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MBBS in abroad for Indian Medical Students

MBBS in Abroad for Indian medical students as it presents a cost-effective fee structure than medical colleges and universities in India. The fee structure for medical learning in a foreign country falls very low for the 5 to 6 years of the course, depending on the institute, but that’s just the crux of it, so let’s learn more about what’s essential about MBBS Abroad for Indian Medical Students.

Eligibility Criteria of Study MBBS in Abroad for Indian Medical Students

Before pursuing any degree, we must take the eligibility criteria. The same goes for the Eligibility Criteria of Study MBBS in Abroad for Indian Medical Students. With that being said, the eligibility criterion for MBBS abroad is quite flexible. The minimum age of the aspirants should be 17 years on the year of enrollment or on 31st December, and the candidate must have the following qualifications:

  • The aspiring student must be qualified for the 10+2 with at least 50% in physics, chemistry, and biology from the recognized board.
  • For students in the reserved category, it’s at least 40%.
  • All candidates applying for MBBS overseas require qualifying for the NEET exam before enrolling in a medical institute abroad.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Abroad for Indian Medical Students

Coming to the next point, now, before we start this section, let us ask you, what do you look for before doing anything? First, of course, it’s the task, service, or products’ advantages. So why would an Indian medical student want to study MBBS in a foreign nation? Here are the Advantages of Study MBBS in Abroad for Indian Medical Students:

No donation or capitation fees: Private medical colleges and universities in India have massive donations or so-called capitation fees, and don’t forget the yearly fee. The good news, it is not the case for colleges or universities overseas. Most of the MBBS institutes in China, Russia, Ukraine, etc., have no donation or capitation fees. Even the tuition fee is meager compared to the Indian private institutes.

No entrance test for enrolling: Unlike in India, no entrance test is needed to preserve admission in an MBA college. Entry will be solely and strictly based on students’ performance in the 12th standard and first-come-first-serve principle. Also, students with a percentage above distinction are given preference.    

Intensely low cost of living: It is the part where most of the aspirants and their parents worry and take a step back. Even though most foreign countries to pursue MBBS are from Europe, the living cost is relatively cheap. For example, take Ukraine; studying MBBS in that country for Indian pupils will be pretty cheap as most of them can live with as approximately low as $100-200/month. Even when learning in Asian nations like China, the living cost will be as approx. Low as Rs 7000-14000/month.         

World-class infrastructure: All the campuses throughout Russia, Ukraine, China, the Philippines, etc., have a world-class structure with modern equipment in hospitals. Thus, for example, MBBS study in Ukraine will be very advantageous as most of the institutes in Ukraine are of high standards and are internationally recognized by WHO, UNESCO, European Council, etc.

Global exposure: As students will wish to study abroad in a foreign government and get to meet companion students who are also from different countries, backgrounds, and ethnicity, they will receive international exposure that will significantly support them in steeling down. Moreover, countries like China also have a vast population, giving medical students an excellent chance to get exposed to enormous patient rush.

MBBS in abroad for Indian Medical Students    

Important factors Study MBBS in Abroad for Indian Medical Students

This section is about the Important factors Study MBBS in Abroad for Indian Medical Students before choosing a university, so pay close attention. The institute a medical student chooses is as crucial after selecting a country.

  • Students must find out the grade of the institute before applying.
  • The teaching experience of the university is also very crucial.
  • The recognition level of the university always consider.
  • The students must also know the tuition fees and accommodation costs before applying.
  • It is essential to know whether the university offers FMGE/NExT coaching.
  • Students should also check if Indian food is a cook in the university’s pantry.
  • And lastly, the number of Indian students in a particular institute.

Fees Structure of the Medical Universities in Abroad

Like we mentioned before, the fees are deficient as compared to Indian students. So let’s look at the Fees Structure of the Medical Universities Abroad for well-known countries.

Philippines Approximately 30 lakh Rs.
Russia Around 25-30 lakh Rs.
Ukraine About 28-30 lakh Rs.
Bangladesh Roughly 25-30 lakh Rs.
Kyrgyzstan Loosely 20 lakh Rs.
Kazakhstan Closely 25 lakh Rs
China Approx. 25-30 lakh Rs


Considering the above points, we conclude that MBBS in Abroad for Indian  Medical Students is very fruitful, affordable, and they will get various benefits from it.

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