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Reasons why medical aspirants fail to crack NEET -UG

NEET UG examination has crossed 16 lakh applicants and emerged as the most aspiring competitive examination of India. Every applicant wish to achieve success in NEET with rank and get a government medical seat slot, but with high competition and few available seats are making it a dream for plenty.

Dreams can be accomplished with proper plan and dedicated action orientation instead simply dreaming for miracles to happen. NEET examination demands every candidate’s utmost dedication, smart work, perseverance and constant practice. Many students either too afraid in the name of the examination or too confident that they could get the seat make them to drift from their target/aim.

Here are the major reasons why medical aspirants fail to crack NEET-UG examination though studied for hours and after rigorous hard work. Every student should understand that every year there are plenty of students that are achieving the goal of attaining the seats in the competitive examinations but the variation between them and you must not be in the preparation or hard work or lack of dedication. It must be completely on simple mistakes that you fail to identify cost you a lot in the final results. Check this list of reasons for failures and try to have a self-analysis, and then reduce your mistakes to get wonders in the upcoming examination.


  1. Over Confidence

Candidates that are appearing for any competitive exams are mostly of three types: Less confidents, Confidents and Over confidents. Students with low and enough confidence levels might have a self-awareness and fear that the preparation is not enough and thrive to work more but the people that are over confident by seeing their results in their school or online examinations, might build their confidence greatly. This over confidence might result negatively and lead them to ignore in the crucial time and may cost high in the examination.

  • Lack of Self-Assessment

Most of the candidates fail in cracking NEET examination due to lack of self-assessment, during their study and examinations. They tend to think that they are not achieved the good results due to various reasons rather than thinking of their own lags in preparation or recollection. Everyone should carefully analyze the current situation and should take necessary actions to overcome their mistakes in all of their preparation.

  • Ignoring personal Weaknesses

Candidates might be studying the same syllabus but all not having the same zeal of studying all the subjects / chapters. Some students are very enthusiastic in learning about the concepts and theoretical aspects of the subjects while some are in numerical methods. Concentrating on any one is not all advisable, while the exam have weightage on both the methods and especially in few subjects like Physics. Candidates should overcome their personal weaknesses and try to work hard on those areas that they are weak and should improve in those difficult concepts.

  • Not practicing enough

The entire World’s information is useless for you if you are not concentrating on the syllabus as per the weightage and method of the examination. The knowledge of you in that particular NEET syllabus and accuracy in answering the objective type questions in the given time is the crucial point. Practicing enough questions/numerical problems as many as possible after completing the chapter will help you to understand all types of questions that can be posed from that particular concept and will give you experience to answer every type of question from that concept.

  • Not able to recollect concepts

NEET examination syllabus is of with various concepts and topics covered from 11th and 12th board syllabus, but the recollection of all the concepts during the examination accurately is  the major concern for all the candidates. Many questions in the examination focuses on the definition and conceptual understanding of the candidate and not having a clear understanding on the basics will definitely create ambiguity in examination earning negative marks.

So one should have clear understanding on the concepts and recollect the concepts with enough practical questions are the right way to prepare for the NEET-UG.

  • Leaving the difficult topics/subjects

Most aspirants tend to leave the difficult topics / subjects and concentrate more on the topics that they feel interesting and easy to them. Candidates assume that ample concentration on the Biology and chemistry is enough and a little bit of concentration on the Physics concepts can yield them at least 20-25 correct answers out of total 45 physics section. But this method is the most foolish method if you see that every subject is equally crucial and learning the concepts is very important. Leaving few concepts based on their weightage if it has given less weightage is feasible and concentrating on all the other important and relevant concepts thoroughly might yield you get good percentage and will increase the chances of high rank and attaining medical seat.

  • Not attempting enough Mock tests

NEET competitive exam needs a lot of practice on the chapter wise as well as Full length examinations as many as possible. And every candidate must attempt the full length examinations at least once/twice in a week will give them easy adaptation to the main examination. Most of the educationalists suggest that attempting the full length mock test during the similar time of the main exam will help them to adapt the body to the afternoon dull ness and examine their performance of accuracy and speed and to correct the current mistakes in the future.

  • Too much stress

Stress is the major issue for the candidates appearing for any competitive examinations and the students that are will too much stress might do more mistakes in the main examination. So, every student should try to get a good grip on their stress levels and improve their performance during attempting the mock examinations on regular basis is the right way.

  • Not caring for Health

More than 30% of candidates that are attempting for competitive examinations tend to fail in them due to last minute health issues. Not having enough sleep, continuous stress, rigorous practice during the preparation though good but not concentrating enough on their health make all the hard work in vain, if their health is not good at the time of examination. Students should follow the norm “Health is Wealth and Health is important to success”.

  1. Exam day Fear

Exam day fear is also another important failure reason for most of the students that are very good in the normal time examinations. Many candidates fear on the day of the examination might stress them a lot. Many tend to feel like their mind is blank and unable to recollect anything that studied for the entire period. Every candidate should practice enough tests to overcome this fear and also should practice some other techniques like yoga and stress relief tips to get out of the exam day fear.

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