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NEET 2020 - Best books

NEET biology is known as the most scoring subject for medical aspirants as it involves 90 questions that is 50% of the total 180 questions of the examination. NEET previous years examinations shows that biology sections was less troublesome and Botany and Zoology sections are of most concept based and easy to score positive marks.

Focusing more on Biology subjects for NEET 2020 medical aspirants can get good percentile as it involves a total of 360 marks in the examination. NEET biology syllabus carries equal weightage to both Botany and Zoology subjects from 11th and 12th classes. It is advisable to all the medical aspirants to check the NCERT books thoroughly for preparing NEETbiology and build a solid understanding on all the concepts. Here is couple of tips for preparing NEET biology including the chapter wise weightage for better understanding.


Divide and Learn

NEET biology preparation needs a divide and learn policy as it includes both Botany and Zoology for 45 questions from each subject. But the questions that appear from class 11th and 12th are not equal according to the previous year’s NEET examinations instead there is around 40-43 questions appeared from 11th standard topics and 47 to 50 questions from 12th standard topics. Keeping all this information in mind while preparing for NEET can provide you with better results.

Create your own Study Plan

Creating your own study plan concentrating on the weak and strong points of your learning style as well as the time that is more suitable for you will help a lot in your preparation. A proper time table that mapped with the syllabus of the subjects is the foremost activity every medical aspirant should plan. Planning will not yield you successful results, the seriousness in achieving your task and perseverance in your study produce the positive outcome. Here are few easy tips to help one prepare and follow NEET time table.

  • List your time for study plan
  • Prepare a calendar listing out the timings
  • Check the priorities on subject wise
  • Get enough sleep and exercise
  • Take good memory boosting and healthy food
  • Take small power naps only during study schedule

Concentrate on topic wide Weightage

Before starting the thorough preparation every student should clearly concentrate on the important topics that are with more weightage in NEET examination. Getting ready basing on the chapter wise weightage help the students to save the time as well as revise the important topics more to get strong conceptual knowledge. Here is the table with the chapter wise weightage for biology preparation plan.


Chapter Weightage out of 100
Plant Diversity 12%
Plant Anatomy 4%
Plant Morphology 7%
Cell Biology 8%
Cell Division 4%
Bio  Molecules 3%
Plant Physiology 13%


Chapter Weightage out of 100
Plant Reproduction 9%
Genetics 10%
Bio technology 14%
Biology in Human Welfare 2%
Ecology 16%
Eco system 2%
Environmental Issues 2%


Chapter Weightage out of 100
Animal diversity 10%
Animal Tissue 3%
Structural Organizations in Animals 2%
Human Physiology 20%


Chapter Weightage out of 100
Human Physiology 25%
Human Reproduction 10%
Human Reproductive health 8%
Origin and Evolution 10%
Animal Husbandry 2.5%
Human health and diseases 9%
Animal Selection 2.5%

Note: The weightage provided above obtained from various sources might have slight variations with NEET -2020 exam question paper.

Prepare own notes

Instead of depending on the notes or materials that are provided by friends, every NEET appearing student should prepare their own notes during the time of study. It will help to revise easily and remember better comparatively using others prepared notes.

More concentration on Diagrams

Biology section questions mostly depend on the diagrams, so every medical aspirant should concentrate more on this particular area. Practicing all the diagrams in the NCERT text books thoroughly will help to get a grip on the concepts and also help one to get more correct answers in the examination.

Practice previous papers

The difficult task in any competitive examination that involves negative marking is the time limitation and the same can be acquainted with continuous and regular practice. Practicing the previous years question papers will help you to understand the type of questions posed in the examination. In addition to the same you can understand your speed, accuracy and weaker areas that needed to strengthen.

Do the Mock tests

Government of India and NTA combined launched NEET free examination app named NATIONAL TEST ABHYAS –APP for all the NEET participants to write mock tests subject wise and also provides a clear evaluation of the student performance. Candidates have to get acquaintance with the 3 hour NEET exam pattern and these full length mock tests are the best opportunities to practice before going for the real war. Solving topic wise, subject wise mock exams as many as possible also provides the students to get knowledge on the difficulty level of questions, pattern and also on their accuracy rate.


  • NCERT text book –Biology (Class 11th and 12th)
  • NCERT Exemplar—Biology (Class 11th and 12th )
  • Objective NCERT at your Fingertips for NEET
  • Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume 1 & 2
  • Botany by AC Dutta
  • Genetics by Strickberger
  • Biology Books by T.LRayar
  • Biology from GRBBathla’s
  • Pradeep Guide on Biology
  • Objective Biology by Dinesh
  • Objective Biology by Ansari

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