MBBS in Malaysia 
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MBBS in Malaysia 

Explore the golden opportunity of pursuing an MBBS in Malaysia, a desirable Asian country known for its affordable medical programs. Malaysia offers a 6-year MBBS program, including (5) Five years of formal education and a 12-month work experience at prestigious healthcare facilities. 

Benefit from high educational standards, advanced competition, and simplified admission procedures that have established Malaysia’s reputation as a top destination for medical education.

Discover the key facts about studying MBBS in Malaysia in 2023. Malaysia’s medical colleges are renowned for their quality education, advanced techniques, and scientific approaches. Indian students can secure a spot in one of Malaysia’s top medical schools through a quick application process.

Significantly, an MCI for MBBS in Malaysia and a WHO-approved program, equivalent to an Indian MBBS degree. With over 130,110 international students from 136 countries seeking professional training, Malaysia offers a coveted and affordable option for aspiring medical students. 

The tuition fees range from 55,000 to 136,000 MYR annually (~9 to 25 lakhs for Indian students). Take the first step towards your dream profession by applying online for MBBS in Malaysia.

Why Study MBBS in Malaysia?

Choose Malaysia for your MBBS studies, a cost-effective option compared to European nations. Benefit from internships and work opportunities after graduation, along with the chance to secure scholarships based on entrance test performance. Though private colleges may have higher costs, the quality of education justifies the investment. 

  • MBBS courses in Malaysia follow international examination patterns, and the flexibility extends to postgraduate programs for further education and research.
  • In Malaysia, NEET competence is sufficient for admission to scientific institutions; no external test is necessary.
  • There are no investment expenses, and admission is permitted for university learners from India.
    to institutions recognized by the Medical Council of India. 
  • With well-equipped multi-profile hospitals, students have diverse exposure to medical practice. Donations are not demanded during admission, and tuition fees are low and affordable. 
  • Recognized by esteemed bodies like WHO and MCI, the MBBS certificate from Malaysian universities holds global recognition.
  • Enjoy a modest cost of living as a student, with comfortable hostel facilities. Malaysian MBBS universities prioritize both academics and sports. 
  • The MBBS degree obtained from Malaysian medical universities is highly valued worldwide.

MBBS in Malaysia: Overview 

Name of the CourseMBBS 
Course Duration6 Years (including 1-year internship)
Basic Eligibility10+2 (PCB) 50 – 70% (Varies from university to university)
Medium of TeachingEnglish
NEET ExamYes, it is compulsory
IELTS & TOEFLNot required
Minimum Course FeeRs. 4 to Rs. 60 Lakhs/Year
Universities RecognitionUNESCO, NMC, WHO, & FAIMER approved
Top Medical UniversitiesUniversity of Malaya, International Medical University.
Cost of Living in MalaysiaRs. 10-15 Thousand/Month (It may vary)

MBBS in Malaysia for Indian Students

Internationally recognized universities approved by MCI:

Several top Malaysian universities and programs rank within the top 500 in the QS World Universities Ranking. These universities provide MCI-approved MBBS degrees, opening up global career prospects for students.

Malaysia as a popular medical tourism destination:

With an estimated annual revenue of 1.5 billion MYR, Malaysia is a preferred choice for individuals seeking medical education abroad, offering promising post-study employment opportunities for MBBS graduates.

Growing demand for healthcare professionals in Malaysia:

Based on the 2020 survey by the International Medical University in Malaysia, the country needs approximately 85,000 doctors to meet the WHO guideline of a 1:400 doctor-to-people ratio. This indicates a rising demand for medical professionals.

The low unemployment rate in Malaysia:

The country reported an unemployment rate of just 3.38% (Statistics), which has remained relatively stable over the past decade. This ensures a stable work environment for international students studying in Malaysia.

MBBS in Malaysia 

Medical schools in Malaysia primarily offer a five-year undergraduate program for aspiring doctors, including a few that are foreign-owned or Malaysian branches of foreign universities. Admission to these schools can be challenging, and the curriculum is typically divided into three stages. 

Stage 1: The primary two years are spent coordinating instruction and studying the fundamental disciplines of science.

Stage 2: Year 3 of the program emphasizes the development of medical skills.

Stage 3: Years 4 and 5 involve the consolidation of medical clerkship in various medical applications, further enhancing practical abilities.

The country has both government-controlled and privately-owned schools, with the majority being government-run. Malaysia offers over 1000 courses in various fields, including professional certification, diploma programs, and advanced diploma training.

MBBS in Malaysia

Regarding medical science, Malaysia provides excellent opportunities for those who aspire to practice medicine. Pursuing an MBBS in Malaysian institutions is a wise choice due to the country’s commitment to quality education. These institutions have gained international recognition for their emphasis on delivering high-quality medical education.

