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Reasons Why Medical Aspirants Fail To Crack NEET

Reasons Why Medical Aspirants Fail To Crack NEET

NEET—UG the examination that is the most popular with nearly 17 lakh applicants that are increasing year by year and evolved to the top among all the competitive examinations in India. Every applicant dreams to get a medical seat in the Indian Government or Private Colleges with only 83,000 plus available seats makes it a difficult feat to achieve. Dreaming is very easy the difficult work is to achieve the same needed more dedication, determination, hard work, consistency, and resilience. Most of the applicants might drift from their original goal during the process of preparation due to not having enough patience, attitude, and confidence to Crack NEET.

Every failure might have its own reasons but in broad, there are few important causes that might affect your success in the NEET-UG examination though gone through with rigorous work and hours of study. Among the lakhs of applicants of crack NEET, you should not let your guard down either in thorough preparation or smart work and dedication. One needs to keep in mind that sometimes few simple mistakes will lead to losing the most desired MBBS seat with a few marks of variation. Check this list of reasons for failures and try to have a reflection, and plan to lessen the errors to attain wonderful outcomes in the forthcoming examination.

Reasons Why Medical Aspirants Fail To Crack NEET


  1. Over Confidence
    Candidates that are appearing for any competitive exams are mostly of three types: People with Low Confidence, High Confidence, and with required Confidence. Not having enough or high confidence in our work will lead us to trouble in achieving the goals. With good confidence in the study the need to complete the task as well working on it incessantly is the right way to success.
  2. Lack of Self-Assessment
    Assessing you during the preparation is very much essential to get a good understanding of what is lagging and where needs improvement. Everyone should carefully analyze the present condition and should take needed arrangements to overcome their faults in all of their preparation. One should be cautious enough to have self-assessment with more accuracy to adjust their work in attaining success.
  3. Ignoring personal Weaknesses
    Every student has their own preferences in studying and will have few weaknesses and also some aversion to chapters or subjects. Only a few will be willingly learning all the concepts thoroughly in spite of their lack of interest or lack of good grip on that particular concept, many tend to leave those chapters instead of working more to learn. Candidates should not overlook any of the chapters due to their personal weakness or lack of interest in learning that particular concept if they don’t want to lose precious marks later in the NEET exam.
  4.  Not working enough
    Learning unnecessary things which are not beneficial in the exam is not at all useful to get good results in crack NEET. One should be very careful in learning the relevant syllabus that is a prerequisite for the crack NEET and leave those unwanted topics for the exam. Studying them at that time might not be useful and might waste your time and energy in total. Practicing more questions/problems that are more significant to the NEET examination is the right thing to do as well attempting more questions from every single chapter will give your fruitful results.
  5. Not able to remember concepts
    NEET exam syllabus is vast with all the two years of Intermediate syllabus and with add on from NCERT books the preparation though is a big task recollection of all the topics during the examination accurately is the most difficult feat. Most of the questions of crack NEET focus on the conceptual understanding of the topics and also on their numerical and logical abilities, one should be very thorough in these areas to get the good percentile/marks in NEET.
  6. Leaving the difficult topics/subjects
    Students tend to have more inclining towards the subjects like Biology and Chemistry rather than in Physics and that too for few concepts. Few might believe that by wasting their time on those difficult concepts they can concentrate more on the topics that are easy to grasp and recollect. Though this might be a good strategy for other examinations but for NEET this practice is not wise to do. Every one topic is essential as the other based on its weightage and applicant need to focus on this especially on the number of questions they might lose if they leave the topics otherwise it might cost you your precious medical seat.
  7. Not attempting enough Mock tests
    NEET exam itself is very competitive with all the lakhs of applicants and for the final battle, everyone needs to prepare for their best, and training with enough Full-length mock tests will ensure you better results than the others. Weekly regular practice of the full-length mock tests with a full syllabus is the best method to practice for the exam along with the regular chapter-wise examinations.
  8.  Too much stress
    Stress is the major issue for the candidates appearing for any competitive examinations and the students that are will too much stress might do more mistakes in the main examination. Every candidate should be aware of not be too stressed and lose their focus at the time or just before the examination which could get them into trouble of making mistakes.
  9.  Not caring for Health
    More than 30% of candidates that are endeavoring for competitive examinations tend to fail them due to last-minute health issues. Not having adequate rest, constant stress, severe preparation during the study though good but not caring enough for their health and becoming sick /dull at the time of the exam make all the hard work in vain. Students should follow the norm “Good Health is the most important ornament to success”.
  10. Exam day Fear
    Failure fear is the other reason for most of the candidate’s disastrous results though they are very bright and also the topper during normal examinations. Fear of examination tends few students to forget all that have studied and worked hard for months together. Practicing some stress-relieving exercises, yoga, and breathing techniques also having good confidence will yield you the best outcomes.
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