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Effect Of Coronavirus On Medical Education In China

MBBS is the most aspiring career for most Indian science students and the achievement of their dreams depends on complete dedication spiced with a little luck. Every year hundreds and thousands of medical aspirants are sorting out their MBBS career dreams through other opportunities available like Medical Education In China.

And since the 1990’s abroad medical education has become the best available option for all the students unable to get admission in the medical courses in India. China has emerged as the most aspired destination since 2002 coupled with Russia that can be proved with the increased number of admissions which is hiked from 700 in 2002 to 24,000 in 2019.


Though the MCI’s recognition of only 45 medical colleges in China declined the medical student’s admission last year, now is in severe crisis. The pandemic outbreak might have created a zero admission scenario for all the abroad education institutes, but for China, it’s totally a different issue.


But the recent outbreak of coronavirus in the Educational system is the question in most of the parent’s and students’ minds and the impact it has on medical education is more severe. The continuous lockdowns and the postponement of the NEET and other medical entrances created havoc in the young minds about their future.

The world’s countries ban on China’s companies. Services, products, and apps may pass on to future MBBS admissions. China’s coronavirus havoc makes it the virus of the global outbreak and thrown china into a negative light. Adding to that India and China’s war and the threat to public safety spiked the issue to leaps and bounds, leaving India to take the decision of banning most of China’s apps. In view of all these disturbances of pandemic and political aspects MBBS or medical education in China is under great ambiguity.


When Wuhan city was closed under the pandemic outbreak India had evacuated most of its Indian Students studying in Wuhan and send them back to their home cities. Now nearly most of the Indian medical students are in India and their medical course is stuck in limbo. The continuation of their study has put them in great dilemma with all the war and pandemic situations.

Governments latest Rule on Internship of Medical Education in China

In spite of the entire crisis now Indian Government’s latest decision on China’s internship once more created the mayhem. The change made in the decision of allowing the Indian medical students studying in China to finish their 6 years course duration to join an Internship in India might affect the decision of new medical aspirants greatly. Though the decision might be under wraps now for the well-being of the existing students this might greatly impact those weighing options to study Medical Education in China.

Many experts and educationalists are voicing their opinions that at least the new batches of the medical aspirants now will drop considerably for Indian medical students joining in China colleges. At present going to join MBBS in China implies welcoming a demise and China has become like a scarred place in the minds of most of the parents.


Choose the other Best Country to study MBBS like Philippines that are offering high-class educational standards, English medium of instruction, low fees, low living expenses, and world-class technical aided teaching mechanisms are the best choices to be made now.

Since no parent will allow their child to study in a country under continuous threat of virus outbreaks and also waging war with the home country. Will the medical aspirants of India will overlook all these possible threats and still choose to study MBBS in China? Definitely NO, So, pick the right choice that could offer you the best medical education. Check the best opportunities like:

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