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MBBS in Philippines

The corona virus has created devastating effects and shaken the mankind to its core. With all the restrictions, lockdowns and closures of schools and Universities, postponement of examinations has made education uncertain in all levels and thrown into a devastating state. And Medical Education is no exception especially the Impact of Covid-19 on study abroad is more severe than local education.

All Universities campuses are shut down due to COVID-19, most of them already announced their next semester to be continued with online classes until the circumstances reinstate to normalcy. Though everything depends on the removal of the travel restrictions imposed by various governments and countries allowing the students to their countries, the increased panic-driven parent’s perceptions also matters a lot.


Pandemic Panic

India has been tackling well with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis better than few other countries with regard to the casualties adding a positive image to our country. Recent travel Bubble arrangements with major countries are allowing the students and businessmen to travel is the perfect illustration for the changed perceptions globally. The panic in the student community especially in medical students is profound with the NEET exam dilemma adding to the COVID-19 effect. Medical students are more concerned on the lockdown effect on study abroad plans, as well with the continuous postponement of the Medical Entrance examinations.

Impact Of COVID-19

Expected Decline in the Study MBBS abroad students

Coronavirus effect on study MBBS abroad students for this academic year might be visible with all the lockdowns, travel bans and the complete panic in the parents. This academic year the number of students migrating abroad to study MBBS might decrease to half or even to one by third comparatively with last years. But the scenario might also change if the parent’s awareness of Online classes opportunities provided by global medical institutions in safeguarding the student’s lives. 

Need for More Medical Professionals

Coronavirus impact on global education might be more severe than the expectations with all the medical aspirants unwilling to travel abroad due to pandemic. COVID-19 crisis have shown us a great NEED of medical professionals worldwide and also for an uninterrupted generation of the future doctor’s now than never in history. This is the right time for the medical aspirants to think about their Bright Future in their Doctor Careers in spite of the COVID-19 impact on abroad study.

Need for Robust Healthcare System

The pandemic has illustrated the various loopholes in the world’s health care system in spite of all technical advancements, and a strong need for a robust healthcare system for the future survivals. A detailed inter-ministerial stands required to deal with the medical education and especially on medical tourism as the country’s current medical professional needs cannot be fulfilled with the meager amount of doctors producing every year by the Indian Medical colleges. Encouraging the abroad MBBS students and supporting them with few financial help is the wise choice to make.  

Rise of High Empathy in Doctors

The lack of definitive treatments to a new pandemic like Covod-19 the doctors are rediscovering their skills resulting a high rise of empathy in doctors. The pandemic has shown the loopholes of the medical system greatly and a need for assessment of the current medical technology and treatments patterns.

Obviously the pandemic will bring a great positive change in the medical education, curriculum with all the challenges endeavored due to the crisis. “Perchance the crisis might also bring some hidden issues to light, obviously the strong need to create new generation of doctor’s that are not only able to treat the patient but heal their physical and mental ailments”. The common need for the specialists in the field of medicine is more prominent now than ever and the complete updated technology, innovations and research are more prerequisites now.

Delays not Cancellations

There will not be any ambiguity that the current academic years Medical admissions are to be more delayed might posted to the end of the 2020 year. Many students are waiting for the further instructions or notifications on the competitive examinations from the governments end and also from the foreign affairs. Once it clarified in few weeks revealing the plans on September NEET most of the medical aspirant’s decisions will be firmed in proceeding with their study MBBS abroad plans. 

Exploring Online MBBS options

Most of the students are in dilemma relating to their enrolments and the online classes curriculum and their validity towards their future medical Degree. Institutions are already announced their next semesters in online mode and many other are definitely trying to explore this options especially students that are much confident on their study MBBS abroad plans. The unsure attitude of the usefulness of online classes should answer by the Ministry or the Government of India to ensure the students confidence in their MBBS abroad curriculum.

Best Technical Advanced Learning in MBBS abroad Schools

Though the students might be in panic with all the crisis and haziness of the MBBS abroad options, this is one of the great opportunities to the students who are willing to study MBBS abroad. Medical Education in abroad especially few colleges in Philippines are greatly follows the pedagogical innovations involving the latest technical aids for the students understanding and learning. Since Medical education in abroad has brought the Simulation technology to the forefront and embracing the latest clinical based, research oriented learning to experience more sustainability and expertize to students.

Study MBBS abroad A Great Advantage

Studying MBBS abroad is a great advantage to the students whose medical educators abroad are giving more concentration to the self-application learning methods in pre-clinical and clinical setting rather than traditional teaching methods that are followed in few countries. This turns as the greatest advantage to the students that are adopting this attractive study option instead of wasting their academic year in unwanted fear on the pandemic crisis.

No Huge Drop Out

Plenty of surveys including Shiksha’s conducted after the pandemic outbreak on the abroad MBBS study plans of the medical aspirants shown “strong confirmations” on the intentions of the Study MBBS abroad plans for this academic year. The results shown are:

  • Only 11% are thinking on cancelling their study abroad plans
  • 17% are intending to wait to take decisions
  • 72% are still planning to study MBBS abroad in 2020

Students still are waiting only for the NEET exam confirmation and the decisions in this regard rather than cancelling their Future Study MBBS Abroad plans.

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