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Role of Parents in choosing the right MBBS university

Choosing The Right MBBS University?

100% of parents are responsible for setting students’ life towards their goals after Inter. The interest of children is what they believe and find a passion for. It is the parents who are always there to support them when children have the will to become a doctor. Are those parents making the right decision for their children’s aspirations? Or do children fall into some trap and into the darkness of life? There are consultancies who make false promises to you like- you can Study MBBS Abroad in 15-20 Lakhs. They also say that they have about 3,000 or 4,000 MBBS seats. They also tell you that they are providing you the cheapest services and exclusive offer ‘just for you’. They take the guarantee about your child qualifying for the MCI exam.

Do not get carried away with such false promises because these are just propaganda tricks to fill their pockets with your hard-earned money. A small decision from you can ruin your child’s life. Realistically, once the student reads about studying MBBS it does not mean that they have become a doctor and can practice. They are not an actual doctor yet. So, imagine under whose supervision they can study and what will be beneficial for them and how whatever you are doing for them will help to achieve their goal. The admission at the lowest cost does not matter because MBBS is all about practical learning.

right mbbs university when children have the will to become a doctor

You have to admit that low fees and discounts at the university level may help you for the time being but not in the bigger picture. How will your child learn about MBBS unless there are not experienced professors, practical learning and better infrastructure? Qualifying for the MCI test is not that hard these days so you have to concentrate on making your child a better doctor with as much experience as possible.

This is why we suggest you Southwestern University. You should read about the university, the facilities they provide and talk to students who are enrolled there, especially Indians (for obvious reasons). On the topic of SWU- PHINMA, we cannot forget Wisdom Overseas as they are the partner consultancy from India for the university providing services and being transparent about everything like no other educational consultancy.

But nowadays, every consultancy is in contact with tens of thousands of colleges and universities, and what kind of services they offer to students. The problem is parents are tempted with such consultancies who in reality play with the lives of students. Another thing about studying MBBS abroad and becoming a doctor is that one should have a strong will towards achieving their goals.

One should be dedicated to reading as well as practicing MBBS as it is not an easy field to create a future in. If you think that you can just surf through your MBBS study with money and being lazy then you will face a lot of serious difficulties in the future. There are also parents who are seduced by the USA because why not.

You should also note that the Caribbean is selling nuts in the name of American education. In Central America, North America, South America, there is no connection to the original American. Do not believe their words that if you go to a certain country, then you can go to America.

If you want to practice as a doctor in the US (USA), the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) exam is the only possible way. This is a tough test. Only students with MBBS talent can succeed in USMLE. However, students studying at Southwestern University prepare for the USMLE exam from scratch. The main reason for this is a large number of Filipino students are interested in going to the US for practicing medicine. This will prepare them for the USMLE test.

These are the reasons why parents must be careful in choosing the right university and country for their child. So, before just sending them off with any other consultancy, ask them questions and look for genuine answers. You can also contact us for a counseling session so we can elaborate you everything about studying MBBS abroad.

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