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6 powerful ways to remember effectively


Mbbs career, memory boost, powerful ways to remember effectively, preparation tips. Every student preparing for examinations will put so much effort, and work hard to get a good outcome. But they often forget or can’t recollect the things that they studied for hours and put on so much of their efforts. This struggling to recollect or the way they easily forgot the important topics that they had committed so much time in preparation and memorize will frustrate and demotivate them a lot.

Students might wonder why they are having a bad memory comparing with others, and some are able to memorize every detail without much effort. One might feel jealous of those who are able to memorize articulately and you are unable to do the same even with simple topics. Here every student needs to understand that no one is made with a bad memory or bad brain cells.

The brain works in magical ways and even after 2000 years of immense research on the brain still it seems mysterious. World scientists are trying to figure out how the human brain cells work and how human memory varies for every individual. The plenty of researches and discoveries to the day there is plenty of scope for new discoveries on how to train and exercise your memory that could improve its potential.

Whether the students are preparing for competitive exams or others, one needs to learn how to make their mind as powerful ways to remember what they studied. Improving memory is very crucial and with simple techniques, it will be much easier than it sounds. All the students had to try the new memorization techniques, make some key adjustments in their lifestyle and learn the tips and tricks to boost their memory. 

Every single individual has a limitless memory capacity and it is not the issue with the storage as the researches proved that brain cells can hold vast data but recalling and accessing the information in our memories is the crucial point. With some effort and tips, we can improve our memory in a short period of time and can recollect in full just like a photographic memory. Here are few important techniques that could support boosting your memory.6 powerful ways to remember effectively

  1. Spaced Recollection

Hermann Ebbinghaus, a famous psychologist conferred that anyone could remember 100 percent of information studied on instant recall, but after a little sometimes only 44 percent of information can recall what you studied. To overcome this situation researchers suggest that spaced recollection method is the right choice. It says that if one can recollect what have learned after regular intervals, it is very easier to remember that piece of information for a longer time than usual. Analyze and recollect the material over and over after some time intervals definitely help your memory to retain for the long term.

  • Build a Mind Palace

The Mind Palace or Memory palace is the most powerful ancient Greece mnemonic device articulated practically to remember everything. This mnemonic device from ancient Greece is referred to as the “Method of Loci” or “Cicero Method”.  It is a method proven by the memory champions as the most effective method and all its techniques associates with visualizing yourself walking through your house/another place you are most acquainted with and remembering every detail of your house. This great mental exercise is built on the concept of using all your senses—hearing, touch, vision, smell, taste, and Ideas. This mind palace technique is also called the Journey method / Roman Room or Peg word Method in which one uses the space itself as a mnemonic cause “Space ultimately contains all things”.

How to use Mind Palace Technique

Use your imagination and imagine all the important points/concepts/side headings/formulas matched with every item/corner of a space very familiar to you, mostly your home. And visualize that you are traveling through your house and try to recollect all the points that you have placed into the corners / with the items matched with your house. This method is very effective once you got acquainted with its concept of imagination and heightens your memory tremendously.

  • Know your Learning style

Have you understood your learning style? Every student has his own style of learning and knowing your style gives you clarity of how to make learning and recollection easy. Few are visual learners, some follow pointers, some sound-related, some on imagination, etc. It is very significant for one to identify their learning style and procedure attempting to recollect. To recollect the studied information you need to process the data in your mind and comprehend everything into simple data.

  • Draw conceptual maps and make notes

Drawing conceptual maps and making notes is another important method of recall or recollection. Make use of blank paper to draw the concepts maps based on the topic or use flashcards with the important points in a simpler form. A concept map linking all the ideas with visually putting some boxes, marks, arrows, symbols like an artwork will keep your memory long-lasting than in a normal method of learning.

  • Create memory Cues

Creating memory cues is another easiest way to access your memory or recollecting those studied. Use some acronym to recollect the information studied, this method might have been using by you as nowadays every student is acquainted with this technique. Making a rhyme/wordplay / first letter rainbow method / creating a distinctive mental image will help you to recollect the words easily.

  • Teach what you learn

The other most effective method is to teach what you have learned, it is a scientifically proven fact that once you taught the same to others you can recollect very easily. This can be with any one of your friends, family or yourself also. Teaching or sharing the information or important points in simple ways that you have understood the data will help your brain to comprehend all the information in a better way. The same once you recollected and taught that will be stored in your long-term memory storage of brain cells. This method is also effective in improving your learning style and also your comprehension skills of the studied material.

Above all the techniques might help you to improve your learning styles and comprehension of the information as well as recollection techniques that could provide you amazing results in the examinations. But every student appearing for competitive examinations should also understand the importance of a healthy body only can yield a healthy mind. So, everyone should keep their body healthy to get a peaceful mind to study, comprehend and recollect efficiently.

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