Our Services


We have our own hostel on-campus of Southwestern University- PHINMA. The hostel is separate for boys and girls. The security is also available 24×7 for our students staying there. Also, the hostel is exclusive for Indian students only

Travel companion

We do not let you travel alone when you leave India for studying MBBS in the Philippines. One of our employees will travel with you and also stay there with you while you study MBBS in the Philippines for 5 years.

Cargo services once every month

This service is to provide students and parents to communicate with each other materialistically. You can send whatever you want to and receive them back once every month with our cargo services.

Passport and Visa assistance

There are times when it becomes shard to apply for a passport and getting a student visa. This is where we come in to help you by helping you with transport and all other kinds of assistance to make sure you get your passport and visa on time to travel and start your dream career of studying MBBS abroad.

Indian food

We also provide healthy, nutritious and Indian food for our students while they are studying MBBS in the Philippines. We take the chef with us to the Philippines from India along with all the spices and ingredients required to give the food Indian taste so students do not fall ill while staying in another country.

USMLE guidance

Many students want to travel to the USA after completing MBBS and become a practitioner there. But, to be able to practice medicine in the USA, one has to crack USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination). We provide study materials and guidance to crack this exam so you can become a practitioner in the USA.