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MBBS is a career dream for most Science students since their childhood by getting inspired by their Peers, Teachers, or Parents. Dreaming to become a Doctor is easy; to achieve the same in reality requires a lot of hard work and immense efforts with a little bit of reserved luck. Many times all the hard work and efforts might not be fruitful to attain a medical seat in Indian government or private colleges with only 83,000 seats available for more than 16 lakh NEET medical applicants. The competition is very high and the general category students might not succeed after a lot of their efforts, and joining in B or C category seats is not in the purview of everyone’s budget. The next best option available is to approach BEST MBBS ABROAD CONSULTANCY In Hyderabad Like WISDOM OVERSEAS which can help the students to fulfill their Doctor dreams by offering a budget-friendly quality education abroad.
Why study MBBS abroad?
Studying MBBS abroad is the right choice for those students that are unable to crack MBBS seats in India and not afford to get a payment seat. Though the intention behind studying MBBS abroad might start from this point, studying MBBS abroad itself has plenty of other good opportunities. Like….

  • Global Exposure and Internationally Valid MBBS Degree
  • Low and Budget-friendly MBBS degree
  • Great improvement in English Language and Communication Skills
  • Building Self-confidence and compassion
  • Excellent skill development
  • The best gateway to Employability
  • Best Experience and Learning attitude building
  • Technical advancement based on the College/University chosen
  • Easy to pass USMLE/PLAB/AMC or other countries PG entrances comparatively with those that studied MBBS in India.
  • Lifetime experiences by learning diverse cultures

Best MBBS Abroad Consultancy


You might be thinking that how can you choose the best MBBS Abroad consultancy in India to get admissions into the Best University/College abroad. Is it that difficult to verify the credibility of the MBBS College or the Consultant?
No, with all the network and information available in our hands it is easy to collect genuine information about the MBBS abroad Medical colleges and the Consultants that are authorized to admit you into study MBBS abroad.

What are the things that you need to check while selecting a Country for MBBS?
Study MBBS abroad has been very popular during the two decades and plenty of students are migrating to fulfill their Doctor dreams and successfully achieving their goals over time. Now the most important aspect is how to select the best country to study MBBS abroad.
Here are few important points that you need to consider while you are making a choice for your study MBBS abroad….countries

  • NMC and WHO recognition
  • Low Fee Structure
  • Total Years of Study
  • Capitation Fee or Donation requirement
  • Validity for the MBBS Degree in India and worldwide
  • Recognized Universities of the country
  • The language used for Teaching
  • Need to pass any Local Language
  • English language communication
  • Safety and Security
  • Standards of the Education of the Country
  • Living Costs
  • Indian Food Facility
  • Temperature adaptability
  • Diseases similarity to India
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Visa Procedures

Check all these aspects while you are making a choice of country to study MBBS abroad.
Selection of College or University

After the Country choice comes the University or College choice to be made which is another crucial aspect which your complete future depended on. Here are few important points to consider prior to selection of University or College to study MBBS abroad…

  • MCI recognition for the University/College
  • Total course Duration
  • Fee Structure
  • Infrastructure and Laboratories availability
  • Language of Teaching
  • Own or Affiliated Hospitals for Internship
  • Availability of Expert Doctor’s as Faculty
  • Passing Percentage
  • Remedial opportunities
  • Safety for the Foreign students
  • Hostel Accommodation Facility
  • Indian Food facility

Choosing the Best MBBS Abroad Consultancy

If you are directly going to any abroad consultant first before having any knowledge regarding the Countries then you might get into trouble. The consultant might give you all the positive points for the Country and University that he is attached or they get a good consultation Fee rather than giving you complete analytical knowledge. So, the crucial point is to choose the best MBBS Abroad consultancy among the pool of MBBS Consultants.

How to choose the Best MBBS Abroad Consultancy?
Approaching a reliable MBBS consultant in India or Best MBBS abroad consultancy in your place is the critical point that might change your destiny. Once you make the right choice then, you can lead towards your Dream Doctor Career worries but in the case of the opposite, you might experience difficulties later during your entire course with a lack of guidance.
To study medicine abroad which is an affordable choice but the chances for the selection need proper guidance from the Best MBBS abroad Consultants like Wisdom Overseas in Hyderabad. Wisdom Overseas is the authorized Exclusive partner to Southwestern University, Philippines is one of the Best MBBS Abroad Consultancies in Hyderabad not only in Hyderabad but for the entire country.
What is an Exclusive Authorized Agent?
MBBS abroad consultancies are of two types that are involved with the abroad medical education offering from various countries of the World. Few are having Exclusive partnerships directly with the Universities/Colleges and few are just mere agents for the Universities/Colleges that are offering MBBS abroad.
Here is the variation between an Exclusive and a normal Agent that deals with MBBS abroad colleges…..

Exclusive Authorized Partner Normal Agent
An agent partnered directly with the University/College to admit MBBS students Not having any complete authorization or have a simple agreement to send students
Have an Authorization for all over India directly with the University Just an agent that is internally linked with college or to other authorized agents
He has responsibility and direct access to the University No direct access only responsible to send the students
Every student to join MBBS to that university should go through with this Authorized Agent only These agents depend on the exclusive partners to send their students
Single Stop-Destination They have to depend on other exclusive partners/authorized agents to send the students.
All your enrollment will be directly processed by them There will be several middlemen involved in between and might deceive people or delay your admission process
These types of partners will be Only One for the Entire Country These agents are a lot and no one is having any exclusivity
More reliable than normal agents Less reliable than exclusive agents
Will take care of the students through their entire course Their responsibility ends with the enrolment or after sending them to the Philippines or some might come along to the country and help them enroll in the college.
Take care of all the concerns of the students that are joined from the consultancy They can only help to some extent as they are not having any access to the University/College directly.
Responsible for their safety and security They can only help from India
Provides accommodation and Food and all other facilitations required to the students Agents are not having any proper means for accommodation as they are not directly tied or partnered. Students have to depend on private accommodations that are not safe.
University shows great concern towards this Partners University might not even be aware of many of the small agents
Recognized by the Universities authorities and Faculties Not at all known to any of these people
These are the Most Trusted and Reliable Consultants Depends on the persons that you are dealing with and there are more cases that are cheating the students


Best MBBS abroad consultancy is most reliable if they are having any Exclusive authorization directly from the University / College is the best choice for Study Best MBBS Abroad Consultancy in India, especially like Wisdom Overseas.


Wisdom Overseas is the authorized Exclusive partner to Southwestern University, PHINMA in the Philippines offering World-class Medical Education from 5 continents and 32 countries across the Globe. They can help you as a one-stop destination for all your Enrollment related worries and can provide you with overall guidance and assistance throughout your entire course curriculum.
For more information regarding the same visit and also personally visit the offices located in Plot No: 304, Prestige Rai Towers, Panjagutta, Hyderabad, and the official offices in Vijayawada, Tirupati, and other areas.

Don’t be Deceived by the Fake MBBS abroad Consultancies and Trust the Best MBBS Abroad Consultancy in India like Wisdom overseas.

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