MBBS Internship Duration & Other Details
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Internship after MBBS 

In India, students who are pursuing an MBBS course from a medical university or college are required to complete a Compulsory Rotatory Residential Internship (CRRI). This internship is an essential part of their medical education. After finishing their MBBS course, they must undergo this one-year internship before they can receive a registration certificate from the Medical Council of India (MCI).

During this one year, they will rotate through various departments of a hospital, gaining hands-on experience in different medical fields.

Once the students complete this rotatory internship and obtain the registration certificate from the MCI, they are eligible to start their careers as medical practitioners. This certificate is a crucial requirement to practice medicine legally in India.

The MBBS internship is a year-long training program that students must complete after their MBBS course. It aims to provide practical exposure and prepare them for their future careers as doctors. After completing this internship and obtaining the registration certificate from the MCI, they can begin their journey as medical professionals.


MBBS Internship Duration & Other Details 

The internship for MBBS aspirants is mandatory to complete after completing their course. Students need to undergo a special training program called the Compulsory Rotatory Residential Internship (CRRI) in the medical field. 

This internship allows MBBS graduates to gain practical experience and learn how to provide healthcare in a real working environment. They are supervised by experienced professionals who guide and assist them in their medical practice.

The CRRI program was introduced by the Medical Council of India (MCI) to help students acquire essential skills and abilities needed to become independent medical practitioners. By working in a real healthcare setting, students can see how their theoretical knowledge from the MBBS course applies to real-life situations.

To start the internship, MBBS graduates receive a provisional registration certificate from the MCI. After completing the internship, they obtain a CRRI completion certificate, which is essential for getting a permanent registration certificate from the MCI. This permanent registration certificate is crucial for obtaining a medical practicing license and the final MBBS degree.

The internship lasts for 12 months and covers various medical fields. During this period, the students learn and gain experience in different subjects related to medicine.

Overall, the CRRI internship is a mandatory one-year training for MBBS graduates, helping them become skilled and qualified doctors before pursuing further studies or practicing medicine independently.

During their internship, MBBS graduates put in significant effort to gain independence and prepare for their future careers. The knowledge and skills acquired during this period play a crucial role in their professional journey. 

Among the various subjects, psychology proves to be particularly challenging as it demands a thorough understanding of the human mind to effectively identify issues and determine appropriate treatments for patients. This understanding takes time to develop, making the internship an essential learning experience for aspiring medical professionals.

Career after completing the MBBS internship:

During the internship, MBBS graduates not only receive training in their field but also discover new opportunities for their future. Once they have a permanent medical practice license, they can work in hospitals or clinics, earning money by providing healthcare to patients. Some even start their clinics, where their income depends on the quality of care they deliver.

Some MBBS graduates do exceptionally well in their internships, and they might start their small clinics that become popular quickly. Over time, these clinics can grow into hospitals. The internship is mandatory for all students, even if they completed their MBBS in another country. 

This training helps them learn real-world medical practices and how to interact with Indian patients, who might have different behaviors compared to patients in other countries.

If you did your MBBS in India, you can’t do your internship abroad. Normally, you do your internship at the same college where you studied MBBS. If you choose a different approved hospital, it needs to have an agreement with your college. If you want to do your internship at a different hospital, you’ll need permission from your college.

Salary after MBBS internship

After finishing their internship, MBBS graduates receive a good salary as healthcare organizations value their permanent registration certificates. Initially, the pay might be lower, but there’s a high potential for advancement in this field. If you prefer working independently, you can open your clinic and earn a good income. 

Experienced professionals, especially those skilled in complex surgeries, can earn over 6 lakhs annually or even more. However, medical professionals need to prioritize providing high-quality healthcare and treatment over money. 


The internship serves a purpose that can’t be fulfilled during regular studies, as it exposes graduates to a real work environment. Sometimes, the real world is different from what’s taught in books, so gaining practical experience before entering the healthcare sector is valuable. This article wraps up the topic of the MBBS internship and its details. 

If you’re an MBBS graduate, this article should have highlighted the importance of the internship program. The NMC is putting in efforts to specialize MBBS students, enabling them to work more effectively in their future careers as doctors.

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