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MBBS in Philippines

Philippines emerged as the finest destination to study MBBS especially for Indian Medical aspirants in recent years. Philippines had become the dream destination of thousands of students wish to be a future medical practitioner. 

Do you have the similar dreams of studying MBBS abroad, in a reputed and recognized University? Wisdom provides you with the best suggestions that could help you to decide about studying MBBS in Philippines. we are your gateway to the new beginning of your dream career.

Why choose Philippines to study MBBS?

The various reasons that making Philippines the most sought out destination to study MBBS abroad are:

  • The Medical curriculum is on US based educational system and also recognized by world’s renowned agencies like WHO, MCI, FAIMER, USMLE, AMC, WHMC and so others.
  • The universities of Philippines follow world class educational standards and provide the best resources to medical students.
  • Philippines medical graduates’ holds top position in FMGE screening test of India than the medical graduates of other foreign countries.
  • Philippines is one of the top supplier of Doctors and other health workers to USA, which shows its standards of education.
  • Philippines medical education depends on US standards and the case study based analysis, objective mode questions in examinations make easy to qualify USMLE. A study shows USMLE accomplishment ratio as 100% by Philippines medical graduates.
  • Philippines MBBS degree is recognized by MCI of India and the graduates can practice medicine or study PG courses in India after their course completion in Philippines.
  • Philippines is an English speaking country, 95% of its population speak English and also the medium of instruction in all the Higher education institutions including Medical colleges.
  • Philippines tropical climatic conditions are similar to India and hold the similar diseases that help the medical students learning easy.
  • NEET eligibility is a must with PCB 50% in +2 to be eligible for admission into any of the Universities or colleges to study MBBS.
  • Philippines MBBS course is known as BS-MD program like in USA and with 5 to 6 years of total duration including the final year compulsory clerkship.
  • The total course is very budget friendly and total college fee ranges from 16 to 21 lakhs varied with the choice of the colleges.
  • Philippines have got low cost of living compared to many other countries and the availability of Indian food hotels, messes, canteens with affordable prices support the students greatly throughout their course.

Choose wise with Wisdoms

Wisdom Overseas is the authorized Exclusive partner to South Western University in Philippines and has been dedicated to the overall well-being of the students that chose to study medicine in Philippines. Wisdom Overseas serves as a single destination for the medical aspirants to fulfill their doctor dreams. Wisdom Overseas endeavors quality education with safe and secured environment for medical students for the total 5 years course duration.

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