How to Prepare For NEET in One Month?
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How to Prepare For NEET in One Month

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), is a national-level examination conducted every year for MBBS/BDS admissions. More than 18 lakh students compete for the NEET examination every year. 

Having high competition, it is hard to clear the NEET examination. But, with a proper planning students can clear the NEET exam with a good score. 

Strategy to Crack the NEET in One Month

Cracking the NEET exam is not so simple task. But with constant effort and proper planning, one can reach their goal. Here are the helpful tips for the NEET competitors to crack the NEET exam in one month. 

Have a clear understanding of the NEET syllabus and prepare with a plan to crack the examination. Here are some best useful tips for NEET Competitors.   

Tips to Crack the NEET exam in 30 days 

Follow NCERT TextbooksNCERT Textbooks

NEET questions are mainly based on NCERT books. Students following NCERT books can gain in-depth knowledge about the subject and it helps to clear the exam with the best score. Students can gain knowledge about examples, key points, MCQs, and diagrams. 

Follow Physics, Chemistry, and Biology NCERT books thoroughly to crack the NEET examination. This surely helps the students to solve the NEET exam with the best score. 

Allot Proper Time for Each Subject 

Plan a complete schedule with 8 to 9 hours of quality study hours. Divide the time wisely for each subject. Prepare a schedule with the topics to be covered and number of hours to study. 

After the study hours, spend some more time with the mock tests, revision, and rectifying the errors of mock tests. 

 Proper Time for Each Subject 

Solve Mock Tests and Sample Papers

Solving sample papers and mock tests can help students to have good practice and understanding of the subject. Spend at least 3 to 4 hours revising the topics. 

Solve at least 3 mock tests or sample papers in a week to have the best grip on the subject. So, concentrate more on the mock tests and sample papers to have a strong knowledge and grounding about the subject. 

Revision of topics frequently is important 

Revision of topics is most important after reading the subject. Solve 50-60 questions from each topic to strengthen the subject. Master the topics/questions to give your best in the exam. 

Revise the NCERT textbook topics, modules, and notes to have complete command over the subject. Revising further and further can enhance your knowledge and in-depth knowledge helps to score more in the NEET exam. 

Overcome your mistakes

Learning from mistakes is an ideal path to prepare well. Competitors who are practicing for the NEET exam must learn from their mistakes and not do them again. This helps to avoid the mistakes and to prepare well for the exam. You can overcome your weak areas/topics with this technique. 

You can check what the important points are and how much time to spend on each topic. Resolve your doubts by approaching your teaching faculty. So that the doubt clearance will also give an extraordinary grip on the subject.

Give Preference to the High-weightage Chapters First

Thoroughly prepare the high-weightage chapters first. Refereeing to the higher-weightage chapters is subjective to score more marks in NEET. Prepare the list of important topics while preparing the timetable. 

Mastering the high-weightage chapters gives a great boost and the chance to clear the exam with a good score. So, revise highly important chapters frequently. 

Stay Away from the Distractions

Distractions are the true barriers to your dream. Staying away from distractions is the most needed aspect when you are determined for a goal. Moving away from gadgets for a while before the NEET exam is the most important thing one can do. 

Social media kills the time. So, choose a comfortable environment to study. Avoid social media at least for a few days to achieve your dream. 

How to prepare NEET exam in 30 days? This is the biggest question from NEET competitors. Though the time is less, with perfect planning, one can overcome the burden and they can do their best in the exam. 

NEET aspirants have to wisely utilize their time to get great results in the exam. Focusing more and planning wisely will let the aspirants reach their goals. 

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