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Medical Education In Philippines Vs China

Medical Education In Philippines Vs China: The novel pandemic across the globe supplementing with the international travel ban might have closed the gates of study abroad temporarily especially for this academic year 2020. The situation across the world is not at all enthusiastic for the study abroad to the affected countries but with the first Virus-induced country like China, the situation is more alarmed than the others. There are plenty of students rushing abroad every year and among them nearly thousands go to china to study especially for MBBS. The total number of Indian students in china studying medicine is nearly 21,000 and among them, 700 are studying in Wuhan city only. The pandemic crisis alarmed the government of India evacuated most of the students from Wuhan and also from other areas of China. The continuation of their education in the future is a big question mark with the changing health and political set-up.

Medical Education in China

China has been one of the most aspired destinations for medical education for a decade as every year thousands of students migrating to various colleges. Studying medicine is the all-time favorite for Indian students, and the students that are not secured seats in India are willing to go abroad to pursue their dream careers.


Physicians are the leaders of the healthcare of any country and medical education is the stepping stone in providing a team of medical practitioners. The ratio of general physician availability should be 1:1000 to provide better health care but in India, the same is 1:1760 till today. This shows the vast need for medical practitioners in India though the country has increased the MBBS seats up to 82,000 the ratio is not yet to be reached.

What will happen after the Pandemic?

Many research and the current news analogies globally iterating the rapid decline of the medical help and physicians after the crisis. The already existing ratio might increase even high and the demand for medical education will be more for the coming academic years. And the medical education abroad might increase better than the previous years though the same might only be after the suppression of the panic in the parents about the Covid-19.

MCI ban on China Colleges

As per the press release on 29th April 2019, the Indian Embassy in Beijing pronounced certain regulations on the medical colleges in China. According to the note of the Embassy the decision being made after the repeated complaints of the parents and students about the discrepancies of a few of the china colleges in providing proper educational standards for the foreign students.

With the growing complaints about the various colleges offering dual language (Mandarin + English) programs even for foreign students, the Indian Embassy has made a complete ban on the dual linguistic program for foreign students in china colleges. The guidelines have iterated the importance of the colleges to teach only in English as a medium for foreigners especially for Indian students and also made a clear list out of the approved colleges and the number of seats that can be allotted to the foreigners. Only 45 listed colleges are allowed Indian students to study medicine in China got recognition from MCI and around 3,370 seats were made available for the academic year 2019. Teaching Chinese medicine instead of English medicine is also another factor in the decline of the interest to study medicine in china last academic year. 

Medical education in China after Covid-19

Last year’s MCI norms already reduced china’s inflow of foreign medical students especially from India but the outbreak of Covid-19 might abridge it more. As the increased legal and political compression and demand for a ban on china companies and products from the USA and others created more confusion and panic in the parents to send their children to study abroad for the academic year 2020.

China might not be the best country for MBBS for Indian students for one more year and the future can’t be predicted.

Medical Education In Philippines Vs China


Medical Education in Philippines

The previous year’s data of applying for visas for MBBS aspiring students increasing every year and now Philippines has become the most sought out country for medical education. The convenience of low budget, similar tropical conditions, MCI recognized universities/colleges, US-based educational system, English mode of teaching, and availability of Indian food makes Philippines step up in the competition of the countries providing abroad medical education.

The increased passing percentage in the MCI license exams and also the PG exam achievements of the degree holders are the most inspiring factor for the change of the destination of the choice from China or other countries to Philippines. The number of students that are studying MBBS in Philippines might be much more than that of the students studying in China, making it the best country for MBBS for Indian students.

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