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mbbs without neet

According to the Medical Council of Indian wide issued notification dated 8th March 2018, NEET qualification made mandatory for the study MBBS abroad. As per the Clause 4(2A) of the “Screening Test Regulation, 2002”, and Clause 8(iv) of the “Eligibility requirement for taking admission in an undergraduate medical course in a Foreign Medical Institution Regulation, 2002”, an Indian National/Overseas Citizen of India who is willing to take admission in MBBS or its equivalent medical course to study MBBS abroad on or after 1st June, 2018 shall have to mandatorily qualify NEET exam.
The meaning for the above said act any medical aspirant willing to study MBBS abroad required NEET qualification as a mandatory after 1st June 2018. Then
How can one study MBBS in Philippines without NEET?
The notification issued by MCI of India making NEET as a mandatory to study MBBS abroad is purely for joining the MBBS course or its equivalent medical course. Here comes the variation between the Study MBBS abroad education and the countries offering MBBS equivalent degrees.

British Education System US education System
In British Education system of MBBS the total course will be continued in one go and they directly join in MBBS and study for 5 to 6 years in one go. In US based MBBS educational system the total medical course is divided into
Pre-medicine + Doctor of Medicine
After completing the initial Pre-medicine for 1 or 2 or 2 ½ years students join MD or Doctor of Medicine for 4 years.
Countries opting British Pattern MBBS Countries opting US Pattern MBBS

Countries that are offering MBBS abroad few follow British pattern and for those counties one need to qualify NEET before they start their course. Like:






Countries that are offering MBBS abroad few follow US pattern and for those counties one need to qualify NEET before they join in their MD course and not at the time of Pre-medicine. Like:



Central America


Caribbean Islands

Was it possible to study MBBS without NEET?
According to the above mentioned facts and the MCI notice every student that are willing to study MBBS abroad should qualify NEET prior to join his MBBS course.

  • For all the countries that are following British Pattern of MBBS course must have NEET before they join MBBS abroad.

For countries that follow US based MBBS pattern:

  • NEET not required for joining PRE-MEDICINE / BS COURSE
  • ONLY AT THE TIME OF JOINING MD/DOCTOR OF MEDICINE –they needed the NEET qualification

What is the Benefit in this?

  • The benefit in this is that any student that are not qualified/ not applied/not attended NEET for that particular year, He needs to wait for the NEXT ACADEMIC YEAR to write the NEET exam again.
  • But in this pattern they can join in Pre-Medicine and simultaneously can study and pass NEET without WASTING ONE ACADEMIC YEAR

Benefits of Studying in US pattern MBBS

  • NEET not required for enrolment
  • NEET can be passed during the Pre-Medicine course duration
  • They can also finish the course without any delay and simultaneously pass the NEET exam for the next academic year
  • MCI and WHO and all other global organizations recognized DEGREE
  • No need to worry about the credibility of this pattern
  • This is a worldwide recognized pattern including in India, they can practice after passing the MCI screening test
  • Students can

Study in Philippines without NEET?
YES. Any medical aspirant that are willing to study MBBS can join directly to pre-medicine course or BS program in Philippines MBBS colleges and can study MBBS without NEET. But they need to qualify NEET before they enroll into MD/DOCTOR OF MEDICINE.

NEET not required to study MBBS in Southwestern University, PHINMA, Philippines

As iterated earlier Southwestern University, PHINMA also follows US based education system and it is worldwide recognized degree helps you to practice all over the globe once you finished your Graduation and the screening tests of the respective countries. There are various benefits in studying MBBS especially in Southwestern University, PHINMA like:

  • No NEET is required for Enrolment
  • No need for any Donation / Capitation Fees
  • Low cost and Very Budget friendly Fees
  • Only 5 years MBBS program
  • Save your valuable Time & Money
  • 3-D simulator technology for teaching
  • US returned Expert Doctors as Faculty
  • Best Infrastructural facilities including 24/7 Open Library
  • 6000 bedded Own/Affiliated Hospitals for Internship of student
  • Service Hospital within the Campus to facilitate students
  • Fully equipped Laboratories
  • Cadavers provided in 1: 5 ratio for Anatomy practice
  • Case study based and self-research oriented learning

Every medical aspirant that is unable to secure a medical seat in India will be provided with plenty of opportunities in the vast market of study MBBS abroad colleges/universities all over the world. But choosing the Best Country and Best University to study MBBS is the right choice to be made with a right mind.
For more details contact Wisdom Overseas or our official mail/contact no’s to have complete guidance on all of your concerns.

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