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COVID -19 Effect on Medical Professionals

COVID 19 Effect On Medical Professionals

China’s Covid 19 Effect pandemic created a worldwide crisis changing the lives of crores of population and the economy. Its huge negative impact on human life is an undeniable fact viewing the increasing death rate of panic than a pandemic. Currently every individual layman to medical or rich to poor or normal to powerful are


MBBS in abroad

Advice For Parents About MBBS In Abroad After Corona

Children are the life strings for all the parents round the clock altering and scarifying according to the needs and of their little baby. Thinking about sending our child far away to study abroad is a proud as well as panicking scenario to all the parents. The current pandemic condition has already served a severe


6 most effective methods to utilize this lockdown for studies

6 Most Effective Methods To Utilize This Lockdown

COVID-19 Lockdown has a massive impact on the daily lives of the people across the world. The pandemic effect caused us to continuously lock in our houses for days together made the lives of people to come to a standstill. All the schools, institutions, colleges, universities and other coaching centers are all under closure since


In every plight resides a chance

In Every Plight Resides A Chance

In Every Plight Resides A Chance : COVID-19 influenced worldwide population past six months has become the nightmare and many are panic stricken till today. The corona lockdowns impact on the global economy is extreme and affected numerous associations negatively. Every government worldwide now is discerning the possible developments or opportunities that could lead their


wisdom overseas

Wisdom Overseas Assurance To Indian Parents

We are “Wisdom Overseas,” an MBBS abroad Consultant. We have already taken safety measures for the Indian Students, Hostels, and University, who belongs to us with regards to CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19). We would like to promise the parents, don’t get panic about their children who stay in the Philippines. 100% safety of every student is our


COVID - 19 Impact on medical education

Effect Of Coronavirus On Medical Education In China

Effect Of Coronavirus On Medical Education In China MBBS is the most aspiring career for most of the Indian science students and their dreams achievement depends on complete dedication spiced with a little luck. Every year hundreds and thousands of medical aspirants are sorting out their MBBS career dreams through other opportunities available like Medical