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Neet 2020 without coaching

How To Prepare NEET 2020 Without Coaching: NEET 2020 is the most controversial examination with all the turns and twists troubling the entire parent and student community for months together. The uncertainty on the commencement has finally lifted with the announcement of the exam commencement on 13th September 2020 with restrictions and many more obligations enlist. Though the threat of pandemic and lockdowns in toe with the postponement doubts the most NEET 2020 has emerged as the most puzzling examination of India till the date.
Not having regular class schedules and only online classes availability most troubled the already confused young minds of NEET-2020. No one is sure of the results in the current scenario and all the parents have been in rigorous stress than the NEET applicants. Depending on Self-preparation schedules as well on online coaching classes NEET applicants have to amend their pattern and style of learning and their way of planning. Though NTA and the Government of India National Abhyan app have provided plenty of students with strong support in their learning process and acquainting themselves to the NEET-2020 mock tests, nonetheless is insufficient for normal preparation.
In view of all the changes that brought out due to pandemic NEET-2020 applicants should be aware that anyhow to prepare meticulously and get ready for all the contingencies. Here few effective methods that could support your preparation for NEET without coaching center preparation might sound difficult but with planning one can achieve the best outcomes. Try these:

How To Prepare For NEET Without Coaching

Complete Knowledge on NEET examination

The initial preparation for NEET examination should start with getting the complete knowledge of the examination itself. To crack NEET-2020 you should be aware of all the fundamentals of the exam including the Syllabus change, Weightage of Topics subject-wise, Negative marking and the marks obtained for every positive scoring. NEET exam carries for a total of 180 questions to be answered in three (3) hours of exam duration, among which Chemistry, Physics section carries 45 questions from each subject and Biology carries 90 questions composed from Botany and Zoology. Every correct answer gets 4 marks and every wrong answer deducts 1 mark from the total obtained, so every NEET applicant should be very cautious in answering the questions.

Exam Action Plan

NEET 2020 planning starts with the knowing about the examination in detail following to prepare a complete Exam Action Plan to crack the best score. Make a self-analysis with your strengths and weaknesses by scrutinizing the subjects that you are very good at and good at and poor at. Give utmost priority on the topics/subjects you are poor at, schedule more time to prepare the same and later to the good and to the very good ones. During the same one need to be very careful in ensuring that not to overlook the topics or subjects without planning any revision schedule for them. Though you are good in few topics/subjects a regular revision and analysis of your performance is very much required to get you the best results.

Scheduling a Good Time Plan to study

Preparation of study time table should depend on your study preferences like what would be the time you prefer to allot for. Few might be night owls, few are day breakers and few can study at any time if the place is silent or few might prefer to listen to music during preparation. Any of these choices might be yours or any others but the only criteria in preparation you need to be careful is to allot the much time that is sufficient to finish the syllabus, revisions, and mock exam schedules. If the same should not be less than 12 to 15 hours in total for a day is the most advisable one in case of one or two hours more or less can be manageable based on the candidates speed, accuracy in learning.

Thorough Check of Syllabus

NEET examination preparation should start with the syllabus check and preparation of time plan should be the next step. The most critical part in the NEET exam preparation is to get knowledge about all the syllabus that is required to study for the NEET which might be varied with the 11th and 12th syllabus. One should be good in thoroughly analyzing the syllabus that is required and then intensive in the preparation of the same is the best way to prepare. Not to leave topics or not to concentrate only on the subjects that are interesting to you, instead one need to be employ more attention towards all the topics based on their understanding, learning and through testing process. They should engage more time for those later to get a good grip on the same and be thorough.

Short and Full Mock Tests

Every NEET candidate ought to make it mandatory to attempt the entire available chapter wise and full length mock test on regular basis. There are plenty of paid and free sites available to do the tests on regular basis and acquaint you with the questioning pattern chapter wise. There is National Abyas Test designed free for the NEET candidates alone and all the other sites providing good guidance in winning. Every NEET candidates at least once in a week should attempt to finish the full length NEET examination that too during the afternoon hours to ensure your body to fine-tune for the afternoon examination.


Self-analysis after every mock test will be available for the examinee to guide them to identify their mistakes and to rectify them. This self-analysis will assist all the candidates in getting through understanding on their mistakes and to strengthen the weaknesses in total before the exam. Overcome your entire shortcoming with continuous and regular tests and getting the good analysis to ace in the main NEET-2020 examination.

Devotion and Resolution

NEET preparation is not a one or two day’s task it requires total devotion and commitment on the part of the candidate as well from their family till the exam date. Irrespective of the circumstances one need to dedicate them fully and focus on completing their day to day study plan instead making excuses. Dedicating yourself to your goals doesn’t suggest levying yourself with incessant study without any break, too rigorous study might give you negative results rather than positive return. Taking short breaks and power naps during the long scheduled study hours helps you to relax and finish the time energetically.

Eat Nutritious and Be Healthy

Good health is needed to lead you till the end mark and to provide excellent performance during the examination preparation. Healthy body and mind can yield you the best results and for the same one should eat nutritious diet and concentrate on their timely eating habits, to be healthy and fit for the upcoming examination. If one is not with good health and falls ill before or on the date of the examination due to the enormous stress or other matters, you will lose your entire years’ worth preparation to a waste.
Remember that a sound and healthy body can only remain focused and succeeded in the target and for more information and tips to Crack NEET check the other articles on NEET at and provide us with your valuable feedback.

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