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Why Wisdom Overseas For MBBS In Philippines

Doctors are the pillars of the healthcare system of every country and becoming a doctor is a long way to achieve with years of intensive education, training, and continuous up-gradation to the latest scientific developments plays a crucial role in the life of a physician.

How does College/Institution play its role in the life of a Doctor?

Dedication of a medical student is not sufficient always to produce a good doctor, the pathway to lead in shaping a good medical practitioner should be coordinated with high standards of the educational institution imparting medical education.

Medical College/Institution is double burdened with the noble responsibility of educating the future physicians with well-defined standards and imparting stricter medical curriculum instead of diluting for meager monetary benefits. While choosing the best institution for medical education a medical aspirant should analyze all the available options.

Why MBBS in abroad

The number of students aspiring for medical education is increasing by every year as the NEET applicants of 2020 crossed 16 lakhs and the number of seats available in India is 80 thousand only. The other students that are qualified NEET this year or some who are unfortunate to not qualify that are dreaming for MBBS are looking for other options to achieve their dream. Their thousands of students are viewing MBBS abroad as the best alternative to succeed in their medical careers. While choosing for overseas education for medicine one should understand the significant variables before making a proper decision.

Overseas Education

The first step is very crucial in making your journey perfect while it involves all our future prospects. Overseas medical education boomed past decade with plenty of countries and institutions offering budget-friendly, secured, and quality education for foreign students. The flow of students to these countries varies according to the attractive packages as well as the affordability and superiority of the curriculum.

The countries that are most accommodating MBBS education for the past 15 years like China, Russia, the USA, UK are recently experiencing a change with the new countries like Philippines, Central America, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Poland and so in the market. The student’s choice has changed due to various aspects but most of their choice depends on the country that provides cost-effective, quality education and safer environment at the same time. 

Why Students Chose Philippines for MBBS education

Philippines has become the most aspired destination for the medical students and is increasing its inflow to various institutions every year. More than 10,000 Indian students are going to choosing Philippines for MBBS education every year. Nearly all the colleges in Philippines follow US Standard Medical Education, a case-based analysis method of examinations that will make a student to easily crack USMLE or other PG entrances. Though all the colleges are not providing the high technical value-based education to the students, especially in maintaining proper laboratory facilities the student should definitely analyze before making the final decision.

Why Southwestern University Philippines

The Southwestern University of Philippines was founded in 1946 as one of the oldest universities and was also recognized as a leader in medicine and allied health programs. University located in Cebu crowned as the queen city of the Philippines is a major tourist attraction. Southwestern University provides 3-D simulated teaching, a world-class anatomy lab, interactive education, top expert doctors as teaching professors, and top four hospitals for clinical training of the students with world-class campus and other facilities.

University is well versed for its strict curriculum follow up, best teaching aids, well defined education standards, spectacular technical facilities, Indian food canteens, impartial environment and other requirements in facilitating good education with over all care for foreign students.


SWU is recognized by MCI, WHO, CHED, USMLE, FAIMER, NMC and other renowned medical councils of the world. The passing percentage of the students after the course completion for Licensing or for PG entrances is more comparatively with other colleges in Philippines.

Role of Wisdom Overseas MBBS Consultancy

Wisdom Overseas is the authorized Exclusive partner to Southwestern University in Philippines and has been dedicated to the overall well-being of the students that chose to study medicine in Philippines. Wisdom Overseas serves as a single destination for medical aspirants to fulfill their doctor dreams. Wisdom Overseas endeavors quality education with the safe and secured environment for medical students for a total of 5 years of course duration.

Wisdom Overseas Founder Mr. Thummala Ravikanth always believes in perfection of work and thrives to facilitate the child to take the right decision to ascend high peaks in their life. Wisdom Overseas encourages overall development of the child in achieving their ambitions and supports them in providing all round care.

Wisdom Overseas

Wisdom Overseas maintains its own Hostels and Canteens separate for Boys and Girls with 24/7 governed premises. The hostel rooms are equipped with all the facilities and also maintain proper hygiene. The Indian food of the hostel canteens is known for its taste and healthy prospects.

Wisdom Overseas supports the students from day one of their admission to the completion of the course as well as facilitating the training to qualify the MCI license exam/NEXT or USMLE and other PG entrances.

  • Counseling the students in making the right choice
  • Support in getting passport and other required documents
  • Support in getting admission letter from Southwestern University
  • Providing all the support for VISA interview of the student
  • Guiding and educating the student to successfully pass the VISA interview
  • Personal care in travel of the child to Philippines
  • Own Separate Hostels for Boys and Girls in the Philippines
  • Hostels located in close proximity to the University and in a secured environment
  • Perfect maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness of the hostels
  • 24/7 Indian warden available for overall support of the students
  • Tasty and healthy Indian food cooked by own Indian chefs  
  • Health care facility in case of any small or emergencies
  • Indian Student Desk availability for the overall students support

Benefits of studying MBBS in Philippines

  • MCI recognized the education system and can practice medicine in India once finished the License exam.
  • WHO and other major countries recognition, eligible to write all the major PG entrances like NEXT, USMLE, PLAB, ASM and so.
  • American Medical Standard Education system followed and it makes it easy to qualify the steps of USMLE better than others.
  • Only 5 years of course duration
  • Affordable Fee structure, Indian Food availability
  • Similar Tropical temperature like India easy to adapt
  • Case based study methodology helping students in-depth knowledge development
  • Compulsory One-year clerkship involving personal patient interactive learning
  • English as mode of learning no need to study any local languages
  • 95% of locals know to speak English as it is the fourth largest English speaking country making student easy to communicate
  • Friendly and supportive locals
  • Philippines is one of the most accommodating countries of Doctors and Nurses to US.
  • Low cost of living comparing with other mbbs providing countries
  • No Donation or Capitation Fees are required

Doctors are the Pillar of the Health Care System of the Country and building those doctor’s life is a more crucial responsibility. It’s your own choice that gives you Success

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