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How To Prepare For NEET 2021 – Complete Guide

The medical profession is the noblest profession arduous one’s complete care, compassion, commitment, passion, and perseverance, it can’t be looked at like a job to do; it’s a way of living selflessly in healing others.
Getting into the medical profession though needs all more qualities emphasizing the requirement of the gallant soul to serve the human needs but the training for the same needs a spot in a good medical college. NEET—National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination is the gateway to scrutinize or filter all the candidates that are entering this honorable profession. This is a national-level medical entrance examination conducted by NTA—National Testing Agency usually during the month of May, but since the 2020 Corona Pandemic last year it has been postponed to the month of September and the end counseling till January 2021. For the academic year 2021, the examination might also get delayed for a similar reason as well as the delay in all the Board examinations of Intermediate to July 2021. It might extend to August also as the exact dates have not yet been announced, but the announcement regarding the Syllabus has been made already by the NTA. For both JEE, AIMS, JIPMER, and NEET 2021 the syllabus will not be reduced in spite of not having proper class schedules but the same has been reduced up to 30% out of the total for the Intermediate Board examinations.
In view of the above considerations, it is very crucial for any medical aspirant of India to have a thorough plan to seek out the preparation to be successful with flying colors in the NEET 2021 examination. The total of 83000+ Medical and BDS seats available all over India’s Government and Private Colleges are the target of more than 17+ lakh students, growing competition year by year.

2020 Analysis

Pandemic or parent’s view changes might have inflicted on the total number of medical aspirants dreaming to join in medical courses have reduced during 2020. Though the competition is there the numbers of students that are willing to seek Management quota admissions or others have reduced quite notably. Plenty of vacant medical seats in most of the prestigious colleges across India is the outright proof of the same, needing to get the colleges to fill other sources or 2nd or 3rd mop-up rounds.

Is MBBS’s popularity reduced?

This definitely might not be an indication that the popularity or the fever for MBBS course reduced in India, it could depend on various aspects including the delay in NEET 2021 commencement, counseling, and NEET 2021 in just 6 months away might also be the reasons for non-interest of most of the students unwilling to go for high-cost management quota seats. There are always abroad MBBS admissions providing innumerable options of countries and colleges ranging from low to medium budgets.
The slight decline of interest cannot be deduced as a loss of interest in the medical profession or medical aspiration in India. NEET 2021 till today is the most sought out examination of India and is well known for its popularity and the surprising number of applicants applying every year. The number never declined till the date either for NEET 2021 or for all other similar examinations of the past.

How To Prepare For NEET 2021 – Complete Guidance

How to prepare for NEET 2021?

NEET 2021 success is the major concern to all the applicants in ways of eligibility and enrolment into a medical college. To achieve this foot one needs to have a diligent plan for preparation for months and arduous work to excel in the examination. To be successful the applicants must focus on the NEET 2021 examination meticulously with all the needed materials in line to be one of the achievers in the end. The right preparation needs the right evaluation of the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses, needed areas for improvement, and a full-proof planned timetable.
Wisdom is more essential to make wise decisions relating to proper planning and preparation with a thorough understanding of the applicant’s abilities. Preparation of the time schedule to your study plan is the first step in way of success through NEET 2021 and later is the follow up of the same. Two steps should be coordinated properly on the basis of the applicant’s ability and areas of improvement needed for success.
It is very essential to prepare an accurate plan and focus on the achievement of the short-term study goals prepared. The study plan must be focused on one’s fortes, flaws; important topics needed repetition, mock test timetable, assessment, and designed timings for study. NEET 2021 preparation plan must focus on the subject-based analysis though the four subjects—Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology are to be focused one need to analyze based on their own ability and ease towards the subjects learning and understanding. Here are few preparation tips that could yield definite success in your upcoming NEET 2021 examination—

  • Be thorough about your NEET exam
  • NEET 2021 examination is in a multiple-choice question pattern which includes all 4 subjects divided into three major sections –Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • The number of questions in total is: 180
  • Questions from Biology section: 90
  • (Botany and zoology each carries 45 questions equal weightage)
  • Questions from Physics subject: 45
  • Questions from Physics subject: 45
  • Every right answer will earn you: + 4 marks
  • Every wrong answer gives you a reduction of: -1 mark in your total marks
  • Negative marking will not be given for any not attempted or unanswered questions

More to Negative marking

So every student should be more conscientious in answering the questions as it might implicate you with more negative marks than positive marks. In NEET 2020 this is the major occurrence where most of the candidates that are expected at least 300 plus to 400 plus marks have not even qualified due to this negative marking. Instead of attempting all the questions applicants should be clear on how confident their answer is to be correct before attempting the same.

Diligent Focus on NEET syllabus

Students have a tendency of studying important topics and leaving some as a choice for the board examinations but for NEET 2021 it is not at all a wise choice. Applicants should focus thoroughly on the examination syllabus, marks allocation for each part, and understanding the basic concepts thoroughly to get a complete grip on the topic should be the right way of preparation. Prepare a plan on concentrating every topic of the subject and its weightage in the NEET 2021 examination and the number of questions that have appeared in the previous examinations from particular chapters. Focusing more on the most asked questions and preparing them with the help of previous examination question papers for a better understanding of the concepts and the way of questing is the right way of preparation for cracking the NEET 2021 examination.

Make more reliable Time-table

Preparation of time table should be more reliable and to be more practical on how much time that one could spend for their study and at what time they prefer to study and which subject. Time table preparation itself will not yield anything it should accommodate you properly in easing your study burden and accomplishing your plan of action in completion of the subjects accurately.
Prepare a practical timetable that could focus on numerous topics rather than wasting time on less important topics and also check the topics articles on “Tips to prepare NEET biology, physics and chemistry” for chapter-wise weightage. Medical aspirants should know the essential key points required to prepare for the NEET 2021 examination and keep on revision the key important topics.

Focus on Reference Books

NEET 2021 reference books are hundreds available in the market but it is not intelligent to go for all the books either not at all going through. It is advisable to have a balance between the same and just pick the best reference books among the best of the best books available and make it useful to your study preparation. Not learning enough or learning unnecessarily more are unwise things to be done during the NEET preparation.
So go for the NEET preparation material and the good reference books that are very crucial in getting ready for the main battle. Most of the topics in NEET 2021 during earlier examinations are covered from the NCERT syllabus. NEET 2021 planning is also essential for some good reference books for a better understanding of concepts, explanations, etc. Mark the important questions at the time of working, use techniques to clearly recollect the entire topics chapter-wise.

Regular Tests on Chapters and Full Syllabus

Studying diligently might always be sufficient in NEET preparation, evaluating from time to time is very crucial to analyze the applicant’s knowledge and understanding of the concepts. It also provides him with complete awareness of the pattern of questioning that could be from that particular chapter and answering them without any confusion. Taking full-length mock tests would help to adapt to the main examination time schedule, and analyze your understanding of the total concepts, time, accuracy, and speed for the main examination. Get a complete analysis of your mock test to correct the wrongs done in the previous examinations and also it will help to boost your level of confidence.

Strategies that need to avoid in NEET preparation

  • Take timely breaks during study for long hours
  • Don’t skip the schedules it might stress you later with more syllabus and less time
  • One or two best reference books is the right choice to go with the regular NCERT books
  • Be aware of wasting time on unnecessary things
  • Don’t concentrate too much on the initial performance of the mock examinations
  • Work diligently on the areas needed for more concentration in strengthening the weaker areas.
  • Work hard towards your goal and persist till the end

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