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mbbs from philippines

Philippines the Island nation has become the most popular destination for Indian Medical aspirants that are unfortunate to achieve any Government or Private medical colleges in India. Every year more than 5000 students are migrating to study MBBS from Philippines. With an increasing number of students migrating during the past decade Philippines has emerged as the pinnacle to study MBBS abroad. Nevertheless with plenty of other countries offering MBBS abroad accommodating students for decades while few are recently in compliance for Indian medical students.

The question arises Why Philippines has emerged as the top priority country for most medical aspirants. In the dynamic market scenario, Philippines is ever increasing its market share year by year. To answer this trending question one needs to analyze the positive and negative aspects of the country. Every student and parent considers a few important points prior to choosing a country to study medicine. MBBS From Philippines is undoubtedly the country providing golden opportunities to those disappointed Indian Medical aspirants to achieve their Doctor’s Dreams.


Is MBBS from Philippines valid in India is the question that most of the parents/students enquire about during their search for the Best Countries to Study MBBS Abroad. Many Educationalists and Career Counselors advise the students to check certain points prior to picking a country to study MBBS abroad. The most evaluating factors that needed critical scrutiny before the choice making for study MBBS abroad are:

  • Recognition for the Colleges
  • Recognition for the Degree by NMC
  • The qualifying percentage of FMGE
  • Safety for the Foreign students in the Foreign country
  • Environmental feasibility
  • Indian Food availability
  • Hostel Accommodation availability
  • Language of Teaching
  • Language for communication
  • Need for studying any Local languages
  • Need to pass any entrance examinations
  • Total Cost of the Education
  • Total Cost of living for the entire course duration
  • Best Colleges availability in the country
  • Infrastructure facilities
  • Technical Advancement
  • Latest technology teaching Aids

Hospitals affiliated to the College/University
When you look for all these facilities Philippines is one of the best countries that are very much advanced in most of the aspects of the education system and providing the best infrastructure facilities to foreign students. We can verify the same with all the foreign students migrating to study MBBS or other courses in the country.


The Republic of Philippines is a country with 7, 641 islands with a total population of 10.81 crores. The total country population is of with highest literacy rate of 90% in total. Philippines provides a compulsory education system for all its citizens till High School.  And hundreds of Filipinas migrate to the US, UK, Dubai, and other countries to work as Doctors, Nurses, and in Medical technical courses. Nearly 36% of US doctors are from Philippines is the best example of their standards of Medical Education.

Important Facts on Philippines Country

Distance from India 4,622 km
Air Travel time 3.5 hours in Direct flights
Currency of Philippines Philippine PESO
Variation to Indian Rupee One Peso = 1.52 rs
Climatic conditions Tropical climate similar to India
Language mostly used Filippino, English
The total population that can speak English 92%
The education system that followed US-based education system
Major Food consumption Rice, Pork, Beef, Chicken, Veggies
Vegetable availability Except for one or two, we can find all veggies that are available in India
Indian population living in Philippines Around 50000
Approximate Indian students studying Around 30000
Premedical course BS in Biology/Psychology/Geology/etc
MBBS course Name MD
FMGE pass percentage 32% among all foreign medical graduates

mbbs from philippines

Why Study MBBS From Philippines?

Plenty of students that are unable to crack good scores in NEET might think of studying MBBS abroad that is affordable comparing with Indian medical seats in B or C categories. The first analysis they made is which are the countries that are best to study MBBS abroad and nonetheless with the rumor created by the local MBBS fascinated people that the medical education abroad is not valid in India; there are thousands of consultancies providing services to study medicine abroad.

How can we find the best country to study medicine is the question that nags all the people thinking to migrate and study MBBS abroad? The criteria for selection need to be considered on few crucial aspects like:

Total Course Duration 5 to 6 years including Internship
Course Curriculum WHO & MCI recognized
Validity in India MCI/NMC approved medical education
College Fees 2.5 to 5 lakhs per year
Cost of Living 12000 to 15000 per month
Language of Teaching English
Indian food and accommodation facility Most of the colleges have the facility
Climate for Indian students Similar climate to India easy to adjust by the Indian students
One way flight fare Rs. 8000/- to 15,000/- max
Internship acceptance in India Philippines internship is valid in India

Safety in Philippines

Philippines is the 12th safest country declared globally and it is the safest place especially for foreign medical students to study and stay for their entire course duration. The country has been flooding with global migrants to study in various courses and 95% are Indian Medical graduates. Among the thousands of Indian medical graduates studying more than 65% are girls that have come across all over India.

To date, no cases of Raging, Harassment, Drug usage, Murders, or any other crimes have been notified to the Indian embassy except few cases of accidental and suicidal deaths. The same cannot be prevented in any country but comparatively, with other countries, Philippines is the safest as well as the best country to study MBBS for Indian Medical graduates.

mbbs from philippines

Validity of Philippines MBBS Course

There are various speculations roaming around stating that mbbs from Philippines education system is not valid in India as well as other statements:

  • Abroad MBBS is not valid in India
  • They cannot get a medical license to practice in India
  • Indian Government will not accept their MBBS degree in India
  • They cannot pass the FMGE exam to get a valid medical License
  • The course fee costs more than 50 lakhs in total
  • Foreign Medical graduates are not allowed to get Government jobs in India

These are the most opinions that are stated by those people that got insufficient knowledge about abroad Medical education. Most of the opinions are devoid of any truth as the MBBS abroad education has been approved by the Medical Council of India now National Medical Council with proper guidelines relating to the admissions, Visas, procedures, and other important aspects that are beneficial for Indian students studying abroad.

If abroad Medical education is not valid in India then, why thousands of medical aspirants are graduating for decades and there is no issue in getting their licenses and practicing in India. One should understand the credibility of these rumors or opinions that are circulating by those that are unaware of the basic information and knowledge.

When it comes to MBBS From Philippines medical education one should be very considerate with all the facilities iterated above and also with all the features like

  • MCI recognized medical colleges
  • US-based education system
  • Low travel costs
  • Low cost of living
  • Plenty of Indian food facilities
  • Best and safe for the Indian students
  • English as communication language
  • Top medical colleges with the best infrastructure facilities

Top Medical Colleges in Philippines

To get the best standards of medical courses one should be aware of the best colleges in Philippines. It depends on the quality of education and the lab exposure you are getting in college is crucial. Nonetheless, the MBBS degree validity should not change with the colleges that are recognized by MCI, but exposure matters.

There might be plenty of medical colleges you can afford to study but choose the best with all the facilities and top faculty like SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, PHILIPPINES.  This is the School for driven learners and with the best infrastructure facilities including:

  • Top University in Philippines
  • WHO, MCI, ECFMG, FAIMER, USMLE, AMC approved medical university
  • Expert Medical Faculty for teaching
  • 5 years of course duration Including Internship
  • Best Infrastructure facilities
  • 6 affiliated hospitals with 6000 beds capacity
  • 3-D simulation technical teaching AIDS
  • 1:5 ratio Cadaver for Anatomy dissection
  • USMLE/PLAB/NEXT free coaching
  • Indian Food Facility and Accommodation
  • Safe and Secure environment to study

Click on the link to know more about MBBS from Philippines medical education and the Best colleges to study Medicine abroad. Visit to learn more about the best consultants in India. Also, you can learn about the guaranteed services that you can avail yourself of through trusted partners.




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