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MBBS in Philippines

Philippines is the most popular destination for medical aspirants since the last decade, as its medical universities are widely renowned across the globe and recognized and approved by MCI (Medical Council of India) as well as WHO, IMED, ECFMG, FAIMER, and others. The MBBS in Philippines is equally recognized and valid to practice medicine not only in India but all over the world after graduation and eligible to appear in all the PG entrances conducted worldwide. MBBS in Philippines is the most advantageous with all the benefits including no capitation fee or donation required for enrollment, easy to enroll, US-based educational standards with a globally recognized curriculum. The case study-based learning and objective methodological exam pattern build a strong foundation for medical students in their course and to crack various global PG entrance examinations including the MCI screening tests. The tropical climatic condition that is similar to India makes it easy to adjust to living in and the similar disease patterns help the students a lot later during their practice in India. As 95% of Philippines locals know to speak English making no language barrier to communicate, and all the colleges in Philippines teach in English only and there is no need to pass any local language tests in the Philippines like countries such as China, Russia, Ukraine as compulsory to promote. Philippines is also a country that depends on rice as a major food source which is a very favorable situation to Indian students and the availability of plenty of Indian food restaurants and messes with a reasonable price range facilitates living most appreciative for the entire course duration for the Indian medical aspirants.

MBBS In Philippines – Southwestern University PHINMA

Southwestern University PHINMA globally recognized university in Cebu City, Philippines facilitating educational service from 1946. With the sole aim of serving the world by providing an accessible, affordable, and high-quality education to all the local and foreign students. SWU PHINMA is undergoing continuous changes, and shaping itself as the best leader with major improvements in academics, technology, and infrastructure also in improving the quality of student life. The SWU PHINMA, campus, 6000 bedded Super Specialty Hospitals, is a unique community setting, which is ideal for a vibrant student experience. The medical Degree provided by Southwestern University PHINMA, Philippines recognized by MCI of India, WHO, ECFMG, FAIMER, USMLE and other agencies across the world.

MBBS in philippines

MBBS In Southwestern University Philippines

MBBS In Philippines

MBBS in Philippines has been gaining high admiration and worldwide popularity among all the Medical aspirants willing to pursue medical education abroad. The education system in Philippines is globally recognized follows US-based educational methodology, and English as a teaching medium of instruction makes it more appealing and beneficial for all our Indian students. MBBS learning in Philippines is very similar to that of the developed countries where they follow research-focused, case study based analysis and practical oriented learning methodology with complete uncomplicated, technically advanced teaching techniques. The tropical climate and similar disease conditions to India enhance the efficiency of the pre-clinical learning for the students that study MBBS in Philippines helps the overall growth and development of the students. The medical Degree provided by Southwestern University Philippines recognized by

MCI of India, WHO, ECFMG, FAIMER, USMLE, and other agencies across the world. screening test like before. After successful completion of the MBBS in Philippines students are eligible to appear for the MCI screening test, which is compulsory to practice in India. After successful completion of the medical course in Philippines students are eligible to appear for the MCI screening test, which is compulsory to practice in India. The final year of Clerkship in SWU, Philippines is recognized by MCI and other countries of the world and there will not be any need to continue compulsory Internship after passing the screening test like before.

Why Southwestern University PHINMA

  • 5 years of total Duration
  • 3D simulator technological teaching
  • Experienced and Expert Doctors as faculty
  • More than  40% the US returned Doctors
  • SWU training Hospital within the campus
  • More than 6000 bedded capacity for Internship

  • Final year (4th year of MD) compulsory Internship approved by MCI (No need to do an internship in India)
  • Vital service centers and commercial spaces
  • Own Hostel accommodations for local and foreign students
  • Safe, Secure, and lavish environment for vibrant student experience
  • All sports grounds including Cricket, Volleyball, and others available for students

Advantages Of MBBS In Philippines - Southwestern University Philippines

Why MBBS in Philippines – SWU PHINMA 5 years only? How is it Valid?

Yes, Southwestern University follows a US-based education Pattern and there is Pre-medicine and Doctor of Medicine together is 5 years only.

Pre-Medicine: You have got enough details relating to the Pre-medicine or BS course on the University selection page and can get a clear understanding that how the BS course duration varies from one college to another college in Philippines.

Validity: The pre-medicine in SWU is hundred percent valid from MCI, CHED, WHO, and all other global agencies, so don’t listen to others deceiving words on this.

Pre-medicine in SWU is in Trimester mode and all the 90 Credits required for the valid pre-medicine course have been adjusted in the one year Trimester for the benefit of the Students.

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