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Best Country to Study MBBS Abroad in 2021

Medical Education in India is the most dreamed career though quite competitive to get a government or quota seats in Indian medical colleges. The passion to make their children into future doctors has been increasing, till the day MBBS course is the most preferred by +2 biology students. Many parents are willing to expend 75 lakhs to 1 crore for MBBS B/C category seats in India, nonetheless, with only 30 to 35 lakhs expenditure one can finish his medical course abroad in MCI, WHO recognized universities/colleges.
MBBS for Indian students abroad is the most cost-effective and valid option comparing with the high expensive seats in Indian medical colleges. Though the main reason for the choice of abroad medical education is the low cost and budget-friendliness, getting global standards of education in foreign countries is the best outcome that any student could imagine. The rush to study MBBS abroad increased from hundreds of students to thousands these past years, diminishing most of the preposterous doubts on medical education abroad.

Why are Indian Medical Aspirants looking for Best Country to study MBBS abroad?

The medical profession is ever demanding profession of the world, one cannot live without a doctor in the near vicinity, and as per the WHO reports no country is having sufficient Doctors needed for the population ratio. Due to the higher fees, cost of studying, and the lack of sufficient seats in Indian medical colleges, thousands of medical aspirants in India are looking for the Best Country to study MBBD Abroad.

Why MBBS abroad is best for Indian students?
The answer to this question is quite simple as it involves most of the benefits comparing with the Indian Medical Education in India. Here look at the few pros and cons of B/C category seats for MBBS in India and MBBS abroad to clarify your dilemma.

Description India Abroad
Entrance Exam NEET / AIIMS/EAMCET/so No other Entrances are needed only NEET qualification is enough
Enrolment Top rank in entrance exam required to get a seat Every student between 17-25 years with 50% PCB in +2 can enroll/get admission
Capitation Fee Required for Private colleges No Need
Course Duration 5 ½ years 5 – 6 years
Course Fee 75 lakhs to 1.25 crores 25 to 40 lakhs
Quality of Education Needed improvement as per the MCI/WHO and other organizations reports US/UK based top-quality education available
Mode of Examination Subjective Mode Objective Mode
Study pattern Description based Case study analysis based
License Exam Need to qualify Need to qualify
Abroad PG Difficult to achieve Comparatively easy to attain
Technical standards in teaching Not that advanced in most of the colleges Best technical aids are used in teaching like 3D-simulation technology

These are the basic reasons that many of the Indian medical aspirants are chasing the best country to study MBBS abroad. If the student is passionate enough to learn global skills in medical education MBBS abroad is the best option to attain the best medical skills. The student will get global exposure and the best quality medical skills in the best colleges of chosen countries.

Best Country to Study MBBS Abroad

How to select the Best country to study MBBS abroad in 2021?

After the decision of Studying MBBS Abroad made by the medical aspirants the immediate questions that needed to be answered is the best country to study MBBS abroad. This choice is the most challenging task as it defines the student’s entire medical education and future Doctor Career. To select the best country to study MBBS abroad in 2021 among the tens of countries, every student or medical aspirant must consider the following points while choosing the best country to study MBBS abroad in 2021.
⦁ MCI, WHO, IMED, FAIMER, UNESCO, and other global organizations recognition
⦁ Quality and standards of medical education of the country
⦁ Getting Visa and other procedures
⦁ Disease pattern similarity to India
⦁ Climatic conditions of the foreign country
⦁ Indian Food availability and eating habits of the foreign country
⦁ Cost of living
⦁ Safety and security to foreign students
⦁ Traveling time and cost of every travel
⦁ Teaching and Communication Language of the foreign country
Here is the comparative analysis for all the countries that are providing MBBS abroad education and the best pros and cons for the same. Every medical aspirant that is willing to choose the best country to study MBBS abroad should consider all the available countries and colleges important points to consider to get good quality education as well as easily can adjust to the new environment.

Best Country to Study MBBS Abroad 2020

Every medical aspirant should remember that he is going to study for 5 to 6 years of entire duration in a foreign country and medical education is not an easy task. Students should invest more than 8 to 16 hours of their daily time to study and attend classes for their medical education. In such a scenario, if the student faces other barriers such as:
⦁ Language
⦁ Climate adjustment
⦁ Food
⦁ Accommodation
⦁ High cost of living
⦁ Need to qualify or study foreign languages
are the major hurdles to pass on. Students should identify all the issues regarding their MBBS abroad education among the countries offering and should clarify every small to major doubt before making the right choice of the Best Country to Study MBBS abroad.

Students should be aware of all the details of the country and the colleges that are offering MBBS abroad education, get proper counseling relating to the choice they made. Choose the best counselors to guide you properly relating to all the countries MBBS educations basics and the pros and cons of studying in those countries and colleges, so that it would be easy for you to make the right choice without any ambiguity/confusion.

The medical profession is the godly profession in the world and the students that are aspiring to train as the world’s best doctors need Patience, Perseverance, Persistence, Presence of Mind, Practice, Performance, and Professionalism. All these P’s combined with your dedication, hard work, the best training, and technology to learn will facilitate you to become the globally qualified Medical Practitioner in the world of medicine.
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