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Study MBBS in Philippines has become one of the greatest opportunities for all the medical aspirants that are unable to attain medical seats in India. Study MBBS in Philippines emerged as the most desired destination among all the other countries that are offering studies MBBS abroad. Philippines medical education is having US-based educational standards that could offer worldwide accepted MBBS degrees including MCI of India.

Study MBBS in Philippines

Students are mostly confused now with all the countries and consultancies offering attractive fees and exaggerating all the conditions available in the universities. When it comes to all the other countries that are offering “study MBBS abroad” for years have their own Pros and cons. Every single student willing to study MBBS abroad should have personal research and a thorough understanding of the various countries and universities in general.
Though abroad MBBS education has been in trend for more than two decades in India, Study MBBS in Philippines is the latest trend from the past decade. It has been the most sought out destination among all the counties due to all the benefits regarding the Study MBBS course as well as the country itself. With China in complete collapse relating to the restrictions among plenty of universities that are offering MBBS courses for foreigners and accepting only 45 colleges made the parents fear the MBBS degree from China.

About Philippines

Philippines is the most beautiful archipelagic country filled with 7,641of islands bounded by beautiful sea coasts. The capital city of Philippines Manila is one of the most populated capitals in the world and the country is popular for all its natural resources and globally renowned biodiversity.
Though the population ratio is not more than 30 million but accommodates plenty of world-class standard educational institutions and Universities. Compulsory Free Education for all the children till they complete their high school is mandatory in Philippines and making the education ratio gradually increasing recently from its 86.5% literacy rate. Study MBBS in Philippines for Indian students is a good opportunity with all the technically advanced universities providing Low-cost MBBS degrees compared to India.

Eligibility to Study MBBS in Philippines

Getting a seat to study MBBS in Philippines though not that difficult, but need to fulfill certain eligibility criteria from the Government of India, the Philippines, and also the Universities of the Philippines. Here is the list of eligibility criteria that need to be meted to get admission in any of the Philippines MBBS colleges/universities as well as getting a valid Visa from the Embassy of Philipiines and MCI recognition for the medical degree.

Eligibility Students passed in +2/Intermediate with a cumulative score of PCB 50%
Age Should be more than 17 years
English English should be a compulsory subject in their +2/Intermediate
NEET Qualification of NEET exam is mandatory since 2018 to practice in India
Course BS-MD Program (BS-Pre medicine/ MD- Doctor of Medicine)
Total Duration 5 Years (1-year BS-Trimester + 4 years MD with Final year Internship)
Course Fee (Min) Rs. 2.50 lakhs per year
Course Fee (Max) Rs. 6.50 lakhs per year
Cost of Living Rs. 10,000 to 15,000 (Depending on the spending thrift of the student)
Standards US-based MBBS educational standards
Language of instruction English
Currency Philippine Peso
Accommodation Few Universities only offer in-campus Hostel accommodation
Food Indian food is available in most the areas

Admission Process to Study MBBS in Philippines

Study MBBS abroad is very flexible before 2018 and any student that is passed their Intermediate/+2 with Biology, Physics, and Chemistry subjects can proceed to study. But after MCI’s new regulations form 2018 every student that is willing to study MBBS abroad should meet certain eligibility criteria’s that listed above. Along with those eligibility criteria, there are certain other documentation requirements to be fulfilled to get a valid visa from the Embassy of Philippines in India.

Documents needed for MBBS admission Philippines (including Visa)

  • SSC Marks memo
  • Intermediate (Regular) marks memo with Biology, Physics and Chemistry subjects cumulative score of 50% in PCB
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport with minimum 6 months validity
  • PCC
  • Aadhar Card
  • NOC from parent/Guardian
  • Bank Statement with the required balance
  • Medical reports stating the mental and physical fitness of the student
  • Fee for the enrolment to study MBBS in Philippines
  • Fee structure to Study MBBS in Philippines

The fee structure is not the same in MBBS colleges in Philippines similar to India. Most of the Universities are having autonomous status in Philippines offering variations in their FEE structures. Universities/Colleges that are providing technically advanced teaching aids, well-equipped laboratories, and all other infrastructure facilities are charging a little bit more than that of the other colleges without any Labs or infrastructure.
Minimum Fee: Rs. 2.5 lakhs per year
Maximum Fee: Rs. 6.0 lakhs per year

