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Most effective methods to prepare for NEET 2020 without coaching

NEET 2020 a critical examination of medical aspirant’s lives turned to be the most confusing and troublesome now. The ambiguity on the commencement and continuous postponements made it even more puzzling. Lock downs and the pandemic outbreak created an environment not suitable to roam outside even for classes or coaching.

Every medical aspirant dreaming to crack NEET 2020 doesn’t need to depend on coaching centers or online classes instead self-preparation can yield best results. It might look like preparation for NEET 2020 from home needed a gigantic hard work and dedication, but more planning, proper preparation and perseverance enough to succeed.

Know your Exam

Knowing your exam is the foremost step needed to crack NEET 2020. It is the fundamental phenomenon required in order to plan further. NEET exam involves Chemistry, Physics each for 45 questions and 90 questions from Biology together Botany and Zoology carries 45 questions individually. Each correct answer carries 4 marks and 1 mark deduction for every wrong answer and the test is paper based conducted in the afternoon session.

Proper Plan of Action

Planning for the NEET 2020 starts from understanding thoroughly about the examination and next is to prepare a plan of action. The assortment of the positive and negatives of one’s individual strength along with the weak areas in the subjects provides you a blue print for the areas to build.

Schedule time to study

Scheduling time to study depends on one’s preferences, some might be night owls and some might be day breakers. A clear time table not less than 12 to 15 hours of preparation time for NEET is a must to achieve the best results and that can be divided on your strengths and weaknesses.

Check your Syllabus

Investigate about the needed syllabus for the NEET test and targeting the most important areas that are getting good number of questions is a good way to proceed. If you are intensive and through with the entire syllabus, it will be simple for you to guarantee pass in the main examination. Do not just ideal or separate the topics that are more interesting to you and leave the topics that you feel a little difficult, instead exert more attention towards those topics with difficulty.

Attempt Chapter wise and Full length Tests

Now a days plenty of free and paid sites are providing with chapter wise and full length NEET tests and enrolling to attempt the tests regularly is a crucial winning factor. Stepping through various test available after finishing revision of a chapter will help you to know all the available types of questions that can be posed from that particular chapter. And regular full length tests similar to that of NEET mains and in similar time will help you to adapt your body to the original examination without difficulty.


Self-assessment after the mock tests will be provided by every examination guides you to evaluate yourself. This will assist you to seek restorative steps and improving your weaknesses to strengths. Continuous practice tests ensure to overcome your shortcomings in the long run and ace in main Test.

Dedication and Perseverance

NEET preparation at home requires your complete dedication and focus with perseverance. Regardless of what occurs, you ought to perceive with your time schedule and focus completely on the single objective of cracking NEET. Dedicating yourself to your goals doesn’t imply to impose yourself with continuous study without any break, excess of study might give you negative results rather than positive yield. Take short breaks during your study schedule and start afresh after some relaxation and finish the time table prepared.

Be Healthy To prepare well for the exam needed a healthy mind that can only be achieved with a healthy body. Remember that a sound and healthy body can only remain focused and succeeded in the target.

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