MBBS Degree from Other Countries Valid in India
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Is Abroad MBBS Valid in India?

Are you dreaming of pursuing an MBBS abroad but wondering if it’s valid in India? We have good news for you! MBBS degrees obtained from foreign universities are indeed recognized in India, with some rules and regulations to follow.

MBBS is a highly esteemed career choice in India, attracting thousands of aspiring doctors each year. In India, the National Medical Commission  (NMC) oversees the regulation of MBBS education. While the competition for government and private medical colleges in India is fierce, many students opt for studying MBBS abroad when they don’t secure a seat domestically.

To pursue MBBS abroad, it is now mandatory for students to appear and qualify in the NEET-UG exam conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). This ensures that students who study medicine overseas meet the same entrance criteria as those studying in India.

Upon completion of their MBBS degree abroad, students are required to pass the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) or the Screening Test to practice medicine in India. 

However, please note that the FMGE or Screening Test is soon to be replaced by the National Exit Test, as per the new guidelines of the National Medical Council. This test will apply to both Indian and foreign medical graduates.

So, rest assured that studying MBBS abroad is a viable option. With proper adherence to regulations and successful completion of the necessary exams, you can fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor and practicing in India.

Don’t let boundaries limit your aspirations. Explore the “world of international medical education” and open doors to a rewarding medical career, recognized both globally and in India.

MBBS Degree from Other Countries Valid in India

MBBS Degree from Other Countries Valid in India

MBBS Degree from the Following countries is valid in India. [Without an FMGE exam] 

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Australia

However, aspirants might have gone through the pre-medical examination NEET before taking up the admission in abroad MBBS program abroad. 

Apart from the above-mentioned courtiers if you have completed MBBS from another country you have to take the FMGE test in India. 

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