Advantages of MBBS in Malaysia

  • Malaysian medical schools follow world-class and quality education patterns.
  • Malaysia is recognized as one of the safest countries for students.
  • Admission to medical colleges in Malaysia does not require any entrance exams.
  • Malaysian medical schools are recognized by prestigious organizations like MCI and WHO.
  • Low fees and affordable living expenses attract Indian students to choose MBBS in Malaysia.
  • The cost of living in Malaysia is relatively low.
  • A direct and easy admission process makes it convenient for Indian students.
  • The availability of Indian food and the significant Indian population in Malaysia adds to the comfort of Indian students.
  • No donation or management admission quota is required for MBBS admissions in Malaysia.
  • The pleasant climate of Malaysia is an added advantage for students.
  • Malaysia has a high literacy rate of 95%.
  • Some Indian teachers are also present in Malaysian medical schools.
  • Strict anti-ragging policies ensure a safe and friendly learning environment.
  • Highly experienced and skilled faculties at Malaysian medical schools ensure quality education.
  • In Malaysia, you can easily find malls along with Indian restaurants.
  • The distance between India and Malaysia is easily manageable, and flights are readily available.
  • Indian students can obtain visas easily.
  • The most significant advantage is the low tuition fees for studying MBBS in Malaysia.
  • The faculty at Malaysian medical colleges is highly qualified and knowledgeable.
  • English is the medium of instruction.
  • Graduates receive internationally recognized physician certification.
  • Graduates from India living abroad in Malaysia are entitled to take the MCI screening examination and other scientific license exams.
  • Utilizing international organizations like the global fitness industry, all MBBS institutions in Malaysia are located.
  • Many scholarships are available for MBBS students in Malaysia.

MBBS in Malaysia: Cost of Study

Medical colleges in Malaysia are renowned for their highly qualified teaching staff and the quality of education they provide. Pursuing an MBBS degree in Malaysia is not only academically enriching but also highly affordable, with tuition fees ranging from Rs 9 lakhs to Rs 25 lakhs, depending on the university.

Malaysian Medical School Admissions Procedure

The admission process for MBBS in Malaysia typically involves the following steps:

  1. Use the institution’s reputable website for observation purposes.
  2. Complete the internet-based application for entrance that is available.
  3. Each of the provided documents’ post-scanned duplicates.
  4. Obtain the university’s acceptance letter and keep it in good condition for future reference
  5. Pay the registration fees as required by the chosen college.
  6. Register for a student visa after paying the university fees and getting the confirmation letter.
  7. Once the visa is approved, book your flight to Malaysia.
  8. Travel to Malaysia and start attending classes at the medical college.

Please note that specific requirements and procedures may vary slightly depending on the college and university you are applying to. It is advisable to refer to the official website of the respective college for detailed and up-to-date information regarding the admission process.

MBBS in Malaysia: List of Required Documents

  • Copy of offer letter
  • Replication of grade report cards and diplomas for grades 10 and 12.
  • Birth certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Official Certificate issued by an Official Authorities
  • Notification of guardians or parents in the bank
  • Copy of the Passport.
  • 10 Passport size photographs
  • Visa fees
  • HIV test documents and results
  • All records are approved by the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Covid19 Report
  • Address Proof
  • Health Insurance

MBBS in Malaysia: Eligibility Criteria 

To be eligible for MBBS admissions in Malaysia, students should meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of 10+2 education with a regular board, having studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCM) as subjects.
  • Achieving at least 50–55% grades in English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics by the time you reach your senior year.
  • Passing the NEET exam with a score of at least 55 to 60%.
  • Proficiency in English is necessary, but there is no requirement for IELTS.

MBBS in Malaysia: Scholarship

Malaysian universities provide affordable tuition fees During a 5-year look at period for university pupils in India. Scholarships are available for eligible students, and Malaysia is known for its safety and security. 

The universities have affiliated hospitals that offer many opportunities for medical exposure. Upon completion of their studies, students from Malaysian universities have excellent career prospects. Visa procedures are also simple. 

With a flight duration of approximately 4.5 hours, students can easily travel to Malaysia. The proximity to India allows parents to visit the universities at minimal cost. 

Admissions to Malaysian universities take place in two intakes, one in September and the other in March. Colleges and universities also offer at the institution preparation for the USMLE and MCI exams on campus.

Best MBBS Universities in Malaysia

UniversityYear of Establishment
SEGi University1977
University of Malaya1905
Asia Metropolitan University2004
AIMST University2001
University of Cyberjaya2005
Lincoln University College2002
Perdana University2011

MBBS in Malaysia: Syllabus

First YearCardiovascular System, Medical Science, Basic Mechanism of Disease, and Hematology System. Medical Science, Cardiovascular System, Basic Mechanism of Disease, and Hematology System.
Second YearNervous System, Gastro-Intestinal System & Nutrition, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Musculoskeletal System, Reproductive System, and Endocrine & Metabolism.
Third YearPrimary Care & Medicine Posting, Medical Posting, Dermatology Posting, Obstetrics and gynecology System, Surgery Posting, and Community Health Posting.
Fourth YearMedical Posting Surgery Posting Primary Care Medicine Posting Orthopedics Posting Psychiatry Posting Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Critical & Palliative Care Medicine Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology Forensic Medicine.
Fifth YearMedical Posting, Surgery Posting, Obstetrics and Gynecology Posting, Pediatrics Posting, Orthopedics Posting, Psychiatry Posting
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