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7 Do’s When You Decide To Study MBBS Abroad

Study MBBS Abroad :

A consistent number of Medical aspirants are migrating to study MBBS Abroad in view of the failure to seek admission in Indian medical colleges. Indian medical aspirants hold a gigantic position in providing economy to few countries with their aspiration of Medical education. All in all every year more than 20,000 medical aspirants are migrating to worldwide countries seeking their doctor’s dreams.

Tragically not every aspirant seeking medical admission succeeds in their battle of getting admission in their choice of university and student Visa. If you have made the choice to study MBBS abroad, you should prepare thoroughly for the same. Things students should do before studying MBBS abroad including the Study abroad checklist like how, why, and what, and to answer the same here we have 7 Do’s when you decide to do your  Study MBBS abroad might bolster you.

Select a suitable Nation:

Selection of a nation to study MBBS abroad ought to comprehend various components like Course validity, Safety of the students, Climatic conditions, Living expenses, Disease similarity, duration of the course, entrance examinations needed for admission, and the local laws prevailing towards the foreign students. Countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand give PG study options, permanent residence, or job opportunities to the medical graduates after study MBBS abroad, but countries like China, Russia, Philippines, Ukraine, Bangladesh and so countries provide MBBS degrees only. No PG or job opportunities are available to the foreign graduates studied in those countries also a valid consideration point prior to selection of the nation.

Choose a Right University:

Selecting the Right University that has all the recognitions from major governing bodies of the world including the home country is a significant point. While choosing the universities make a thorough research on all universities providing MBBS degree, accreditations, course curriculum, the language of instruction, duration of the course, internship options and the accommodation facilities, total fees, home food availability, and the rules regarding the admissions, etc to be considered properly.

7 Do’s When You Decide To Study MBBS Abroad


Check your Budget properly:

Countries offering study MBBS abroad degrees are not providing any scholarship facilities other than some European countries. Planning budget for the total course duration is a very significant aspect and checking for the available scholarship or educational loan facilities before planning the budget. Ensure your full plan on the complete financial aid needed for the total course duration and possible loan facilities to get the required funds.

See your Safety first:

Only a few universities providing study MBBS abroad facilitate the student’s accommodation on campus, and the availability of home food mess/canteen is also the biggest problem. Ensure the correct accommodation facility is provided by the university or its authorized agents in a safe and secure environment. Make your safety the first priority due to various incidents of racism issues on foreign students in recent years. Check with the existing senior students study MBBS abroad to get first-hand information about the safety of the country, university, hostel, and the local areas.

Know about your Course validity and Future Options availability:

The best thing that we feel about studying abroad is the number of seat availability and the easy admission process and guaranteed seats in medicine. But knowing about the course validity in the home country, recognition of the degree worldwide and the other Screening tests to be qualified to practice is also a critical aspect to consider. Studying abroad might permit you to seek a niche of the extremely specialized curriculum but it should make you eligible to easily appear for further education like PG in home and foreign countries.

Ensure your eligibility criteria to get a Valid Student Visa:

Check the eligibility criteria of your student visa availability for the country of your choice and before that, every Indian medical aspirant should have NEET qualification to get admission into foreign medical universities is a rule made by MCI of India to be followed strictly. And various countries required student visa procedures will be enlisted in their Embassy’s official websites, get a clear picture of the same and entrust the visa procedure to any authorized agent of the university after careful consideration.

Know about the Course Curriculum:

Knowing you Universities course Curriculum and the basic education system they are following is another impending factor to consider. Few countries follow British based education system where the total course is considered as MBBS in a single term with a total of 5 ½ years duration final year with compulsory internship. Few follow the US-based education system where the medical aspirants first study one/two years of Pre-medicine and the next 4 years of Doctor of Medicine including the final year compulsory clerkship. Knowing about the course curriculum and the examination pattern, modules system, passing percentage, remedial options availability of the university is the major concern for any medical graduate intending to study MBBS abroad.

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