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confidence for neet


NEET—National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination is the most popular competitive examination of India nearing 17 lakh applicants in the 2020 NEET examination. The number might cross the 17 lakh mark this academic year NEET—2021 examination. Despite various attributes confidence for Neet is the most important is cracking the exam with a good score and rank. By viewing the number of applicants and competition for every seat, students tend to feel more pressure and stress them resulting in lower confidence levels. NEET 2021 exam dates have not yet been released but students already experiencing enormous stress especially for the repetitive students. The gigantic syllabus, severe competition, online classes, missing regular classwork during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, pattern change from board exams, and stress highly pressures the young medical aspirants drastically lowering their confidence levels.

Confidence For NEET

How to boost confidence for NEET while preparing ?

Boosting confidence while preparing for any competitive exams is very vital, but the question is HOW to build confidence? Many say confidence comes only when you face the things that you most fear. Yes, one needs to face the fears to build their confidence but the biggest fear for students here is the exam itself. Then how to face the fear with fear is the fuzziest part to resolve, here are some interesting confidence-building techniques that could support you and equip you to win the Final War.

1. Belief in You

Everyone says just believe in yourself and everything can be achieved with the belief, is it possible many may question. When it comes to belief yes belief that you can do this will give you a strong boost of hope that is incomparable to any stimulators. How to practice that to believe in oneself is the technique where lays the technique for one’s success.
Start believing in yourself first with a good hope that you would definitely get through the task. In case you are unable to get to believe you just pretend that you have confidence in yourself. Try to repeat regularly in your mind that you have confidence in yourself that you could do this with good planning, preparation, and consistent study. You will gradually believe yourself with time, but make sure that believing should follow working on it. Unless one works on no one can achieve anything with simple belief.

2. Get your Self Ready

Prepare yourself to get into the study mode once you have tuned your mind and body to achieve the NEET target. Self-tuning your body to work for the target is the other important task to get a boost of confidence. Get to know your SWOT analysis with the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
Analyze all your points sincerely don’t exaggerate and understate yourself, to win the war we need to know ourselves first. Once you are clear about what you are equipped with it is easy to get the confidence, in case you feel it is not sufficient to try to turn your weaknesses into strengths. Check how can you convert your threats to opportunities and increase them to get through. This analysis will give you a better understanding and could boost your confidence.

Confidence for NEET

3. Clarity on Targets

Confidence can only build with clarity on what we have to achieve and how we can achieve. The ambiguity on what to achieve can lead to more confusion than building confidence. NEET is the ultimate target that you know, but how much of the score is your exact target. To achieve the same you should have to analyze the previous year’s scores to your target.
Once you are certain in this area, you need to plan for other important areas like proper time plans, regular mock tests, applications that could help to get through, simple techniques to help save time, consistency, and commitment.

4. Plan and Prepare

To hit Bull’s-eye one needs thorough planning and proper preparation with consistent time and persistence to end. Planning for the NEET examination starts with the comparison of total subjects, syllabus, concepts, that are finished and to be finished, the time needed for the same. Calculate all the mock examinations required on a daily, weekly, fortnight, and monthly basis.
Prepare a thorough timetable to study, test, evaluate, analyze, correct, and learn from the process. Planning and preparation should consider all important tasks to complete including the relaxation short gaps between long hours of study. Acting on the prepared plans is the critical one as with all the deviations ahead, persisting today will help you get the confidence to study tomorrow.

confidence for neet

Confidence for NEET

5. Regular Self-Evaluation

Confidence comes not from always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong. Doing mistakes during the preparation is better and most doable than doing the same in the main exams. If you are not trying, analyzing your mistakes now, and learn from them, the lack of evaluation costs you more negatives.
Regular self-evaluation of all the learned concepts on daily basis is very crucial for every medical aspirant. You can understand perfectly where you are wrong and can modify yourself to the right track. Repeated self-evaluations will boost up confidence greatly and give you more hope than ever for success.

6. Correction and Learning

There is no better way to build confidence than to learn than something that you think you cannot do. With self-evaluation point out all the areas that you needed to correct and improve. Learn from these mistakes and you will improve your confidence by leaps and bounds.
Don’t avoid checking again with the previous evaluation results to the current ones and how much you have learned from the previous mistakes. This is the most desirable way to recover and build confidence through continuous corrections and learning from the same.

Confidence for NEET

7. Don’t Compare

Comparison of one’s strengths and weaknesses with others to build confidence is like treading on thin ice. If you are skilled enough you will skate through to do wonders with all build-up poise nonetheless can revert to the bottom abyss. Tread carefully during comparing with others, instead, it’s better to compare with yourself alone.
Comparing your conceptual knowledge, understanding, time span to finish the mock tests, accuracy in answers, consistency, and scores with your previous results is the right way to build confidence. As everyone is different, comparing with others will stress you more and lower your confidence than building.
Also if you compare with other outstanding students it will reduce your hope as if you compare with lower standard people you will have unnecessary boast. Both are not good to build confidence, the right way to improve is the self-analysis and learning from your achievements.

8. Exclude Diversions

Consistency during the study is another critical aspect as students tend to distract often. Make sure that you will not be disturbed with any FB, Whatsapp notifications, or other sources easily. Prepare a place that is peaceful and convenient to study for long time durations without any disturbances.
Distractions during study time disrupt your schedule and bring stress to future follow-up plans. Once you got stressed about your study progress and timetable, instead of confidence pressure builds on you. A peaceful atmosphere for study and restricting all distractions thoroughly from disturbing you is the best source for confidence build.

Confidence for NEET

9. Priority to Health

Having good health is another important aspect to have confidence in your success, that nothing can go wrong during exams. If one is having regular health issues leading to lack of concentration turns the needle down then up for confidence.
Eating healthy and nutritious food and taking care of physical health bring you mental peace. A sick body cannot have a healthy and peaceful mind to concentrate and study. Give utmost priority to caring for the health and eating energy, memory-boosting foods during the months of exam preparation is the very right choice.

10. Be Positive and Poised

Few people tend to think negatively at every turn and feel that this is impossible to do, can it be possible, this sort of attitude leads to failure. Every aspirant should think positively and be poised about their way of preparation will boost enormous confidence.
A positive attitude tends to improve confidence, this can only be achieved through proper planning and persistently working till the end. While preparing for the examination positive mindset yields poise where negative thoughts and mindset results as expected Confidence is that a powerful double-edged knife, if carefully used can win battles unless can harm us instead.
“Self Confidence is the superpower; it shows the magic once you start strongly believing in it”
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