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Preparation Mistakes Of NEET That Bring Your Score Down

Preparation Mistakes Of NEET That Bring Your Score Down

Mistakes are the stepping stones of success and achieving success in the examination. Preparation Mistakes of NEET should turn up like the stepping stones in cracking high rank. Make as many mistakes as you do in the preparation time itself and learn from these mistakes to correct them and get a good score in the NEET main exam.
As NEET is the eligibility cum entrance exam to get admissions in government and private medical colleges all over India and abroad making it one of the most difficult competitive exams of the country. It’s not like every one of the NEET aspirants gives their 100% into the preparation of the exam, but 70 to 80% of them give their best to succeed.
Then the success is limited with the 83,000 MBBS seats in India, and the applicants crossed 16.8 lakhs in 2020. Here comes the greatest competition with the highest stress levels and one single mistake will make you lose the golden opportunity. It’s inevitable by seeing the level of competition every mark counts and one single mistake costs you more than you deserve.
By seeing the tough competition and the simple mistakes costing the aspirants, it is very important to understand your mistakes and learn from them to not repeat them. Look at these most common mistakes that the students will commit during preparation and getting their NEET score down.

Common Preparation Mistakes Of NEET

Know your Exam
Prior to attending any competitive examinations, every student should understand the basic concept of the examination to be appeared like

  • The total number of questions
  • Questions from each subject
  • Division of marks to each chapter
  • Any Negative marking
  • The total amount of Time provided
  • How early to attend
  • What are the needed things to carry
  • Method of examination

Study about all these in detail in the article titled “Common Preparation Mistakes of NEET examination” to get a clear understanding. Now we check the Preparation Mistakes of NEET that might cost your score down and how to avoid them.

Plan & Schedule

No work can be successful without any planning and scheduling the right time and right method to follow and the same goes for NEET preparation also. One has to plan a particular time schedule balancing all the positives and negatives of the person himself. Preparing a NEET timetable as per the available days to the examination and the time/hours that aspirants plan to schedule to study is the critical part.

  • Do not follow others/readymade timetables, your timetable should be prepared according to your preferences and difficulties. This is the biggest mistake some will do by copying / following others time tables, which will be drastic though they have a plan and schedule.

Lack of Time Management

Specific time allotment every day for the study is the foremost priority to escape the preparation mistakes of NEET. One should check that person’s available/interesting timings in every day for study might be morning to evening listed first. Then divide the same as per the difficult subjects / not finished syllabus of your NEET syllabus. Giving time is very easy but maintaining that time schedule is the difficult and important part to avoid mistakes.

Right Order

NEET syllabus is a mix of Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology syllabus and the difficulty ratio will be different to one another. Preparation for NEET in an orderly way is also a very crucial part to get the work done successfully. Checking the entire important syllabus to be finished and the time to be allotted, which way to prepare to finish the entire syllabus, and the revision in the right order is the right method to reduce the preparation mistakes of NEET.


Every preparation needs self-assessment and true assessment is the winning factor where most follow to deceive themselves by thinking oh “initially I thought to opt that correct answer only, no problem I will choose it correctly in the exam”. This is a big mistake that plenty does that escaping from the right analysis and making false excuses for the done deeds, won’t help you anyway. Making mistakes is not a bad thing, but not learning from them is the real gateway to failure. Be aware while you are assessing yourself, be genuine to yourself, and do assessments as many as possible to get the grip on the concepts.

Don’t Ignore

Don’t ignore your syllabus and jump to conclusions that it might not appear in the exam or last year this chapter has not been touched and this year might also be the same. Ignoring the concepts and syllabus is a big mistake most of the aspirants do by thinking that from this chapter might not be given any questions. Thorough preparation of all the important topics given is the right way to do instead of ignoring some by you.

Smart Work

Everyone says hard works pay but instead of going hard on you be smart and do the work in a smart way that definitely pays. Spending hours on study and on revision definitely yield positive results, but learning in a conceptual way and analyzing your knowledge with all the available questions on the topic help to get a better grip on the particular topic. Knowing the easy ways to do the problematic questions and understanding techniques to reduce the time is a smart way to save you a lot of time in the examination.

Right Books and Materials

Searching for the best available books and materials might be the first thing every aspirant does, but getting more books is not going to help. Instead of going to buy more books or materials, check the right books and materials needed for the preparation. For NEET preparation NCERT books play a major role and keeping your focus on them along with your class materials will give you positive results.

Equal Importance

Giving equal importance to all the subjects is another significant factor to avoid NEET preparation mistakes. Every subject carries equal marks and every subject is equally important. The only variation is some feel physics or chemistry is difficult to learn, so spending a little more time is beneficial though, ignoring Biology is not at all advisable.

Regular Mock Tests

Students usually neglect to do mock tests in a systematic way; usually, they attend the college/institute given mock tests and feel that it’s more than enough. This is a major mistake on the part of them; every student should build a habit of doing mock tests chapter-wise/subject-wise/full tests. Attempting all available mock tests for one chapter gives you a full grip on that particular topic and helps you to understand the various types of questions can get from that particular chapter.

NEET Full Tests

Students believe in doing full tests once a month or before the examination will be sufficient to crack the exam. Instead practicing NEET full test on a regular basis definitely helps to achieve positive results and reduce the common preparation mistakes of NEET that you do during exams. Try to write the full tests at least thrice a week and that too in the afternoons like the original NEET exam will definitely help you to get through.

Health Maintenance

Falling ill at the time of examinations is another major mistake committed by any competitive exam attending student. They struggle all over the year and stress themselves a lot during that time and finally not maintaining proper health they fall ill making their score degrade than expected. Every parent and student should concentrate on this aspect while preparing for NEET and try to eat healthily and also do not neglect a few hours of good sleep.

Strong Commitment

Few students usually are very enthusiastic at first and gradually their interest declines and attract with all the deviations in name of relaxation. A strong commitment from day one to till the D day is very important to get a good score.

Self Confidence

If you believe you can Do, you are halfway through success. Similarly, if you can’t even believe in yourself your low esteem drags your confidence down resulting in too many mistakes. Believe in yourself and you can achieve what you believe.

Think Positive

Positive thinking is the way to build self-confidence and negative thinking is the way to drag your confidence. If you are positive that everything goes well then it definitely gives you positives vibes and the negative thinking in a constant way makes you do more mistakes. So, being positive, thinking positive gives you positive results than even today’s psychiatrist’s advice.

Learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat your mistakes

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