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Tips For Preparing NEET Physics

NEET biology is very much interesting and the most scoring subject among the three and most of the medical aspirants try and can achieve full marks in this region. As biology carries a total of 90 questions which is 50% of the total makes it very crucial in getting a good score in NEET biology. Many of the applicants of NEET, scores high marks in this section as they feel NEET biology is more interesting and less troublesome than others yielding them more positive marks in mains examinations.
It is not advisable to concentrate more on one NEET biology subject, NEET applicants should balance all but also reasonable to stress more on the areas that could provide with best results. Concentrating more on Biology subjects for NEET 2021 medical aspirants can get a good percentile as it involves a total of 360 marks in the examination. NEET syllabus carries equal weightage to Botany and Zoology from the Intermediate Board and NCERT books should be prepared more thoroughly to get a good grip on the NEET biology basic concepts.


Divide and Learn

Divide and learn policy is the best strategy for NEET biology preparation as it carries 45 questions from each area of Biology and Zoology. Around 40-45 questions might appear from 11th standard topics and 45-50 questions from 12th topics which are not equal and students should keep the same in mind during their preparation of the biology to get good output.

Prepare your own Study Plan

Preparing a personal study plan considering all the positive and negative aspects of oneself and the style of learning, timings that are comfortable for you to study is the best strategy to get through half success. Crafting a proper timetable study plan diagramed with all the subjects/syllabus/time will take to study/mock exams is the foremost activity every NEET applicant should do. Simply planning cannot profit you to achieve good results in the examination it is your commitment throughout the time in successfully completing the planned strategy then you can ensure 100% guaranteed results. Few easy tips for NEET biology timetable preparation:

  • Check the total syllabus that needed to complete
  • Check the topics that needed repeated study
  • Count the time for revision subject and topic wise
  • Count all the time including the time for Mock tests
  • Prepare the day-wise time you prefer to study
  • Balance the required time with the available time
  • In case of any discrepancy try to adjust your schedule for study as well more time to allot
  • Prioritize your time based on a subject that you needed more care
  • Don’t forget to keep small break time to relax during the study schedules
  • Plan enough time to sleep and also for simple exercises like Yoga and Meditation
  • Be careful in getting enough supplements and nutritious food that could support your health and boost your memory skills.
  • Take small power naps only during the study schedule

Give more Emphasis on topic wide Weightage

NEET biology examination though needed hard work but smart work is the most preferable one to achieve the best results. One should be very well aware of the topic-wise Weightage for all the subjects and the time allotment for the topics to be prepared unless you will waste your precious time on unnecessary topics and get distracted or disappointed later. Preparing your study plan by thoroughly considering the Subject wise and chapter-wise weightage helps you to get through all the topics within the available time and can get strong conceptual knowledge on the needed ones. Check the given table for the chapter-wise weightage for the biology preparation plan.


Chapter Weightage out of 100
Plant Diversity 12%
Plant Anatomy 4%
Plant Morphology 7%
Cell Biology 8%
Cell Division 4%
Bio-Molecules 3%
Plant Physiology 13%


Chapter Weightage out of 100
Plant Reproduction 9%
Genetics 10%
Biotechnology 14%
Biology in Human Welfare 2%
Ecology 16%
Ecosystem 2%
Environmental Issues 2%


Chapter Weightage out of 100
Animal diversity 10%
Animal Tissue 3%
Structural Organizations in Animals 2%
Human Physiology 20%


Chapter Weightage out of 100
Human Physiology 25%
Human Reproduction 10%
Human Reproductive health 8%
Origin and Evolution 10%
Animal Husbandry 2.50%
Human health and diseases 9%
Animal Selection 2.50%

Note: The given weightage above is from the thorough research of various sources and the original weightage might have slight variation every year and for NEET-2021 exams, check it out before making the plan and get any changes to be modified from the above-given ones.

Self-prepared Notes

Few students depend on others to prepare their notes or materials or they simply copy the notes of their friends or from previous students. This might cause you a negative impact than the positive results in finals, therefore it is very advisable to get your own notes during your study as it will help you to remember better during revisions than the one that was prepared by others.

Give more priority to Diagrams

Biology section questions also concentrate on the diagram part of the chapters, so the NEET candidates should give a little more priority to them as well. Especially few topics like Genetics and so diagrams and charts play a key role in preparation as well in questioning during the NEET biology examination. By practicing all the NCERT textbooks along with theory the diagram part meticulously will help you to get answers for any types of twisting questions during the exam.

Practicing with previous years Question Papers

Practicing through previous year’s question papers gives the NEET candidates the acquaintance with the type and mode of posing of questions and to pick the right answer from the given choices. It is not that easy to answer considering the fact that the answers might be slightly related to few questions and the right answer will have to be picked accurately unless you will have to lose marks as well reduce your marks with negative marking. With the regular practice of previous question papers, you can also improve your speed, accuracy and can reduce the negative answering.

Regular Mock tests

NEET biology examination is not an easy task to achieve with all the high competition and also every single mark is very crucial in getting Government and Private college MBBS seats in India. To achieve the same one should prepare comprehensively for the examination and a regular Mock test will definitely support you for the process. NTA and the Government of India together launched NATIONAL TEST ABHYAS—APP for all the NEET participants to get free Mock tests on a regular basis. The app is totally free and everyone can use the same for their NEET biology preparation in the best possible way. It will also be helpful for the NEET applicants to get acquainted with the 3 hour NEET examination during the Full-length mock test as well as the chapter-wise and short tests. Solving topic-wise, subject wise mock tests as much as possible helps you to get the best experience in solving the real-time examination and achieve the best results in the main examination.


  • NCERT textbook –Biology (Class 11th and 12th)
  • NCERT Exemplar—Biology (Class 11th and 12th )
  • Objective NCERT at your Fingertips for NEET
  • Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume 1 & 2
  • Botany by AC Dutta
  • Genetics by Strickberger
  • Biology Books by T.L Rayar
  • Biology from GRB Bathla’s
  • Pradeep Guide on Biology
  • Objective Biology by Dinesh
  • Objective Biology by Ansari

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