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MBBS in abroad after corona

Advice For Parents About MBBS In Abroad After Corona

Children are the life strings for all the parents round the clock altering and scarifying according to the needs and of their little baby. Thinking about sending our child far away to study abroad is a proud as well as a panicking scenario to all the parents. The current pandemic condition has already served a severe blow to the parents that are planning to send their children to study abroad especially to study MBBS In Abroad After Corona.

Panic-stricken Parents

It is an undeniable fact that all the students dreaming to study abroad experienced a difficult ratio in trying to convince their parents the study abroad. It will be much more difficult now to even discuss the ideas with the panic-stricken parents that are unwilling to even part with their children even for a little bit with the threat of a pandemic. The unabated scare of the global corona effect and the lockdown or the quarantine rules are very novel to all resulting even more alarming impact on the parents to allow their children to go abroad.

Parents are very concerned about the safety of their children nevertheless knowing the importance to their future. They are changing the decisions completely either to let the child continue their higher education in India or postpone the study abroad plan to the next academic year.

Delay in NEET exam

The corona impact and continuous lockdown has got the NEET -2020 to be postponed repeatedly and now announced to be conducted on 26th July this year, if not further delayed. This already affected negatively in the study point of view of the children losing the flow as well as in absence of regular coaching might impact the overall results in NEET-2020.

Institutional Help

Though the global corona impacted the worldwide student community greatly all the countries are trying to minimize the post effects. Parents also should understand the changed conditions and advice the students not to affect the widespread fears to negatively affect the children’s performance. Parents should make clear decisions in order to provide the children with the proper equipment for the online/digital mediums that most of the global colleges/institutions have chosen their option to continue the training of the students.

Adapt to the Changes

Though Covid-19 might affect the NEET exam results as well as the passing grade of the children, parents should also consider the psychological impact on the student with the pandemic outbreak. The postponement of the NEET, as well as the economic crisis, will definitely result in the decline in medical admissions for the academic year 2020. In spite of all the panic and crisis, parents should consider one year delay of MBBS might have a psychologically negative impact on the medical aspiring student.

Stay Focused

COVID-19 is a global outbreak and is not restricted to only a few countries. When the impact is worldwide parents need to stay focused on the effect of the outbreak on the various countries and their safety measures to control the pandemic.

Look for Safer Countries

When the total world is suffering from the outburst including the home countries it is not a wise choice to stop/postpone the student career especially for MBBS students. In view of the travel restrictions for all the countries, most of the institutions are opting for virtual classrooms for the initial few months of the course. The parents should look for safer countries that are not that much affected by the outbreak and also for the institutions that are opting for digital classes for the time being.

Look for an institution that can provide the same curriculum, standards, and assessments digitally for one or two semesters is the best choice to continue the child MBBS dreams rather than choosing to postpone for the next academic year.

MBBS In Abroad After Corona

MBBS In Abroad After Corona

Study MBBS in abroad after corona for Indian students is the most aspiring dream and their total future depends on the decisions that we are taken today. Considering the global crisis fulfilling the dream for abroad MBBS education now might seem like a distant dream but the given shortage of seats, reservations, high fees for category seats Studying MBBS in abroad after corona is still a viable and lucrative option. Parents should consider the pandemic crisis and the safety of the student foremost at the similar the future of the student and the psychological outcome for the delay in their education.

The pandemic threat also showed us the great shortage in the number of Medical practitioners and the vast need of the DOCTORS worldwide envisioning the prodigious future demand. In view of all the discussions, it is very important to a parent to check for aver all impacts of your decisions on the future of your child.


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