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Southwestern University-PHINMA Students Outstanding Performance In PHYSICIANS LICENSE EXAMINATION

Southwestern University PHINMA Students Outstanding Performance In PHYSICIANS LICENSE EXAMINATION

Wisdom Overseas expresses its profound appreciation and heartfelt congratulations to all the students that have accomplished outstanding results in the Physician’s License Examination. Especially for all the three students that have excelled as top-notch performers among all the graduates and have claimed top 8th, 9th and 10th ranks among the top 10 ranks of the examination. The best part was the extraordinary performance of all the other 80% of students that have performed well and attained their licenses in their first attempt in the March & Sep 2020 Physicians Licensure Examination are from Southwestern University-PHINMA.

Southwestern University-PHINMA Students Outstanding Performance In PHYSICIANS LICENSE EXAMINATION

Wisdom Overseas applaud all the South Western University’s, Presidents, VC’s and School of Medicine Deans, and all the members of Faculty for their exemplary teaching standards and all the training support provided to the medical students of the college. This result has proven the exceptional standards and unresolved ability of the Southwestern University-PHINMA school for the driven learners and game-changers.

Southwestern University PHINMA

The oldest University in Cebu City, Philippines is also recognized as a leader in Medicine and allied health programs, displaying its top-notch standards, ability, and expertise in educating Future Doctors. Wisdom Overseas India’s Exclusive Partner to South Western University, PHINMA boasts to be the only partner in building the University’s expertise and extending its horizons to new and other programs. Southwestern University aims completely on enabling the students in becoming the best that they can be in their lives and careers through practice-oriented, relevant, and creative learning and in empowering the students to stand on in the community.
Southwestern University, PHINMA always thriving to improve and undergoes major developments not only in academics but in the latest technology, infrastructure to improve the quality of student lives in the university. Southwestern University is one of the prestigious universities that are offering various courses and attracts students from more than 32 countries and 5 continents across the globe. It’s no wonder for the student’s outstanding performance in the Physicians Licensure Examination gaining top-notch ranks and gained 3 top ranks among the top 10 as well 80% passing graduates in their first attempt at the examination.
What is PLE?
Physicians Licensure Examination also called Philippine Medical Boards is the professional licensure examination for incoming physicians in the Philippines, exclusively administered twice a year by the “Professional Regulation Commission” is similar to that of the FMGE—Foreign Medical Graduates Examination for all the medical graduates that are graduated from foreign countries and are willing to practice Medical professional in India. PLE is the licensure examination for the medical graduates of the Philippines country to have a valid license to practice as a Doctor in the Philippines.
Why Southwestern University for MBBS?
The results that have been provided in the previous and current License examinations and also in FMGE continuously demonstrated the fact that Southwestern University is the most sought out and destined university for medical education. Every year plenty of Indian medical aspirants that are willing to study MBBS abroad migrate from India to the Philippines to study medicine and most of the student’s right choice is South Western University, PHINMA. The university itself is best for its educational standards, technically advanced teaching aids, expert Doctors in faculty, and providing all the Labs and other infrastructure facilities that are best and world-renowned for the benefit of the students.
It provides the utmost care for all its foreign medical graduates from various countries across the globe and thrives to build strong belief and trust towards the University and its curriculum. The US-based standards and all other exceptional facilities including the 3-D simulation technology are the best and globally distinguished for Medical education.

Why Wisdom Overseas for MBBS Abroad?
Wisdom Overseas is the esteemed partner to Southwestern University, providing continuous support and overall guidance for all the medical aspirants willing to study medicine abroad. Wisdom Overseas serves as the one-stop destination for all the Indian Medical aspirants that are migrating to study medicine abroad. Starting with free counseling, university selection, and assistance in the Passport and visa process to travel guidance, food, and accommodation, and providing all-around care to the Indian medical students in the foreign country.
Wisdom Overseas takes pride in supporting its students for all the 5 years of medical course duration and is available to them 24/7 in any regard and without any trouble. The safety and security provided by wisdom especially for the girl students are like creating a home in a foreign country. Check the official website for more information and details relating to overseas medical education as well as the services that are offered by wisdom in
Southwestern University locational advantage
South Western University, PHINMA is located in the Cebu city popularly known as the queen city, of the Philippines and is the cultural melting pot also a getaway destination. It is the Educational Hub for Philippines and also the center for commerce, trade, and education with 11 large universities and international schools crowned with Southwestern University, PHINMA.
This would be the greatest advantage for all the medical aspirants across the world as well as for the locals to study MBBS in South Western University, PHINMA, in Philippines, to have global exposure and expertise in their medical education. Every medical aspirant across the globe should think twice before making the right choice of their destination and verify all the results from the universities across the country.


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