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Abhyas App

Union Human Resource Development Minister Shri Ramesh PokhriyalNishank launched an app for the JEE and NEET aspirants on 20th May 2020. The minister tweeted that the decision for the app was made with the multiple and repeated requests from the JEE and NEET aspirants not able to attend their coaching classes due to pandemic and in order to meet their needs he advised @DG_NTA the National Test Agency to develop an Artificial Intelligence-powered Mobile app National Test Abhyas App for effective use of the students exam preparation for free of cost.

The mobile app is available to be used on all the android Smart Phones for now and will soon be available for iOS says the minister. Students can download the app from Google Play Store by registering themselves and can login daily to do the mock tests without any time or money constraints. The app made the life of the students appearing for JEE and NEET easy and also provided with a proper solution in the critical pandemic state.

The app that launched is to do the mock tests from the comfort of their homes and with high quality and accuracy under the purview of NTA. The free cost app facilitates all the students to do the practice tests irrespective of the mobiles/computers quality or access to continuous internet connectivity as the tests can be done in off line mode after downloading the test once.This is more advantageous to people with low internet connectivity or getting signal problems in between the test which is not a problem with this off line mode option and NTA also maintains a help center support the student’s complaints/grievances.

Students Feed back

The app has already created a great uproar in the student community and most of them are very much satisfied with the outcome of the app. Students are saying that the app is very useful for their exam preparations and the mode of operation of the app is easy and free of cost comparing with the other paid up sites. They are grateful to the government of India for providing such an amazing app in the right time to help the student fraternity and wish to have more number of tests to be added for future reference and the same is confirmed by the NTA.

National Test Abhyas app

How National Test Abhyas app works?

The National Test Abhyas app can be downloaded from Google Play store and the students need to go for the play store first and then click on the download option of the app. Once the app installed it will ask for a registration option and the students need to register by giving few of their details and register by using their mail id or mobile number. Place a password to the app and once you finished the same you can open the app and go for the mock tests and chose any of the options as per your choice. Every time you want to do the mock test you need to enter by using your registered details and password then you can download the test and can be used at any time with off line mode also.

In which devices we can download the app?

The app can be downloaded to any android based smart phones, desk tops, laptops or tabs but there are some specific configuration requirements for the same. The NTA has given some specific requirements in order to get the app to be downloading properly and also to view the test screen without any trouble.

  • thedevice android should be 5.0 or above
  • with a RAM of 2 GB is compulsory
  • should have 1 GB space to download and store
  • 1024×768 pixel resolution for the device
  • The screen size must be in between 6 to 10.5 inches or more

How to download the app?

Step 1: Go to the Play store and search for the “National Test Abhyas”

Step 2: Click on the link of the NTA and install the app to your device

Step 3: Once the installation finished click on the “open” and the app will open to sign in

Step 4:Sign in with filling all your details and once you signed up from the next time you

            Can just login

Step 5:Check the available mock test and select your choice of mock test and download it

to start the test.

How to start the test?

Once you logged in and have selected the required test to be attempted first download the test paper and click on the option given that “I am ready to begin” and you can start the test. But before you start the test check for the other details of the test instructions clearly. If you go through with the instructions properly before attempting the test regarding the colour combinations of the answers and also the time duration of the test as well as the other rules for changing of the options.

Students should also understand the process of choosing the right answers as well as the method of changing the already selected option. The option can be changed at any time before the submission of the paper or the expiry of the time of the exam but every time once changed the option you need to remember to save the option unless the old option only prevails rather than the new one.

General Instructions to students

  • First download the paper before attempting
  • Make sure you got good battery in your device
  • Do not attempt to go for other apps during the exam
  • Do not attempt to change the time or try to put it in standby mode
  • Remember that once you start the exam the time will be running on and will be auto submitted even if you have not finished attempting all the questions
  • Make sure you are not disturbed during the time of the examination
  • Try to check all your questions before proper submission of the exam
  • Check the results properly and the analysis given to you
  • The app will also give you a clear scrutiny on how much time you have spent for each answer and also the areas you need to concentrate more in the future
  • Learn from your mistakes that are provided by the app after your examination and try to reduce to repeat the same in the next exams


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