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How to prepare NEET in One Month

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) -2020 one of the toughest examinations of the country had become tougher for this academic year. There is only one month left from 26th July which is the last announced date for the NEET-2020 examination. The medical aspirants of India of 2020 were filled with the greatest dilemma of their life. One way they are struggling with the syllabus and preparation and the other way worried about the commencement of the examination.

Dilemma of NEET-2020

Medical aspirants every year will be worried about their personal preparation and the marks they can get in the examination individually. But for NEET-2020 medical students the greatest dilemma is in the conduction of the NEET-2020 itself. With Corona out break and the continuous cancellation of the SSC examinations, making it difficult to predict whether the exam will be conducted as announced on 26th July or postponed or completely cancelled.

Questions on what to do

The various speculations surrounded around NEET examinations for this academic year is a pressure factor for all the medical aspirants as well as the most demotivating issue. Till the last minute prior to enter into the exam center this predicament might prevail.

Then How to overcome

Even the parents and the students are unable to plan on how to continue though the various institutes has started online coaching classes and most of them are conducting regular mock test might ease the case to some extent. But not completely answer the questions regarding the commencement of NEET with in time and this definitely effect on the minds of the students.

Prepare yourself with Belief

To prepare for NEET in the last one month is very critical and crucial for cracking the examination and all the students need to concentrate on the exam preparation rather than thinking about the cancellation of the examination. Leave the thoughts about the cancellation or postponement and prepare yourself with a belief that the exam will definitely be conducted in time and there will be no postponement. Unless if you are thinking about cancellation and if in case it is conducted as per schedule then no one can get you not even a minute back for the lost time of your preparation.

How to prepare for NEET in one month

The last one month is not that much time left to prepare but not that difficult also to crack if you properly planned at least from this day. Every expert, teacher, academicians and parents might be giving bundles of ideas and plans to you on how to prepare for NEET in this last one month. Might be feeling frustrating but any advice may help you to get into a tract in the right time will help you to succeed.

How to plan

Most of you definitely completed the syllabus must have been revised also. Here are few important NEET preparation tips for your last minute consideration. If not or left some topics then this is the right time to you to analyze where are you right now and how to prepare a strategy to accomplish the goal.


Self-analysis is very important, at this point of last one month of the exam schedule. Be sincere to yourself and check whether you really have finished the entire NEET examination syllabus. If you analyze your current situation you can clearly get an idea of where you stand.

Syllabus variation

Syllabus for the NEET examination though similar with 11th and 12th for the Central syllabus, there is few extended chapter for the state syllabus. You need to study NCERT books for proper understanding and also need to clearly check for the extra added lessons along with your intermediate syllabus. If not verified before this is the right time to prepare, you still got one month in your hand and the variation of syllabus is not that many lessons. Start from today itself to study those with a proper plan to finish.

Study Planner

Study planner is important step to prepare for this one last month of the NEET, it might not be that perfect but need to cover all the aspects. Plan your time, along with subjects matching with the left over days.  The Plan should be in a way that can allocate your time for all the four subjects as per your difficulty ratio. If you feel Physics/Chemistry difficult than Biology then give it more hours to revise and a little less for the subjects you have got better grip.

Set the Timer’s

Set the timer’s depending on your routine study schedule instead going for special schedules. It is not wrong to have one’s own timing to study as per their body and mind coordination. Check your self-timer like whether you are a night owl or morning larks. Don’t listen to other regarding the timings of the day to study, some prefer to study all night and some to study at early morning depending on your body and mind set the timer’s for your time-table.

Schedule for Rigorous Revisions

Schedule you revisions of lessons on subject wise and topic wise. You can clearly understand the topics now and the time each topic needed for revision. Divide your hours based on that and prepare for the next 25 days for the revision as per your allotted timings for each of the subjects.

Total days left – 30 days

Subjects to prepare—4

Total hours allotted to study (approx.) –13 to 15 hours a day

No. of hours allotted to revision –10 to 12 hours

Each subject will be getting –2 ½ to 3 hours each

(You can allocate based on the difficulty and left over topics subject wise)

Mock exam time –3 hours every day

Simulating Mock Exams

Allocate the mock examinations as per the original exam schedule of the NEET-2020. The regular test will be from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., so you need to set your body clock to adapt for the timings to write the mock tests. If you are regularly attempting the mock examinations on the same timings and also along with online test try to use OMR sheets to check the timing you are taking to bubble the answers. This will help you a lot to reduce the stress and to adjust your body clock to the original exam timings without any difficulty.

Sites to Free Tests

NEET examination is conducted by NTA and the same recently started an app for the free NEET mock tests, proven quite beneficial for lakhs of aspirants. Every college is conducting their own mock examinations on daily and weekly basis. Here are some links for the mock tests:

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