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6 most effective methods to utilize this lockdown for studies

COVID-19 Lockdown has a massive impact on the daily lives of the people across the world. The pandemic effect caused us to continuously lock in our houses for days together made the lives of people to come to a standstill. All the schools, institutions, colleges, universities and other coaching centers are all under closure since days.

The students are now in a dilemma of utilizing this lockdown time in a productive way, without any guidance from their schools/teachers. Their life has switched from their utterly busy schedule to a stagnant state. It is very hard for the students to stay at home and seek after their own work without any guidance. But with all the competitive examinations in line up one should utilize this lockdown period in an effective way to improve your skills and knowledge.

This is a challenging time for all the citizens of the world but there is no other safer way to protect ourselves from the pandemic. Especially for today’s fast generation kids it is very much difficult to stay at homes without any entertaining activities or education making them to rush on. But the one positive side among all the pandemic lockdown, one can take advantage of this halt to all the rush and start self-study without wasting the time.

Methods to utilize this Lockdown for Studies

Set your mind

First stop making excuses for your laziness on the lockdown or lack of classes/guidance, prepare your mind to start your study. Fix your mind on the target; remind yourself again and again that there are examinations to attend at the end of the day. Every hour of the day is crucial for your competitive examination and all the time that you are about to waste might cost you negatively. Set your mind on the single goal of succeeding in the upcoming examination and think that this lockdown is a wonderful opportunity for stress free learning.

Set a study Space

Studying at home is not easy with all the distractions from the family members or their activities. If you are studying by seating in any sofa or bed of your house you might feel lethargic after some time and feel drowsy.  Every student should set up a study space at their home giving priority to the good lighting, peaceful surroundings and things like pens, books placed in a comfortable way. Try to get some inspirational quotes and pictures hanged on your study area which could make you feel motivated during your study time.

Standard Time table

Standard time table preparation and the study hour’s distribution equally to all the concepts is the first step of preparation but sticking on to the schedule is the essential part. One should think about all the concepts carefully while preparing and also the timings that you feel are very useful to study according to your body clock. One also needs to plan for regular intervals or snicker breaks during the long study schedule. Stretch and eat something or take a power nap to improve your study efficiency.

Start online classes


Most of the schools and colleges have already started their online classes to make the students not to be idle and complete their schedule as per the plans. These online classes will definitely assist all the candidates to resume their schedules as per the plans and continue their preparation plan.

Set a study group

Setting a study group and challenging each other during the study time is a good way to inspire you from any deviations. Starting group discussions after the revision and also attempting the mock tests together and analyzing the performances will help you to feel more challenging to succeed. Form a group with like-minded people that could help you in your troubled areas and vice versa, instead of having people with fickle or narrow mindset.

Sleep properly and eat healthy

Going to bed in a regular time will help your body clock to adjust for the same and support to have sound sleep. Make sure that there are no disturbances during your sleep time and try to have a peaceful environment in your bedroom. Watching TV or playing in mobile phones till midnight will impact on your body and mind as well as your next day schedule.

Eat the foods that are compatible with your body and also concentrate on the foods that will boost your memory. Eating healthy and immunity boosting food will help you to be hale and healthy and fight with the pandemic. It is vital to concentrate on your eating habits and foods that are consumed during these pandemic times. Stop eating oily, greasy, heavy and fast foods for the time being and eat nuts, fruits, boiled vegetables and other light foods.

Here are the few tips that could help you to assist in utilizing this lockdown period effectively for your studies. Do as many as mock examinations possible during this time period of revision schedule and use this wisely. Benefit to the most with all the free time and use the tips to help you attain success.

Stay safe and Happy learning to you all

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