Free Counselling

Free Counselling

Wisdom Overseas offers free counseling services, it’s important to note that additional services, such as application assistance, document verification, and other administrative support, may incur charges. These charges can vary depending on the specific services provided by the consultancy firm. It’s advisable to contact Wisdom Overseas directly or visit their website to obtain detailed information about their counseling services, associated costs, and any specific terms and conditions.

Food And Accommodation

Food And Accommodation

The prior importance will be given for food and accommodation of students. All the universities associated with us are offering best accommodation/hostel facilities and homely food for the international students. Student’s accommodation information will be updated before the travel itself. Students can opt their choice of accommodation like single apartments, single, double, four sharing rooms at dorms. Mess/canteen facilities for Indian students will be arranged specially with Indian cuisine. In some places, self-cooking is allowed. Common-kitchens are available at dormitories. Students from India can prefer to cook their own food.

Wisdom indulges all our students in well-furnished, good-ventilated and clean rooms, providing the comforts of home with very close proximity the exact next. It is very easy and safe for all the students especially the girl students, as it takes very little time to attend their classes and is fully secured 24/7 without any threats.

Georgian National University

Georgian national university SEU

Prominent University with the best clinical studies. SEU is approved by prestigious organizations like WHO, MCI
Adam University

Adam University In Kyrgyzstan

Most reputed university in Kyrgyzstan, officially approved by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Science of Kyrgyz Republic.
Sulkhan Saba University

sulkhan saba university

The best option for students seeking MBBS abroad study. Authorized by the Board of higher educational institutions.

Wisdom acknowledges all our Indian cultures and traditions especially the concerns of the parents regarding freedom in foreign countries. But Wisdom hostels are like Indian homes that provide all the facilities, safety, and strictness along the way. We have separate hostels for both boys and girls that are strictly under CC protection with all the security personnel, Wardens, and other helpers guarding and helping our students day and night.

Wisdom believes that Hostel is not merely an accommodation…but it is the production factory of all our future Doctors that are going to become the Healers of the Nation. So, we take utmost care and give foremost priority to all the student’s needs and try to make them have all the comforts of their home in minus their parents in Philippines. To make that “true home” feeling, we made our hostels exclusive for Indian students, so that they can feel the care, friendship, with the like association in the accommodation that is provided to live their 5 years of course duration in comfort and happiness.

“Nine-Tenths of education is the facilitation and encouragement, here Wisdom does it for you”