There are many countries that offer MBBS courses but none of them can compare with the universities in the Philippines. Studying MBBS in the Philippines offers the finest resources and great faculty. Also, the country teaching MBBS in English which is a big help compared to other countries for students.

As the quality of education is high, it may come as a surprise that no cost of studying MBBS in the Philippines is also low. They also take care of their international students which include providing more services and facilities. This is why international students enjoy their stay while studying MBBS in the Philippines.

Southwestern University, Philippines

Southwestern University (SWU), officially known as Southwestern University PHINMA, is a private university in Cebu City, Philippines founded in 1946 by two pharmacists.

It started as Southwestern Colleges in the summer of 1946 and became a university on December 11, 1959. The university and hospital have been acquired by PHINMA Group in 2015.

The university was renamed to Southwestern University PHINMA and the hospital from Sacred Heart Hospital to Southwestern University Medical Center. The university changed the logo and closed its South Campus on Basak San Nicolas, Cebu City.

They have a saying, “Become the best you can be,” and they work hard to prove it to the world and help their students achieve their goals with the right teaching and guidance. This is why for Indian students, they have their exclusive representative i.e., Wisdom Overseas.

Advantages of SWU – PHINMA



Low cost of studying


recognized university

Education loan facilities for MBBS

Scholarships for impeccable students

Quality education

Special facilities for international students

English speaking country

Similar weather to India

Wisdom Overseas
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