Every student should also think about the facilities that are providing by the University/College instead of completely concentrating on the Low Fee structure. As medical education completely depends on the

  • Anatomy Labs with CADAVERS
  • Histology and other labs
  • Library and other infrastructure
  • 3-D simulation technology for teaching
  • Experienced and Expert Faculty
  • US-trained/returned teaching Faculty
  • Hospitals affiliated with the college/university
  • No. of Beds available in the hospitals


Advantages of Study MBBS in Philippines for Indian Students

Study MBBS in Philippines has its own advantages as it follows US-based educational standards. Study MBBS in Philippines is very similar to that of in developed countries like the US as it follows the same curriculum and case-based study analysis, objective method of questioning in examinations. For students that study MBBS in Philippines, cracking the USMLE, PLAB, AMC, and other PG entrance examinations are comparatively easy with those that study MBBS in India and other countries. Here are the advantages of study MBBS in Philippines:
Low / Budget-friendly FEE structure
Philippines is one of the countries that is offering low / budget-friendly MBBS Fee structure with world-class educational standards. The cost of the MBBS course is comparatively very low with US, UK, Canada, Australia, and some other developed countries, with the same technically advanced educational standards and facilities. Teaching provided in Philippines is top-notch, and courses are with up-to-date technology including usage 3D simulators for teaching.
No Capitation Fee or Donations
The MBBS colleges in Philippines won’t collect any donation or capitation fee for studying MBBS unlike in Indian private colleges. The fee structure is comparatively very budget-friendly and there will not be any other or additional fees that will be collected during later dates.
Low Cost of Living
Philippines is a country that one could survive with a very low cost of living and other accommodation expenses. The areas are not that much costly for dwelling and all the food available is also with very reasonable prices. Most of the Philippines colleges provide their own hostel accommodation with the feasible cost for Indian students like Southwestern University, PHINMA, in Cebu city.
Top Quality Education
The quality of education in Philippines is highly advanced and gives top priority to case-study-based analysis, individualized and team learning curriculums, self-directed and research-oriented methods, patient-based training, etc to ensure the overall standards of students will be enriched. Many of the Colleges/Universities give utmost priority to their instructors and recruit the top and best Doctors from local and all over the world to provide the best knowledge to the students.
World recognized MBBS Degree
The BS-MD program of Philippines is an MCI, WHO, WFME, WDOMS, FAIMER, IMED, USMLE, and other agencies across the world. Students that finished their study MBBS in Philippines are eligible to appear in any PG competitive examinations conducted worldwide there is nothing to fear about the validity of the degree. This means that it satisfies all the requirements that make this degree a perfect fit for most of the medical aspirants of the world.
English Medium of Teaching
All the colleges in Philippines follow English as a medium of teaching and communication, this makes studying easy and perfect for foreign students especially Indians who are good with English. There is no need to pass/learn any local languages in the course like Mandarin in China and in other countries.
No Language Barrier
95% of the Philippine population know to Speak English and there is no problem with the communication in the country comparing with other countries like China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and so where one needs to learn the local language to communicate with the locals.
Same Climate
Philippines also have tropical climatic conditions that are very similar to India as the weather conditions in seashore cities. The total year’s temperature ranges between 22 to 35 degrees with a little high PH value which can be easy for our Indian students to adapt and adjust for the weather. The students will not be subjected to any climate-related health issues in Philippines.
Similar Diseases
Similar to the weather conditions the diseases also have close proximity to the diseases that are in India, which makes it very perfect for Indian students. The students that are studied in other countries with extremely low, high, and cold temperatures the local diseases are completely varied with India and they need to work hard after coming back to India if they need to practice in India.
Indian Food Availability
Philippines is also a country that depends on rice as their major food source like India and we can find all types of vegetables that are used in India. It is like a boon to the students that there will not be any difficulty in availability of the rice and vegetables, one needs to have an Indian cook in the hostels or most prefer self-cooking also. There also plenty of South and North Indian canteens/mess/hotels available that provides monthly food facility with reasonable cost.
Friendly Locals
The locals in the Philippines are very friendly and accommodating for the foreign students and support them in every respect. There is no racism/ any other negativity on the foreign people making it very safe to study for the foreign students.

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