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5 Basic Approaches To Clear MCI Screening Test

FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Screening Exam) or MCI screening Test is a national level licensure examination for Indian citizens who graduated medicine from foreign universities. This is a compulsory examination for all the foreign medical graduates willing to practice medicine in India. It’s made compulsory from the year 2002 for the medical graduates that finished their medical course outside India from MCI recognized universities and the same has become a nightmare to medical students from day one of its announcement. But according to the latest regulations announced by National Medical Council and the previous MCI Foreign Medical Graduate Screening Examination will be replaced with NEXT—National Exit Test which is common for all Medical Graduates irrespective of graduating nationally or internationally.

Despite most of the Junior, Doctors protest in India after the announcement for the Licensure Examination (NEXT) for all the Medical Graduates getting eligibility to practice Medicine in India, National Medical Council has not changed its stance and made any official announcements on the cancellation of the same till the date. It shows that like all the Global countries India will also have a Licensure Examination possibly from 2023 for all the Medical graduates that are completing their medical course from 2023 onwards.

Though the examination pattern of the exam curriculum has not been clearly announced to date many speculations are going on this aspect from various sources in expectation of the examination pattern and other possible aspects. Whether the NEXT changes its mode and methods is to be left for the future but now as the FMGE still prevails for all the graduates that are getting their medical graduation certificates from various foreign countries are to appear and to clear the same to get a valid license to practice medicine in India. Now the struggle for the clearance of the licensure examination starts for the students that are appearing and the strong belief that it is very much difficult to qualify still prevails in the minds of the Foreign Medical Graduates. There is no such need to panic to appear and clear the MCI screening test if the student prepared for the same with a positive approach and proper plan. With prior planning and proper coaching FMCE clearance, not a hindrance, and here are few basic approaches to clear the screening test.

FMGE excused Medical Graduates
As per the guidelines provided by MCI & NMC, Foreign Medical Graduation Examination is mandatory for all the foreign graduates who obtained medical degrees from foreign countries, nonetheless, few countries are exempted from the same and the medical graduates from the said countries can practice medicine in India even without FMGE. The medical graduates from the recognized medical universities from the USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, and NEW ZEALAND have the privilege of exemption.


Know about Your FMGE Examination in FULL
Wisdom and significant training progress one through the hurdles of qualifying for the exit exam. The total plan requires you to get full clarity relating to the test, schedule, syllabus, and other required information to proceed through. The FMGE comprises of:

Name of the Examination FMGE / MCI SCREENING TEST
Schedule Conducted twice a year
Mode of the Examination Online Examination
Exam pattern Objective type questions
Total no. of questions 300
Total papers 2 (each paper carries 150 questions)
First paper Morning session
Second paper Afternoon session
Duration of each paper 2 hours and 30 minutes for both the papers
Negative marking No negative marking
Syllabus Total syllabus of 5 years MBBS course
Language English
No. of attempts (Exam) No limitation on the number of attempts
Marks for each question Each question marks decided on the weightage of the question
Eligibility An Indian citizen or abroad citizen of India
Qualification to appear MCI recognized Undergraduate Medical graduation degree completion
Exam fee Rs. 5,500/- (non-refundable)

Any student that got a clear understanding and intense planning during the years of their medical course can qualify for the screening test beyond all doubts. One and the only route to success is through preparation and regular practice for the test from the first year of their course.

5 Basic Approaches To Clear MCI Screening Test

Exam Dates:
FMGE exam conducts twice a year usually in June and December the exact dates will be announced few months before the examination and the candidates need to apply for the same.

Qualifying Marks:
FMGE conducted for a total of 300 marks and to qualify for the examination one should attain at least 50% i.e., 150 marks minimum.

Study as you prefer
It might be self-learning or depending on the coaching centers or online coaching the most crucial part for qualifying for the examination is the student’s overall dedication and focus on the examination. Though the opportunities are plenty to choose from among the tens of popular coaching centers that are providing online and offline coaching still it depends on the candidates that how they are utilizing the facilities available. One should dedicate himself thoroughly to searching, analyzing, and optimal usage of all the available resources for their exam success.

Comprehensive Approach
The World Health Organization has issued clear guidelines for all the Medical Colleges regarding the Medical syllabus that are to be followed globally. Despite a similar syllabus, one should understand that there might be Syllabus coverage and the important areas that will be more significant can be analyzed from the previous year’s exam papers analysis. But the thorough approach and a complete focus on the syllabus individually as per the theme and the importance of the subject will help to yield more positive answers. Focusing more on the difficult areas or one that is weak along with the total syllabus definitely provides better results.

Go with the Basics
Medical education is not like other courses that are not much used in day-to-day working; instead, it is a very crucial one to get a strong foundation on their curriculum and total syllabus. Overlooking few concepts or concentrating on interesting topics might not help you either in the examination or during your practice. It is very essential to strengthen your foundation on the conceptual aspects of your medical knowledge and regular revision of the most important topics is very much essential to get significant points clear. Going with the basics of education and strengthening the overall knowledge is the utmost important criteria to clear the examination with flying colors.

Get a grip on the changes:
Most of the foreign countries that are following the US-based education system like the Philippines are regularly conducting their examinations in MCQs only. This will greatly help the medical graduates to get ready themselves for the screening test clearance. That’s an important reason that medical graduates passing percentage from the Philippines is very high compared with other competitive countries. Students that are graduating from other countries need to understand the pattern changes in the questioning of MCI screening test examination, as it might be different from what they might have studied and experienced in their medical course duration abroad. Every one student has to clearly understand and get a grip on these changes then it will become easy to answer the examination questions without any hindrances.

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