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mbbs in philippines

MBBS abroad the most sought and destination for thousands of medical aspirants willing to pursue medical education unfortunately unable to get a local MBBS seat due to plenty of reasons. In recent years plenty of countries emerged with MBBS education accommodating most of the Indian students along with the countries like the Philippines where students are graduating successfully more than a decade. In spite of hundreds of medical graduate’s successful completion of the course and joining various hospitals for their future endeavors, till the day the doubts relating to the MBBS abroad and MBBS in Philippines are yet coming to a stop.
Among all the various uncertainties which have effectively answered with the success stories of the students graduated from Philippines Top Medical Universities, few predicaments still prevailed such as “IS MBBS FROM PHILIPPINES VALID IN USA”. MBBS in the Philippines certainly valid in India, medical graduates can practice medicine in India and can also join in Government posts after qualifying for the respective examinations. Still, most of the medical graduates aspire to study PG or settle in USA their dream destination, whereas their greatest fear regarding the same will be whether the Philippines medical degree is valid in the USA.
Philippines Vs USA Medical Course
The Philippines actually follows US based education pattern for Medical Education, instead of UK based education pattern, unlike India. In the US after completion of the 10th standard, they will study Pre-medicine for 4 years and later join in the Doctor of Medicine which is also a 4 years course including the final year Internship program. Philippines medical colleges also follow a similar pattern in their medical education like the 10+4+4 pattern which is a hundred percent valid in the USA.


Philippines MBBS

  • Pre Medicine + MD program
  • Pre Medicine + MD program
  • 10+4+4 years of MBBS course
  • 10+4+4 years of MBBS course
Follows credit system
  • Follows credit system
  • Bachelor’s Degree / Pre-medicine for 4 years later need to pass the entrance examination to admit in US medical colleges
  • BS / pre-medicine for 4 years later need to pass NMAT to admit in Philippines medical colleges.

For foreign students like Indian students the same will be for 1/2 years as they have completed their 2years intermediate in India and NMAT is optional for foreign medical graduates.

  • Objective base exam pattern
  • Objective-based exam pattern
  • Case study analysis based teaching
  • Case study analysis based teaching
  • Diagnosis based learning process
  • Diagnosis based learning process

Philippines MBBS Degree validity in the USA

BS MD program of the Philippines is 100% valid in the USA if the Medical degree has obtained from any of the reputed and recognized colleges from the Philippines
The colleges must have WHO, ECFMG, FAIMER, WFME, WMFE, DORA and some other global agencies including AAMA and so.
Most of the colleges in the Philippines follow the standards of the USA and also are recognized by WHO, ECFMG, and FAIMER like South Western University, Philippines situated in CEBU city, the top medical university in the Philippines, and in South Asia.
Most of the medical students from Philippines either Philippino’s or Indian’s have successfully appeared for USMLE from time to time and also completed their Residency at US.
40% of US Doctors who are studied in the Philippines/Philippino is an accurate example to ensure that the Philippines MBBS Degree is 100% valid in the USA either to practice or to appear for PG and so.
As the study pattern and the method of teaching is quite related to US medical education pattern, Philippines MBBS is absolutely valid in United States of America either way to study PG or to practice as a Medical Practitioner, although one need to pass the USMLE licensing and eligibility examination for the same.
How to Study PG in the USA
All those medical graduates that are willing to study their medical PG in the USA must understand the qualifying examination that can help you to get a slot in any of the prestigious medical colleges/hospitals in USA. Any medical graduate aspiring to do their residency in the USA including US citizens should appear in the qualifying examination which is the USMLE—United States Medical Licensure Examination.
USMLE the most prestigious and sought-out examination for medicos is the 3 step examination intending to get a license to practice or to get a seat in residency in US hospitals. This 3 step USMLE examination is under the purview of FSMB—Foundation of State Medical Boards and the NBME—National Board of Medical Examiners representing and acting as the governing bodies for USMLE.
The total 3 steps process of the USMLE examination is actually a four step process where the Step-2 examination consists of two step examinations. All the steps assess the medicos knowledge and expertise on Basic Sciences, Clinical Knowledge, Clinical Skills, Patient Management and a physician’s ability in applying the knowledge, concepts, and principles that demonstrating the fundamental patient-centered skills which is crucial for effective care of the patients.
How to Practice as a Doctor in USA
USMLE the licensure cum entrance examination assess the medical graduates in both their merits to get the Medical license as well as to study Residency in US. Like NEXT in India those who obtained the best ranking will be given the chance to study the residency program and all the other qualifying graduates will get the Medical License to practice in US hospitals, but they need to pass the Interview procedures of the Hospitals that they are intending to join.
For other important aspects of USMLE like the eligibility, steps, syllabus, exam pattern, governing bodies, applying procedures and others follow the other articles of the Blog on USMLE also visist Wisdom Overseas for more information on how to enroll in a Medical course in the Philippines.
Philippines MBBS degree is definitely valid in USA and with all the similarities in education pattern and case study based learning process it can be considered better than studying in Philippines to India if one is intending to qualify USMLE and settle in US.

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