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thank you doctors

To those who don’t want to socially distance, who think this is all hype, this thing is just starting. This is about doctors who have been serving for COVID-19 people. Stay safe. Stay indoors. Do your bit. This is real.

A day in the life of ICU Registrars

Theyarrived at her destination and walked to the hospital feeling a little trepidatious, a small flicker of nerves.

Walked through the main entrance and past the foreboding “Coronavirus” warning signs, the hospital is eerily quiet.

At the ICU doors, they stopped by huge warning signs with instructions to wash hands and then put on masks after entry.

After changing into scrubs and donning their masks, theygo and sit in handover and listen to the events overnight. A lot of new admissions over the past 48hrs. All Covid-19 positive. All on ventilators. The number of patients are surprising. They’re a range of ages, backgrounds and presentations. Some neighboring ICUs are already full. And this is just the start of the wave, the tsunami is coming.


They spend the rest of the day on the ICU, wearing the masks at all times and donning full PPE when in the “risk” zone. They checking and re-checking that they’re safe. The unit is quiet, controlled and focused. They’re getting to know the disease, this silent enemy. And they’re getting to know each patient, early on in their journey. It’s busy but manageable.

The staff continually checks each other are good. PPE(Personal protective equipment) is uncomfortable, hot and intense. And really hurts their nose!! The nurses are wearing it all the time as they sit by and care for their patients. Families phone to check on their loved ones and are updated over the phone as they’re currently not allowed to attend in person.

They eat their lunch in the “safe” zone and join a departmental teleconference to give their updates on the situation in the rest of the hospital and discuss clinical cases. Their colleagues log in from all over the hospital and from home. They sit there in their masks, feeling cheered by seeing all their colleagues faces. So much planning, training and preparation going on. The scales of the contingency plans are both awe-inspiring and ambitious. They feel reassured.

The rest of the afternoon is spent performing procedures, chasing results, checking on each patient’s progress, adjusting various infusions, drugs and machines, and ensuring they’re all set for the night. They receive a new admission from the wards, another Covid-19 patient and are made aware of a few more that may come their way. Their Critical Care Outreach teams are working hard on the wards as are their medical colleagues.

Home time. They finally able to check their phones. They read some messages from friends and family telling them to keep safe and thanking all of them in the NHS for their great work. Theysmile, it definitely gives them a boost.

India is still busy. Indians seem defiant. They’re not listening,”COVID-19 is here, it’s real!!” They want to shout, whilst picturing the bays of ventilated patients they’ve just left.

They went to home, Showered and clean. Spend with their family upto sometime and then ready for their 12hr on-call shift next day.

Coronavirus: Indians bang pots and pans to appreciate health care professionals by keep in mind the above hard work.

Millions of Indians have stepped out to clap, bang pots and pans on their balconies and rooftops in a display of encouragement for doctors, nurses and other staff participating in the battle against coronavirus.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had appealed for the country to make 10 minutes of noise to show the gratitude.

All the regions of India followed a 14-hour lockout on Sunday(22 March 2020), which many perceived as a test run to verify the country’s preparation for a longer shutdown span.


Thank you for keeping our hopes alive during this stressful time. Words are not enough to express our happiness and gratitude. You all are such a reliable and respected doctors ever.

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