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MBBS in Philippines

The Republic of the Philippines, this archipelagic country is the most prominent destination to study MBBS of the decade. Over 70% of Indian Medical Aspirants travel to the Philippines in order to complete the Medical education that is unobtainable to them in India. The peculiarity of the situation in spite of various other countries offering MBBS abroad education, the Philippines tend to be the most popular as well as most desired by the Medical aspirants of India and across the globe. Plenty wondered what criterion that makes Study MBBS in Philippines the ideal among the other MBBS offering countries. Reasons are aplenty to verify and consider.

Reasons to Study MBBS in Philippines

Philippines MBBS education offers a splendid environment and global standards of education, validated from prestigious Global agencies like WHO, ECFMG, FAIMER, WFME, WDOMS, UNESCO, IMED, FSMD, GMC, AMC, AMSE, and so on. The valiant start is for Medical education abroad seeking students determining the country and college that is suitable for them. Matching every necessary criterion of needs to study MBBS abroad is a notion of every student at present. Nevertheless, maximum deterrents prior to making the right choice students tend to make inaccurate decisions in lieu of various misleading information delivered from a number of resources.

Genuine information is unmatched though available students are most probably unable to identify in spite of careful scrutiny. For those seeking authentic information on Philippines MBBS education here are the facts:

  • Top Medical Universities of Asia
  • MCI recognized medical universities
  • Globally valid Medical Degree
  • Best infrastructural facilities provided at most of the Universities
  • 1: 15 student-teacher ratio in most colleges/universities
  • Cadavers provided in most of the colleges/universities
  • 5 to 6 years of course duration
  • Internship / clinical clerkship included in the course duration
  • Internship valid in India and other countries
  • No need for any compulsory internship for Medical graduates of the Philippines
  • English teaching medium
  • No need to qualify/study any local languages
  • Low and affordable fee structures
  • The safe and secured country ranked 12th place world’s safest countries
  • The female population is very well protected
  • Indian Food restaurants are available at every corner near medical colleges/universities
  • Tropical climatic conditions similar to Indian climate easy to adjust
  • Very near to India travel time is very less compared to other countries
  • Easy admission and enrolment procedures
  • No Entrance Examinations needed for enrolment
  • No English tests or other local language tests are needed
  • No Capitation fee or any other hidden fees are imposed after admissions
  • Highest FMGE passing percentage
  • The highest percentage of Indian Medical students migrating country
  • Friendly locals most accommodating to Indian students

MBBS in India Vs MBBS in Philippines

After a thorough understanding of the stupendous reasons that could motivate you to choose the Philippines as the country to study MBBS. There might still be some misperceptions on the validity of MBBS in Philippines to MBBS in India. Let’s check upon those stimulating factors that hold MBBS in the Philippines one among the best choices to study MBBS abroad.

Criteria MBBS in India MBBS in Philippines


17 years aged Bi.P.C with 40 to 50% as per the reservation category Same as India
NEET Rank required as per the availability of seats NEET qualification needed as mandatory to get a license
Course Duration 4.5 year 4 years
Course Name MBBS MD program
Internship 1 year compulsory after graduation 1 year compulsory in the final year of the course
Admission Based on NEET rank and reservation criteria Easy to admit if qualified the eligibility criteria
Curriculum WHO authorized WHO authorized
Pattern of Education UK based US-based
Mode of Examination Subjective Mode Objective Mode
Passing percentage 50% in every exam 75% cumulative percentage



Fee structure

For Free Seat:


INR 25,000 only


For B Category: 45 lakhs to 65 lakhs depending on the college


For C Category: 75 lakhs to 1.20 lakhs depending on the college



Tuition Fees ranges from INR 18 lakhs to 24 lakhs depending on the college/university for the entire course duration

Food and accommodation INR 10,000 to 15,000 per month INR 10,000 to 15,000 per month
License Exam after Course From 2023 passed out students NEXT license exam prevails FMGE now and from 2023 NEXT common to all
Validity Valid in India and other world countries Valid in all countries including India
USMLE / PLAB / other world countries license exams eligibility  

Eligible to appear


Eligible to appear

Passing percentage of USMLE/PLAB/other license examinations  

Very low

Good as the question pattern they learn is  similar to the licensure examinations

(objective mode and case study based)

The above criteria emphasize the fact that MBBS in Philippines is the best and most feasible option than the B or C category seats of Indian medical colleges in regard to budget or education standards.

MBBS in Philippines

Things to Remember before Applying for MBBS in Philippines:

MBBS in Philippines is the most viable option for those medical aspirants unfortunate to acquire a government category seat in India. Philippines MBBS admissions are quite easy to accomplish, though certain factors are very crucial for the same that every student should remember before applying for MBBS in Philippines. Like

  • NEET qualifying percentage is mandatory to get  a valid license later in India
  • Check for the most prominent and genuine partners of the University’s to get enrolment, like Wisdom Overseas the official partner to Southwestern University
  • A Visa interview is a must
  • Check the official websites of the University’s to learn more about the college and education
  • Check with the senior students about the infrastructure and affiliated hospitals for the internship
  • Check the hostel and Indian food availability

Top MBBS Colleges in Philippines for Indian Students;

Philippines accommodate plenty of the best MBBS colleges and few among them only have the best infrastructure, and other facilities required. Students need to verify every possible criterion till they satisfy to choose the best college to study like the Southwestern University of Philippines, one of the finest Universities envisioned to promote outstanding medical practitioners. For more information visit or sites.

Eligibility Criteria to Pursue MBBS in Philippines

  • Students must complete 17 years of age or above before the end of the admission year
  • 50% PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) marks is a must in their 12th standard (10+2 format) studying from any regular board examinations
  • Students must study in English medium or English as a compulsory subject
  • NEET qualification is a must to apply for a license in India after course completion
  • Physical and Mental fitness to study Medicine

Is Studying MBBS in Philippines worth It?

Studying MBBS in Philippines provides the medical aspirants disappointed by the Indian NEET results. The circumstances might force them to choose another course to study or wait one more year to reappear for the NEET examination. Both might not be satisfying options to change their dream careers or waste their one academic year. MBBS in the Philippines poses the best and optimum opportunity to continue their passion for medical education. The reasons and the comparative analysis of Indian and Philippines Medical education provide a complete understanding of the same.

Studying MBBS in Philippines is the most prominent and earnest opportunity to continue their passionate career. Here check why Philippines MBBS is the most worthy option for Indian students:

  • MBBS Degree valid in India
  • MBBS Degree valid all over the world
  • Similar curriculum
  • US-based education
  • English medium of teaching
  • Best infrastructures in colleges
  • Modern technical aids for learning
  • Low and affordable tuition fees
  • No Entrance / No Donation
  • No language troubles
  • Highest Licensure exam passing percentage
  • Easy to enroll
  • Easy to travel

The list goes on with plenty of benefits that could make it very worthy to study MBBS in Philippines. The queries in the young minds of the medical aspirants as well the tension of the Indian parents while sending their precious children to pursue their dreams are noteworthy. Hope all the queries could get the right answers from this article in case need more information visit our official website else contact us directly at the given numbers at the site.

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