel time, the language of instruction, climate, disease pattern and so factors.

Don’t depend on friends/relatives decisions

Studying MBBS abroad is an enormous choice and doesn’t decide depending on the friend’s or relatives’ opinions. The choice in considering the country and University to study MBBS solely be after personal exploration of choices, instead of on the influence of others or out of respect towards them. Ensure to have a study abroad checklist to decide the nation and university after proper considerations prior to settling on the right choice.

7 Dont’s When You Decide To Do Your MBBS Abroad


Don’t ignore the Visa/Admission Process

Every country has a specific student visa procedure and every university follows its own guidelines towards the admission of foreign students. Check all the required visa and admission processes required to get admission into the selected university as well as the universities recognition of MCI and other required organizations. Follow the websites and also through authorized consultants to get the admission instead of going to third-party agents.

Don’t overlook the foreign Laws

Any foreign migrant should check for all the foreign countries’ legal procedures and local laws before entering the country. Each nation has its own legal norms and one needs to consider them and follow them when you are in the countries entity. Not adhering to these laws and rules may be seriously culpable and ignorance or a citizen of a foreign country might not help you to overcome the legal proceedings. Ensure to check the local guidelines and keep in mind to follow the laws during your entire stay.

Don’t oversee the Universities recognition

The choice of the University to study MBBS abroad must be on the facts of the university’s world ranking, recognition, the validity of the degree from MCI and not on the charming atmosphere, buildings, or popularity. Numerous Universities abroad offering MBBS might not have recognitions or needed to qualify for local language examinations. Extended pre-medicine durations, not recognized by the Medical Council of India are the major considerations that everyone should follow.

Don’t disregard your financial plan

Few Universities’ total fees might be in your budget but the cost of living in that country might impact greatly on your financial plan. Making a proper financial analysis on all the factors including college Fees for the entire course, Visa extension fees, living expenses, travel expenses, and other fees is very crucial. So attempt to pick the nation and University which is affordable but also consider the other expenses in making the total MBBS course financial plan are extremely significant.

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