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Is NEET required to study MBBS in Abroad is the question that is most asked by the students and their parents in recent years especially after 2018. To answer the current question whether NEET required to study MBBS in abroad and can any one study MBBS abroad without NEET qualification is as easy to answer.

Before knowing the answer to this question one needs to know about the cause of arousal for the same. Why every medical aspirant and their parents are that much worried about the NEET and its qualification for studying abroad when NEET is the exam that is required to join Medicine in India. Few might think in this way, but actual fact is that

NEET—National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, is the single entrance cum eligibility test for all the medical aspirants of India.

To Join in INDIA

For the students that are aspiring to study MBBS in Indian Medical Colleges through admission NEET is the ENTRANCE TEST for them that provided with the allotted seats in all the Government and Private medical colleges within India.

To join in ABROAD MBBS

For the students that are unable to secure a seat in Indian medical colleges and are not able to afford the B or C category seats in India or for students who are willing to go and explore the MBBS study abroad they need to qualify the NEET entrance examination and for them it is the ELIGIBILITY TEST.

Like this the NEET examination is both served as the Eligibility cum Entrance Test for the medical aspirants to study in INDIA and ABROAD.

WHY NEET IS NEEDED TO STUDY MBBS ABROAD? After 8th March 2018 notification issued by MCI of India stating NEET examination as the mandatory to join MBBS in India and abroad. Here one needs to understand that the notification issued under MCI act of India stating NEET qualifying as a mandatory for studying MBBS in abroad or its equivalent degree. Check this Notification for more understanding of the same:

NEET Required to Study MBBS


No need to worry about the NEET initial qualification though mandatory as per the above said notification from MCI of India. In general students that are not qualified/not applied/not attempted NEET for the said academic year has to wait for the next year or do long term coaching in order to qualify NEET and join MBBS for the next year. Instead of wasting one academic year on the long term for NEET students can directly join MBBS in some countries that are following US medical pattern in Pre-Medicine.

The pre-medicine program is the base course for the MD-Doctor of Medicine, which is equivalent to the MBBS course in India. According to the notification issued by MCI of India, NEET is a must to join MBBS or MD but not to the pre-medicine or BS program which is for one to two academic years based on the college/universities discretion.


It is possible to enroll into MBBS course in Philippines to study pre-medicine or BS, but the student has to qualify NEET exam before they proceed to get the student VISA or they enroll into MD whichever is earlier. So, the student has to qualify NEET to study MBBS abroad but also have the flexibility for one year to pass the NEET instead of wasting the academic year.


NEET is required to get a registration No from MCI of India and to practice in India, if any student is not willing to study MBBS and not wish to practice in India and want to practice in any other country then for him/her NEET IS NOT REQUIRED TO STUDY MBBS ABROAD. The condition from MCI of India is for the students who are willing to practice medicine in India after completion of their graduation and not for the students that are willing to settle in any other country other than India.

Can the Students study Pre-Medicine and NEET coaching simultaneously?

YES. The students that are enrolled into pre-medicine can study the BS-Biology which is a good option than BS-psychology, where they study subjects that are crucial for the MD-course curriculum. During the time of pre-medicine as it takes one academic year for the completion and student can have self-coaching or other to qualify for NEET simultaneously along with the pre-medicine course.


As iterated in earlier answer one needs to qualify NEET exam as a mandatory to appear for the MCI screening test and to get the Registration No from MCI to practice medicine in India. Others that are not having NEET can continue their PG studies and practice in any other countries as per the countries requirements.

So, NEET is required to study MBBS in Abroad if the student is willing to continue his PG study or practice in India in case the student is not wishing to PRACTICE MEDICINE / STUDY PG IN INDIA then there is NO NEED TO QUALIFY NEET to study Abroad.

For more information and clarifications contact Wisdom Overseas personnel and also visit official website of Wisdom Overseas and study the blog articles on NEET.

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