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How Satish an aspiring doctor succeeded

Aspiring Doctor, Succeeded In Achieving His Dream Of Becoming A Doctor.

Aspiring Doctor : Who are you tomorrow begins with what you Do today. The pursuit of success can make a person go his extremes and the success follows with all his perseverance. Winning always speaks about the right choices one had made before choosing the right path to travel. One choice today can change your entire life into a different mode, it either leads you towards a successful career or drowns with failures.

Studying MBBS, is a life-changing career option and the most driven choice of career for most of the science graduates of India. Can everyone succeed in getting a slot/seat in Indian medical colleges? That’s a big question hanging on most of the medical aspirants minds. Getting admission into Indian medical colleges with very meager seats and tough competition between the reservation category seats is not an easy task. Every year plenty of medical aspirants of India are moving on with other careers on failing to get a seat in Indian medical colleges.

Is there no other OPTION?

No. There are some other best possible options like STUDY MBBS ABRAOD. And few wise students like Mr. Satish are prudent enough to seek the other opportunities in RIGHT TIME. Here is the success story of DR. SATISH whose desire to be a doctor has driven him towards Study MBBS abroad and becoming a Doctor.

Studying MBBS abroad decision made by Mr. Satish once he failed to get an admission in India and immediately without waiting anymore, he contacted one of the best Educational Consultants, Wisdom Overseas the only Indian Exclusive Partners for South Western University, PHINMA, to study medicine in Philippines.

Why Satish Chose to Study in SWU and in Philippines His Dream Of Becoming A Doctor

Satish wants to become a doctor and unable to pay for the payment seats and picked the best opportunity of studying in South Western University, Philippines one of the renowned university for life changing educational training especially for Doctors. The choice made with a complete understanding of the low cost fees, easy admission procedures, no capitation fees and very safe and secure environment to enrich.

His thrust to become a doctor driven him all the way to the best and the first MBBS universities out of Manila in Philippines and enrolled with the great support from Wisdom overseas. His total course duration is for 5 years including the compulsory final year internship and successfully achieved his Doctor Dreams.

Did Satish made the right Choice?

YES. Satish made the right Choice in right time and now he is Dr. Satish, and currently a Surgeon in Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. Till today he appreciates all the great support and right guidance from wisdom overseas and the standard education from South Western University, PHINMA of Philippines.

He had proven the efficiency of his educational standards by qualifying in the screening test of MCI / FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Exam) in his very first attempt.

Why Wisdom Overseas?

He is very grateful especially to Wisdom Overseas for their accurate guidance, support throughout his course duration. Wisdom overseas and SWU also provides a special coaching program for all its Indian medical graduates to clear FMGE since day one of their MBBS course curriculum. He iterates specifically that without Wisdom Overseas support he would not have been able to achieve his dream with such a tremendous success.

After NEET Compulsory announcement

Since 2018 MCI made NEET qualification as a compulsory for studying MBBS abroad and all the students are more desperate now whether they could get admissions with all the 22 candidates’ competition for every single seat. However, studying abroad is the other best opportunity for all medical aspirants of India that are failed to succeed in getting a seat through NEET, AIIMS, or ZIPMER entrance examination ranks.

Here is the best example DR. SATISH for all the medical students that are looking to go abroad to study MBBS and have doubts about the screening tests or others. Satish’s life is an inspiration for all the medical aspirants willing to study medicine abroad that Philippines is the right country to study MBBS abroad.

Countries offering MBBS Abroad

There are plenty of countries that are offering MBBS abroad since decades including China, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, Bangladesh and so along with Philippines. Before making the choice of the nation and university to study medical aspirants need to make a through research on all the Pros and Cons of the choices.

Why Wisdom Overseas, A best Consultancy

Satish says that by duplicate and fake consultancy’s plenty of his fellow students has got cheated and he is very fortunate to come across the best consultancy for medical education Wisdom Overseas. He advises all the future doctors to be aware of the consultancies that are only willing to fill their pockets by getting admissions and leaving the students alone for the next part of the journey, unlike Wisdom Overseas. Wisdom Overseas maintains its own South and North Indian hostels separately for Boys and Girls with all the facilities that you can live and study like you are at own home. Wisdom overseas stays with you from day one of your admission till the day of your graduation in every step of yours and even continues until you succeed in your career.

Dr. Satish’s personal advice to all the future fellow doctors that there are hundreds of consultants in the market that try too butter you up with their honeyed words and magic tricks. You should make your own choice, and ask for the opinions of the other students and consultancies that are actually true. The final decision you made must help you to proceed with your dream positively and out of hurdles.

This is the inspiring story of Dr. Satish and his words of advice to all his fellow future doctors, along with his BEST WISHES IN MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE OF THEIR LIFE.

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