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COVID -19 Effect on Medical Professionals

China’s Covid 19 Effect pandemic created a worldwide crisis changing the lives of crores of population and the economy. Its huge negative impact on human life is an undeniable fact viewing the increasing death rate of panic than a pandemic. Currently every individual layman to medical or rich to poor or normal to powerful are in dismay as the spread of pandemic is equal and more severe. The governments worldwide are in a hands-off situation not knowing how to control the spread and the deaths increased pressure on other opposition leaders. Many have announced that the people themselves have to take care of their own safety and try to adjust to living with the crisis showcase the ferocity of the coronavirus.

The pandemic has turned into a daunting challenge for all governments and especially for the medical professionals and security personnel. Despite human kinds, various victories on the history of pandemic attacks we are in the face of complete panic and confusion, and all the health care professionals are flabbergasted with all the heavy load of patients as well with their own safety. The dual responsibility of keeping one safe and saving others for the medical professionals is overwhelming though the worldwide medical professionals showed exemplary resilience and courage in dealing with the crisis.

Covid-19 impact on Education

It is time to learn from our past few lessons to decipher new practices and the need of new policies to the world. The impact of Covid-19 on the educational sector already created a drastic fear in the young minds and the uncertainty regarding their entrances, admissions, and future education.

The biggest concern now in every parent’s mind is the effect of this on the child’s mentality. The continuous lockdowns, free pass in examinations, and the online teaching sessions might drastically impact the regular chalk and board teaching techniques greatly.


Medical professionals and medical aspirants also have greatly impacted due to this crisis. And mostly the medical professionals that are in the frontline dealing with the patients in close contact. The stress of the huge number of patients and insufficient medicines, safety gears especially the ventilators creating havoc for the medical professionals to be at the front and answer or bear the anger of the patients/family members.

COVID 19 Effect

Personal safety

This pandemic made humankind learn plenty of lessons on maintaining safety, cleanliness, and maintenance of mental and physical health. The preachers of personal safety from the pandemic are the first ones to get attacked more by it with the more direct contact of patients. The medical students and the physicians are the most affected by the perils of this coronavirus spread. Many Doctors and other medical helpers are particularly susceptible to the risk of contamination and hundreds of them already affected and few have perished.

The medical professionals that could safeguard and cure us from the pandemic are with no guard now. They are the ones that are exposed more than any others including the police department. Worldwide Doctors, medical students and other researchers recommended plenty of safety and protective measures for everyone’s personal safety including them.


The Covid-19 impact perhaps is the first instance in the medical history that the healers have become the sufferers first. The Doctors are finding themselves more vulnerable than their patients. It has never in the history of modern medical science with this technical and research advanced technology, still unable to protect them from the virus spread. This has shown the world how weak our protective measures with the new pandemic with all the advanced technology we are boasting since decades.


Thought the previous few instances like bio-war cases suppression might have created a positive impact that we could fight with any medical pandemic. But thoughtful reflection on the current pandemic shows how medical community is more affected than others and the reversal of the healers more sick than their patients. This is like a wakeup call to the mankind with all the ego buildup through decades of medical achievements in genetic engineering, organ transplantations, robotic surgeries and more now to think about the basics of safety and cleanliness.


Pandemic have been significantly changing the lives of human beings socially and economically since 430 BC’s Plague of Athens to 2003 SARS. COVID-19 pandemic showcased the vulnerability of all the world countries healthcare system irrespective of development. The pandemic is draining the world’s health care, education, economic and other major systems and making them vulnerable.

The best lesson to learn now is to build a strong defensive healthcare system to all the future outbreaks. Governments has to take measures to strengthen the health care system and also in providing proper infrastructure facilities needed.


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